Christina Sieber

1/25/2011, 9:07 a.m.
John J. Drew, president/CEO of Action for Boston...

Christina Sieber

John J. Drew, president/CEO of Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD), recently  announced the appointment of Christina Sieber as ABCD vice president of institutional advancement.

Sieber has served as ABCD director of planning, program development and evaluation since 1995. She is charged with continuing and advancing development of resources for the anti-poverty agency.

Drew applauded Sieber’s appointment and noted that it underscores current, innovative ABCD initiatives to meet the increasingly complex challenges of combating poverty in the 21st century.

“Chris has a sterling resume and vast on-the-ground experience in tapping important resources, articulating ABCD’s unique capability, collaborating with key partners and building creative programs that make a difference in the lives of the tens of thousands who turn to ABCD for assistance in moving their lives forward,” said Drew.

Sieber said she is energized by the challenges ahead. “I feel strongly that economic progress for poor families and communities depends on ideas, on people, on a commitment to make things happen,” she said.

Prior to joining ABCD in 1987, she headed a variety of planning, fundraising and project development initiatives for the City of Cambridge, Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services, Cambridge Council on Aging, Morgan Memorial/Goodwill Industries and others.