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Trump convicted, the truth about his character is clear

Ronald Mitchell
Trump convicted, the truth about his character is clear
“We still need to vote to keep him out of office.”

Last week, after years of manipulation at the highest level, former President Donald Trump was found guilty in New York State court on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in his hush money payments trial. The various techniques that Trump used to break the law were even more important than paying off Stormy Daniels to not reveal an affair.

It was eight years ago when Trump first entered the political arena as he rode down his golden escalator in Manhattan to announce his campaign for president.  Back then, many thought — for a whole host of obvious reasons — there was no way that Trump would ever be elected president the United States. But much to the disbelief of many and the joy of some, Trump was able to rise to the most powerful seat in the land. Many observed that his ascension came as result of different forces, all coming together at the exact same time, creating the perfect environment for his campaign.

The reality is that when it comes to Trump’s success, it is often an illusion. As we know, he did not win the popular vote. In our Electoral College system, the popular vote does not determine the final winner. But in this case, as is often true with Trump, his victory came because he misrepresented the facts, and his deceit allowed him to carry the day.

The verdict in the Trump hush money case came swiftly and unequivocally. That’s what these 34 guilty verdicts illustrate. There was no hesitation. What this case proves is that if you look closely and follow the facts, Trump is not what he appears to be. And this should be no surprise to anyone who has followed his career. From the beginning, he learned his skills at the feet of his father, Frederick Trump.

Trump went on to take over his father’s real estate empire and, through multiple real estate dealings, ended up in multiple failures, including one at his casino in Atlantic City, where the vendors did not receive full compensation. He would pay them half of the invoice, and if they complained, he would pay them nothing and end up in court battles. Trump’s business dealings were not reputable, but his brand was strong. He was able to parlay his father’s wealth into a name for himself that became synonymous with success. That brand led to the television show, “The Apprentice.” That should’ve been the end of his success, but after being made fun of by then President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Trump set his sights on the presidency. We all know how the story ended.

Once he was president, most of the predictions by pundits unfortunately came true. Trump and his minions dismantled the conventional norms of our democracy. He turned our Supreme Court into a biased political tool. He welcomed right-wing white supremacists and nationalists into the White House and into our mainstream.  There are too many accounts of his advisors and cabinet members referring to him as massively incompetent, arrogant, untrustworthy and every bad attribute you can think of for an individual holding an executive office, much less the most important executive office in the world.  But despite that, here we are again.

Now with this verdict, many people who might’ve been on the fence should be clearly informed of the truth of his unscrupulous behavior, used to acquire his first presidential campaign win.

While being found guilty in New York may energize his base, the reality is that the election will be won with the swing voters.

After all the evidence is in, we know Trump really isn’t a productive member of our society and is not one who should be given the power to lead. If you look past the brand and apply history as a guide, the answer will be clear. Let’s choose a candidate who does not break the law haphazardly. We need a leader who does not expect preferential treatment, does not lie about winning, does not instigate an insurrection, who wasn’t found liable for of sexually assaulting women, and especially one who does not state that he wants to be a dictator on the first day of his presidency.

Our voting system is built on a set of principles that requires an educated electorate who looks at the facts and then makes their choices. Fear and anger are not going to make our country greater than it is today. 

Donald Trump is guilty of fraud and not worthy of the seat he is seeking. We made the mistake, as a country, of allowing his reputation to elevate him to the most important position in the land, and we are suffering from the results of that poor choice to this day. And as is the nature of things, if you give him a second chance, this time it will inevitably be disastrous for our country. Electing Trump is not going to make our country greater than it is today, it will only serve to tear us down. So, let’s do what the New York jury did. Let’s sit back, look at the facts and choose better.