Tommy V- This is How He Did it! from Robin Hamilton

1/12/2010, 9:39 a.m.
Hi, I’m Robin, and I am a journalist who tries to keep her ear to the ground. One topic...
Robin Hamilton

Hi, I’m Robin, and I am a journalist who tries to keep her ear to the ground.  One topic I’ve covered a lot is the job market.

We all know it’s bad...really bad. But that being said, I have had the fortune of meeting some people who had the wind knocked out of them - only to get back up. They got laid off, or left their jobs on their own will - and decided to turn their bad situation into good fortune.

For the next 10 weeks, you will hear from 10 people - in their own words, about how they were kicked down, and got back up. This is how they did it.  

Tommy V

When Tommy lost his job as a graphic designer, he was angry, scared and depressed. With two kids to support and bills coming in, he had to find a source of income - quickly. He applied to a number of jobs, but was either overqualified, or told he lacked the right degree.

Fed up with having his 15 years of experience dismissed, Tommy tapped into his love of cooking. A big fan of salsa, he always dreamed of crafting flavors that were unique. He saved money on the marketing and design of his logo by using his own graphic design skills. He makes the salsa out of his kitchen, and travels to farmers markets to promote and sell his product. He says creativity, persistence and confidence allowed him to make it.

How Tommy V Makes His Salsa from Robin Hamilton on Vimeo.