Monica Roberts

4/20/2010, 11:50 a.m.
Peace First, formerly known as Peace Games, recently...

Monica Roberts

Peace First, formerly known as Peace Games, recently announced the appointment of Monica Roberts as its new executive director for Boston.

Peace First is a national non-profit organization dedicated to building safe, effective school climates by teaching students to become problem-solvers

“Peace First believes that all children have the power and the responsibility to be positive forces for change,” says Eric D. Dawson, president of Peace First.

Roberts joins Peace First Boston at a time when the organization is trying to grow from 5 to 12 schools in Boston, as well as to triple the number of students the organization serves across the country.

“I join the Peace First team with great pride,” says Roberts. “All of Boston’s students deserve to learn the skills of communication, cooperation, conflict resolution and civic engagement.”

Roberts brings a wealth of knowledge to the position, including an eight-year tenure with Boston Public Schools, where she served in various capacities. Most recently she was the Director of Federal and State Programs and was responsible for public and private resource development and management.

Roberts also has a strong background in fundraising and program development. For three years, she was the executive director of the Boston Educational Development Foundation.

A graduate of Boston Public Schools, Roberts received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University, and has a master’s in Political Science and a master’s in Business Management, both from Boston College.