Kathy McEvoy - This is How She Did It!

2/24/2010, 11:26 a.m.
Robin Hamilton

Hi, I’m Robin, and I am a journalist who tries to keep her ear to the ground.  One topic I’ve covered a lot is the job market.

We all know it’s bad...really bad. But that being said, I have had the fortune of meeting some people who had the wind knocked out of them - only to get back up. They got laid off, or left their jobs on their own will - and decided to turn their bad situation into good fortune.

For the next 10 weeks, you will hear from 10 people - in their own words, about how they were kicked down, and got back up. This is how they did it.  

Kathy McEvoy

Kathy McEvoy was the standard type ‘A' personality: a driven, focused overachiever. An extremely successful and motivated businesswoman, she admitted to dedicating her all to her career - neglecting herself and those around her. One day, she received a call, forcing her to assess her own priorities. That call allowed her to switch her dedication to her own endeavors - and to her family.

Kathy McEvoy - This is How She Did It! from Robin Hamilton on Vimeo.