A Night of Dance …

Colette Greenstein | 5/22/2014, 6 a.m.

It was a feast for the eyes as Boston Ballet’s dancers took to the stage in the program “Pricked.” Comprised of three ballets, “Pricked” opened with the whimsical presentation, Études, which follows the dancers in their basic five positions of ballet to the most complicated combinations all ending with the full company onstage as the finale. Next up was “D.M.J. 1953-1977,” a classic story of love and loss seen through the movements of one couple. And, the final performance of the evening called “Cacti” brought the energy level back up with 16 dancers performing on stage acting as percussionists and accompanied by violinists for a thrilling finale that brought the audience to its feet. There’s still to enjoy the ballet before it closes out its season. Jewels, the final program debuts tonight (May 22) and runs through June 1.