Cambridge College Offers Programs for the New Majority

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James S. Lee, Undergraduate Dean and Professor of Biology, Cambridge College | 8/6/2014, 2:36 p.m.

Within the 21st century economy, a college degree has become increasingly viewed as an essential instrument for personal and professional advancement, economic stability, and life satisfaction. But while a college degree brings expanded professional opportunities to the individual, so too does the absence of a college degree serve as a predictor of an array of challenges.

According to the Pew Research Center’s 2014 analysis, the earnings disparity between adults with bachelor’s degrees and those without is at its most pronounced in nearly fifty years. This widening gap exemplifies an ongoing socio-economic trend in the U.S. economy where adults lacking a bachelor’s degree have become increasingly marginalized, are far more likely to live in poverty, and, if employed, are more likely to report dissatisfaction with their jobs.

While the Obama Administration’s ongoing efforts to increase the number of Americans who enter and complete college directly from high school are critically important, we must not overlook the potential of the millions of current and prospective “nontraditional” students.

The growth in adult (age 25 and older) enrollment began to outpace traditional-age student enrollment in 2009, with the National Center for Education Statistics projecting the percentage increase in adult enrollment by 2020 to be 20 percent versus 11 percent for traditional age students. Despite the positive trend in adult learners, the United States, which once had the highest percentage of its population with college degrees, now lags behind Canada in the percentage of its population aged 25 to 64 with an associates degree or higher (43% vs. 38%).

In order to help the “new majority” student of the 21st century gain the qualifications and training they need, institutions of higher education must continue to develop and expand educational opportunities that are responsive to the adult student experience; recognizing the logistical challenges of the adult learner while respecting the significant life experience that they bring to the classroom.

For over 40 years, Cambridge College has specialized in educating adult learners, making it one of the nation’s most experienced institutions of higher education focusing on this new majority. Cambridge College’s School of Undergraduate Studies opened in 1995, continuing Cambridge’s emphasis on access to higher education as a means of creating a more equitable society. The School now offers six bachelor’s degrees, multiple concentrations, and a certificate in medical interpreting; all designed to serve you, the new majority. Come see what makes Cambridge special. Visit us today or call to learn more at 800-829-4723.