Gov. Patrick rallies support for investment in transportation, education

News Notes

Banner Staff | 3/14/2013, 10:38 a.m.

Gov. Deval Patrick joined hundreds of teachers, parents and small business owners at the State House on Tuesday to urge support from legislators for the Governor’s investment proposal.

“Our best strategy to grow opportunity is to invest in education, innovation and infrastructure,” said Patrick. “Are we satisfied with the pace of recovery, or are we willing to make the tough choices and real investments it takes today to do better for the next generation? Almost all of us agree that the single best way to do that is by investing in education and transportation — and that requires new revenute.”

The Governor’s FY14 budget includes a $1 billion annual investment in the Commonwealth’s transportation system to maintain current transportation assets and launch a number of high-impact transportation projects across Massachusetts that, if built, will create thousands of jobs and spur economic development across the Commonwealth.

The plan also includes a $550 million investment in education, reaching $1 billion over four years, to provide universal access to high quality early education for children from birth through age 5; fully fund K-12 education and allow for extended school days in high-need schools; make college more affordable and accessible for high school graduates; and allow community colleges to provide students with the knowledge and skill training needed to succeed in the workplace.

The rally was organized by Campaign for our Communities, a coalition of over 120 organizations across the state.