Irvienne Goldson

11/16/2010, 10:50 a.m.
John J. Drew, president and CEO of Action for Boston...

Irvienne Goldson

John J. Drew, president and CEO of Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD), recently announced the promotion of Irvienne Goldson to deputy director of ABCD Health Services.

Goldson will be responsible for oversight of operations, staffing and daily management of a department serving more than 30,000 low-income residents with comprehensive family planning and prevention programs. Funded by Title X, ABCD Health Services’ programs are funneled through a neighborhood network of 24 locations in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville.

Goldson brings more than 25 years of experience in health education and training, and curriculum and program development. She is skilled in working with diverse ethnic, cultural and sexual populations, and in providing developmentally appropriate reproductive and sexual health education.

She joined ABCD Health Services in 1992. As the manager of education and training, she has been an advocate for reducing health care disparities among adult Latinas and women of color.

A Cambridge resident, Goldson attended the University of Massachusetts Boston and completed numerous certificate programs at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Irvienne is a natural born leader who passionately works with community residents of all ages to help them shape the health of their communities,” Drew said.