Dining with royalty at the Queen’s Dinner — 8/18/16

Stephanie Millions | 8/25/2016, 12:29 p.m.
On the evening of Thursday, Aug. 18, Queens Co. hosted the Queen’s dinner at Savvor Restaurant and Lounge in downtown ...
Jessicah Pierre, founder/CEO of Queen’s Co. Photo: Joane Theophile

Nothing beats an empowering dinner with like-minded women who also are on a mission to better themselves. Sometimes you need to get with a couple of your girlfriends over delicious food and cocktails to be reminded of the queen that you are. On the evening of Thursday, Aug. 18, Queens Co. hosted the Queen’s dinner at Savvor Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Boston. The Queens Co. is a network of ambitious women who seek to advance in their personal lives and careers.

One method for doing so involves hosting a quarterly dinner where members and newcomers come together and talk about their current projects and future aspirations. The Queen’s dinner was created to provide women of color with a support group as they work towards their personal and professional goals. For example, the Queens were asked to share their “super powers” and discuss their ideal profession. Throughout the dinner, organizers facilitated activities that helped attendees build trust and foster a sense of community, while affirming themselves and motivating each other in the process.

A house rule that made the ladies feel empowered was wearing a crown when it was their turn to speak. Having that crown placed on your head while speaking your truth generates a sense of freedom and empowerment. It can be extremely therapeutic to have other women support and encourage you as you go along your journey of becoming the Queen you were meant to be. This Boston organization strives to create a community that inspires women to be their best selves, while providing necessary resources and holding each other accountable, whether the goal is entrepreneurship or personal growth.

“I hope that this network continues to grow to provide women of color in the greater Boston area a reliable support system and the necessary resources for them to be successful,” said Jessicah Pierre, the founder of the organization. For more on joining Queens Co., send an email to thequeensco2016@gmail.com or get nominated by a current member.

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