Cognitive dissonance is crippling Capitol Hill

William Spriggs | 11/6/2013, 12:11 p.m.

Cognitive dissonance is

crippling Capitol Hill

William Spriggs

The U.S. Department of Treasury has announced that the deficit for 2013 was $680 billion, which is about $200 billion less than what was projected back in February. The deficit has been falling since 2009 at the fastest rate on record since the demobilization of World War II. Nonetheless, Tea Party Republicans have succeeded in getting the Washington media elite and the president to continue focusing on the deficit. However, the real problem is inadequate income.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that there is gap between current GDP (the value of all goods and services in the country) and where GDP would be if the unemployment rate were 6 percent instead of around the prevailing rate of about 7 percent. Americans would earn about $439 billion more than they do at the higher rate of unemployment.

Since the mid-1990s, the Washington elite have been absorbed with discussions of long-term budget projections. They cannot come to grips with the current crisis’ impact on the economy. According to The Washington Post, the congressional districts represented by Tea Party Republicans have worse unemployment and lower income than the rest of the nation. There is clearly a disconnect between voters in those districts and an understanding of the impact of Tea Party economic policies.

The big excuse is supposed to be that those voters are watching only Fox News. But, TV viewers in Washington also hear constant chatter suggesting that Congress needs to focus on the federal deficit because presumably it is stifling the recovery of the economy. Tea Party supporters are, therefore, willing to accept that millions, mostly women and children, will suffer from huge cuts in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program slated to begin Nov. 1. The long-term unemployed also face cuts in their benefits beginning in January. Yet Tea Party representatives see government spending on unemployment benefits and SNAP as part of the “out-of-control” federal budget they claim is hurting America’s economy.

Of course, that logic would probably escape grocery store managers, who like to see customers, and remember the drop in food purchases back in 2009 and how it affected their bottom lines. But, the absence of logic is the cognitive dissonance that is crippling Washington. In the rest of the nation, 11.2 million people are out looking for jobs, and millions of young people are forced to live in their parents’ basements while they are unable to find work. To most of America’s workers, it appears quite logical that if we could put millions of people to work, then the GDP would be bigger and the $439 billion income gap would grow smaller. And, to most people it would make sense that if those unemployed workers were getting paid, government spending on SNAP and extended unemployment benefits would fall and tax receipts would rise.

So, the same voters who need jobs are busy rooting for their Tea Party representatives because the consensus is that the deficits caused by federal spending are the problem. Those same voters don’t see any irony in the fact that those same representatives who wasted $25 billion by shutting down the government would vote to “save” $40 billion in SNAP that would benefit children in those congressional districts. The real focus is all about the bigger fight to defeat President Barack Obama’s “wasteful spending.”