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Job opportunities for our returning vets

--Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first installment of The Sit-Rep Blog in the Bay State Banner. I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Troy Newsome I was born here in Boston, MA and raised in New Hampshire. I served honorably in the U.S. Army for 4 years being stationed several places both locally and abroad. Currently I’m a Senior Airmen serving in the U.S. Air Force. I live here in the Bay State with my wife and daughter. I’m a hardworking family man and proud veteran happy to serve this great nation.

The mission and goal of this column is to create a voice and a plateau for U.S. Veterans. A voice that conveys thoughts, concerns, opinions and most importantly experiences. A plateau that provides helpful information on health care options, enhances career/job searches, opens up networking and keeps up with military and civilian current events.

Often it is difficult transitioning from active duty back to civilian life. There are many obstacles service members face while making the transition. Such as: searching for housing whether it’s renting or buying, obtaining health care benefits, and maintaining financial stability to name a few. This particular installment will focus on career/job searches. There are many different online career/job boards out there both federal and private sector. It just takes a bit of internet surfing. Not to worry! The Sit-Rep helps the career find you!

Employment & Training Resources:

•National Grid is recruiting Veterans and there are several job openings in areas of Massachusetts.

•National Grid is also part of the Troops to Energy Program http://www.troopstoenergyjobs.com

•On the Troops to Energy website there is a military-to-civilian MOS and rating translator set up for many energy industry occupations.

•National Grid Careers are listed on MA Job Quest and http://www.nationalgridus.com/careers

•Additionally veterans who work at National Grid who are post 9/11 GI Bill-eligible may make use the GI Bill under apprenticeship/OJT.

Recruitment & Job Openings:

Walpole: Glaziers/Handy-man-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761873

PSS Distribution Leader- http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761955

PSS Delivery Professional -http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761956

PSS Delivery Professional-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761957

Franklin: CDL A Route Driver-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2736916

CNA; Full-time DAYS-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761846

Bellingham: Grant Writer; Veterans are encouraged to apply-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2736777

Waltham: Senior Software Engineer-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2747323

Software Engineering Manager-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2747325

Business Systems Analyst-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761852

Implementation Data Analyst-http://web.detma.org/JobQuest/JobDetails.aspx?jo=2761853

Here are some great career sites geared towards veterans: Simply copy and paste the career website of your choice to your computer. One you’re directed to the website create an account using a valid e-mail address and you’re good to go.

http://www.usajobs.gov (my personal favorite site)


http://www.hireahero.org (not the same site as above)


http://www.proudtoserveagain.com (troops to teachers)

http://recruitmilitary.com/ (employers specifically looking for vets)

I encourage service members, past, present, and readers alike to weigh in with any questions, thoughts, or opinions you may have. I would like to know what you think and look forward to hearing your feedback. Keep an eye out for the next installment of The Sit-Rep! *E-mails can be forwarded to: troy.usvetblogger@gmail