City Council President Bill Linehan is bailing out on this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast

Yawu Miller | 2/14/2014, 8:34 a.m.

City Council President Bill Linehan is bailing out on this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast, raising questions as to whether he’s settled his beef against First Suffolk Senator Linda Dorcena Forry.

Back in June of last year, after Dorcena Forry won the Senate seat that includes South Boston in a special election, Linehan insisted that he was the rightful heir to lead the breakfast, even though it has traditionally been led by the First Suffolk District Senator. Dorcena Forry stood her ground, and Linehan relented, telling reporters then that he would work with her to ensure the event’s success.

Linehan, whose candidacy for president of the City Council sparked opposition in Boston’s black community, drew fire in on social media and City Hall for his decision to skip the breakfast.

“It further makes us see why we have put somebody else in the presidency of the council,” said a City Hall source, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “But not going will make him the butt of so many jokes. I hope Linda lights into him.”

Columnist Peter Gelzenis didn’t wait for the breakfast, lambasting Linehan in a scathing column in today’s Boston Herald.

“...what Southie’s district councilor really craved was to be the Bruno Mars of St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast,” Gelzenis wrote.

In a press release, Linehan said he was invited to Limerick’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade after he and other Boston pols. hosted Limerick dignitaries at Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities last year.

“The City of Limerick is a very special place. It is a true honor to be personally invited to participate as a civic leader in these events,” Council President Linehan said.