Tina Chéry

4/17/2013, 9:49 a.m.
Tina Chéry, the founder of the Louis D....

Tina Chéry

Tina Chéry, the founder of the Louis D. Brown instutute, recently received the third annual Courageous Love Award from First Parish Cambridge Unitarian Universalist.

The Courageous Love Award honors Chéry’s work through the Peace Institute to support families facing the death or arrest of a family member and to provide peace education to schools and communities. Chéry lost her teenage son Louis to random gunfire in 1993 as he walked to church in Dorchester for a Christmas party.

“It is truly courageous love to turn pain and anger into action for healing and peace,” said Senior Minister Rev. Fred Small. “Tina Chéry inspires us all to live our faith by serving others.”

Standing in the historic church pulpit, Chéry spoke of the challenge of “the F word: forgiveness.” Peace is the foundation of her work for community healing, she said: “Peace in the beginning, peace in the end, peace in the middle.”

When she invited the congregation to join her in the annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace on May 12, she was delighted to hear that a congregational team was already forming.

Founded in 1636, First Parish in Cambridge is dedicated to working for justice and building the Beloved Community of Dr. King’s dream.