The BASE Celebrates Student Athletes’ Success at College and Career Draft Day

20 Graduating High School Seniors Announce Plans for Attending College in the Fall

6/13/2014, 10:54 a.m.
Robert Lewis, Jr., founder of The BASE is surrounded by 20 graduating high school seniors who all will attend college in the fall. Centered in front is Jamill Moquette, BASE alum who is graduating from U. Mass and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. Front right: BASE alum Calvin Graves who is graduating from Franklin Pierce and just signed with Chicago Cubs.


Western Oklahoma State College Head Baseball Coach Kurt Russell gives inspirational remarks to attendees.


The BASE/Boston Astros Alum Calvin Graves with Mike Sherman of the Chicago Cubs, after signing his contract at The BASE.


Graduating senior Steven Guerrero is congratulated by Robert Lewis, Jr., President of The BASE and Mike Gambino, Boston College Head Baseball Coach. Guerrero will attend B.C. in the fall.

It was an evening of unparalleled inspiration. On Monday, June 9th, approximately 100 players, alumni, their families, donors, board members and friends of The BASE gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of 20 graduating high school seniors, each of whom announced their intention to attend college in the fall. A highlight of the event was the recognition of Calvin Graves, graduating senior from Franklin Pierce who was just drafted by the Chicago Cubs, and Jamill Moquette, graduating senior from U. Mass Boston who was just drafted by the Baltimore Orioles.

On hand to deliver motivational remarks were Mike Gambino, Head Baseball Coach from Boston College, and Kurt Russell, Head Baseball Coach from Western Oklahoma State College. Robert Lewis, Jr., Founder and President of The BASE also spoke with pride for the hard work, resiliency and smart decisions each of the players made to achieve success.

He was emotional as he congratulated Calvin and Jamill, and called their mothers to the podium to recognize their important role they played in shaping such successful young men both on and off the field.

Lewis also announced that The BASE has secured more than $10 million in academic scholarships for our student athletes, benefitting many of the players heading to college in the fall.


Graduating High School Seniors

Seniors High School College Attending
Andy Gonzalez New Mission U. Mass. Dartmouth
Frankely Gonzalez English Western Oklahoma State College
Miguel Lorenzo English Western Oklahoma State College
Eddie Funes Latin Academy Assumption College
Brian Navarro West Roxbury Academy College of Saint Joseph's  in VT
Sean Webster BC High Southern New Hampshire University
Alberto Navarro English U. Mass. Dartmouth
Reynaldo Moreta Brighton Bunker Hill Community College
Bryan Guerrero Catholic Memorial Assumption  College
Steven Guerrero Beaver Country Day Boston College
Ervin Kantardzic Brookline U. Mass. Dartmouth
Willie Cooper Brookline Western New England University
Tim Grogan BB & N Bates College
Mike Theriault East Boston Bridgeton Academy
Miguel Calderon Boston English Mass Bay Community
Jovan Henriquez Malden College of Saint Joseph's
Joey Tallent Malden College of Saint Joseph's
Elvin Florentino West Roxbury Academy Western Oklahoma State College
Nick Duenas Latin Academy University of Connecticut
Jonathan Matos Arlington High School College of Saint Joseph's