Malaysian firm recalls candy with high lead levels

Associated Press | 8/6/2008, 6:22 a.m.

Lina Gan, a manager at Kee Wee Hup Kee Food Manufacture in southern Johor state, said the company stopped producing the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy a few months ago because of poor sales.

She said the candies may have been contaminated during production, adding the company was still investigating.

California’s Department of Public Health issued a warning Tuesday after a recent analysis found the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy contained up to 0.73 parts per million of lead. The state considers candy with lead levels of more than 0.10 parts per million to be contaminated.

Lead can be particularly harmful for young children and developing fetuses, resulting in learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.

The company immediately recalled the remaining candies from domestic and global markets after it was notified about the high lead levels Monday by Californian health authorities, Gan said.

“We have already recalled the product and we don’t produce it anymore,” she said.

According to its Web site, Kee Wee Hup Kee produces a wide range of products, including dried food, preserved fruits and noodles, that are exported to markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

(Associated Press)