"Around Town" Presents: Boston Fermentation Festival & Urban Barn Dance

This episode of "Around Town" features the Boston Centers for Youth & Families' Mayor's Cup Football Jamboree at Madison Park High School where teams from across Boston have the opportunity to warm up for the 2013 football season during this pre-season competition sponsored by Comcast and the New England Patriots. Followed by the Mattapan's Finest Barber & Stylist annual Mattapan's Finest Cut and Curl Back to School Event providing free hair cuts and curls for neighborhood children so they can look and feel good to start the new school year. Children also receive free food and back to school supplies as free contributions from the area businesses in Grove Hall and sponsors throughout Boston. The excitement continues with Boston's Chinatown Main Street celebration of the August Moon Festival. This celebration highlights the history and culture of China and it's a time for people to gather for moon watching parties, dancing demonstrations, cultural food and music. The Nature Conservancy partners with WBUR to hold several candid and insightful discussions under the theme titled, The Future of Nature, to identify where both people and nature can benefit when it comes to water, food, and energy while preserving nature's resources.

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