Fall-Proof Your Home

1/16/2014, 6 a.m.

Most falls occur in the home and while doing simple everyday activities. However, easy changes can be made to make the home safer.

Lighten up

  • Turn on lights before going up or down stairs
  • Place night lights in the bedroom, bathroom and hallways
  • Place a lamp within easy reach of the bed
  • Store flashlights in easy-to-find places in case of power outages
  • Use the highest wattage recommended for light fixtures


  • Arrange furniture to give plenty of walking room
  • Remove clutter
  • Place pet bowls, electrical or phone cords out of walking area
  • Remove objects from stairs and hallways

Hold on

  • Have handrails installed on both sides of stairs
  • Use grab bars in tub or shower or next to toilet, if necessary
  • Use shower chairs or bath benches

Tack it down

  • Remove throw rugs
  • Attach rugs to the floor with double-sided tape
  • Use non-slip strips on floors and steps
  • Place rubber mats on floor of tub or shower


  • Clean up spills right away
  • Use non-skid wax
  • Wear low-heeled shoes
  • Store foods, cans and dishes within easy reach to avoid the need for step stools

Source: NIHSeniorHealth


Tips on home safety

Make your home easier to live in as you age.

Make your home easier to live in as you age.