Mass. marks fifth anniversary of health care law

Associated Press | 4/12/2011, 8:22 p.m.

Steve LeBlanc

BOSTON - Supporters of Massachusetts’ landmark health care law are marking its fifth anniversary, pointing to the 400,000 residents who've obtained insurance as a result of the 2006 initiative.

Among the backers is Gov. Deval Patrick. Although the bill was signed by former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, it’s been up to Patrick’s Democratic administration to put the complex law into effect.

Backers note that Massachusetts now leads the nation in health care with 98 percent coverage. Critics say the state can’t afford the law. They also point to what they say are the law’s onerous penalties for those who remain uninsured.

More recently the law has become a political talking point in the 2012 presidential contest, with Democrats planning mock “thank you” parties for Romney, who has taken the first official steps toward running.

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