Mobile health tour stops off in Boston

New Brief

3/12/2014, 6 a.m.

Last Thursday, state-of-the-art vans from Harvard Medical, Dana Farber, New England Optometry and more were on display in Mattapan as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement kicked off its three-city mobile health tour of Boston, New York and the District of Columbia to demonstrate how mobile health clinics can offer under-served communities high-quality and accessible health care through screenings, preventions and linkages to primary care.

“Our aim with this three-city tour is to highlight the innovative approaches mobile clinics use, and to make this information more widely known in the health care community overall,” IHI’s president and CEO Maureen Bisognano said.

“Improving the health of populations is rapidly becoming part of the same mission that also includes safe, effective, person-centered care. Mobile health clinics can help forge this integration. The clinics provide great value and have first-hand knowledge of the impact of socio-economic issues on health. Mobile health clinics also have a great track record engaging with patients from diverse backgrounds who haven’t always connected with brick and mortar services.”