Re-elect Auditor Bump — keep government honest

Melvin B. Miller | 8/13/2014, 12:48 p.m.

In a democratic society, it is important for citizens to have confidence in the operation of the government. A recent Gallup Poll indicated that 80 percent of the citizens disapprove of the job Congress is doing. This negative attitude is more acceptable because it is politically based. However, if people believed that government funds were being ripped off by fraud the response would be more hostile. Massachusetts created the constitutional office of auditor to protect the public funds.

With Suzanne Bump as auditor, for the first time in years people believe there is competent oversight to uncover waste, fraud and abuse in government. The Banner endorses Bump to be re-elected auditor, the steward of public funds.

Her first job as the new auditor was to take the necessary measures for the agency to be certified by the National State Auditor’s Association as in compliance with national standards. With the required complement of professional staff, the auditor’s office has uncovered irregularities in numerous government agencies.

Bump’s diligence and commitment to transparency and accountability have forced government agencies to operate at a higher level. Bump’s work also raises the level of public confidence.

Vote for Suzanne Bump as auditor.