The essence of Thanksgiving

Melvin B. Miller | 11/26/2013, 6 a.m.
Thanksgiving Photo by Dan Drew

Thanksgiving is more than a time for family reunion. It is also a time to give thanks. Many Americans are aspiring, ambitious, aggressive and acquisitive. This is an inappropriate disposition to be truly thankful. They can be exuberantly enthusiastic over a victory, such as the closing of a business deal, but they are insensitive to the subtle blessings that brought them to victory.

Contentment is essential for profound thankfulness. Desire is its nemesis. How can one be truly thankful when so many desires are still unfulfilled? The attainment of unfettered thankfulness is an exalted state. Those with abundant financial resources find it especially difficult to rid the mind of interest in new acquisitions. Only when one’s mind is free of want will Thanksgiving attain its spiritual significance.