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Carlos Henriquez appears before House Ethics Committee

Jailed Massachusetts state Rep. Carlos Henriquez returned to the State House in handcuffs twice in the last week to appear before the House Ethics Committee — the first step in the Legislature’s process to strip him of his seat.

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Mass. political campaigns slow to hire blacks

While the Democratic primary is still nearly nine months away, the Massachusetts gubernatorial race is going full throttle for Democratic Party activists, with campaigns phoning potential delegates on a race to secure the party nomination during the June convention.

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Mass. State Rep. Carlos Henriquez gets six month jail time in assault case

The details of what happened on the night of July 8, 2012 remain sketchy, but the end result is not: convicted of assault, state Rep. Carlos Henriquez has been sentenced to six months in prison and will likely lose his 5th Suffolk District seat.

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Mass. Senate legislation a victory for electoral reform coalition

The Massachusetts Senate approved electoral reform measures aimed at making it easier to vote, register to vote and monitor the accuracy of towns’ voting systems.

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Pressure yielding results for Haitian immigrants in Dominican Republic

While running for Congress in 2012, Joe Kennedy III highlighted his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic, where he worked with migrant Haitians to improve horrific living conditions in sugar-cane camps.

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Local groups pressure loan giant on evictions, foreclosure policies

A coalition of Boston housing activists is calling on the federally funded housing giant Fannie Mae to end foreclosure policies they say are destabilizing Boston neighborhoods and driving up the cost of housing.

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Boston parents select schools under new assign plan

Parents of school-age children in Boston begin the process of selecting schools under the Boston Public Schools’ new assignment policy this week.

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Marty Walsh inaugurated; Boston City Council picks Bill Linehan as president

The new Boston and old Boston were in stark contrast Monday with the inauguration of Mayor Marty Walsh and a contentious vote for the presidency of the City Council.

Dr. Kenneth Edelin, advocate for women’s right to abortion, health care, 74

Prominent obstetrician and women’s rights advocate Dr. Kenneth Edelin died Monday in Sarasota, Fla. after a battle with cancer. He was 74 years old.

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Year in review: 2013 politics in Boston marked by multitude of campaigns

Mayor Thomas Menino’s March announcement that he would not seek office opened a floodgate of political ambition, as five city councilors, one state rep., three nonprofit leaders, a businessman, a district attorney and several perennial candidates joined a pool that thankfully winnowed down to 12.

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Year in review: Key events of 2013 left indelible mark on Boston

From the departure of Mayor Thomas Menino and the resulting political shakeup to the school assignment policy, Boston underwent major changes in 2013, and not all of them good. The tragic marathon bombing and ensuing days-long manhunt for the perpetrators also left an indelible mark on the city.

Boston City Council votes to lift cap on liquor licenses

In a move aimed at increasing the number of restaurants in the city’s neighborhoods, the City Council approved a measure last week to lift the cap on liquor licenses in Boston.

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Governor Patrick announces $2 million renovation of Roxbury state park

The governor wants the Roxbury Heritage State Park cleaned up and he’s on a schedule.

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Union boss at center of efforts to reform Mass. economy

Back in 1996, Veronica Turner was a rank-and-file member of the Service Employees International Union 285, working as a data coordinator at Boston City Hospital. She has risen to executive vice president of SEIU 1199 Massachusetts, as her local is now called.

Housing issues loom large in Boston town hall meeting

The ideas shared at Mayor-elect Marty Walsh’s town hall meeting at Roxbury Community College on Tuesday ranged from practical to cosmic, giving his transition team members much to consider as they chart the course for the first new mayor the city has seen in 20 years

Wu Train derailing with progressives. Vote for Bill Linehan angers her base

Michelle Wu continues to take heat from her progressive supporters over her support of Bill Linehan for City Council president.

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Junot Diaz, MIT professor, writer pushing for equality in Dominican Republic

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and MIT Professor Junot Diaz helped focus attention on the plight of Haitian-descended Dominicans who will lose their citizenship due to a September ruling from the Dominican Constitutional Court. In November, he co-authored an op-ed critical of the court sentence in the L.A. Times along with Haitian American novelist\ Edwidge Danticat and other Dominican and U.S. writers.

Michelle Wu voting for Bill Linehan over Matt O'Malley as City Council President

Michelle Wu upsets her progressive base with her vote for Bill Linehan over Matt O'Malley.

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Management firm United Housing Management improves housing, lives in Grove Hall

Ten years ago, Otis Gates and John Strodder bought a piece of Longbay Management’s portfolio, taking over management contracts for 721 units of housing in Roxbury and Dorchester and hiring 31 employees to manage and administer services under their new business United Housing Management.

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Protesters take aim at Walmart worker wages

As shoppers parted with their paychecks in the Black Friday shopping frenzy, across the United States staked out space in front of Walmart stores, calling for the chain to provide better pay and benefits to its employees.

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Activists keep immigration reform in national spotlight

In many ways, 2013 should have been a good year for immigration reform advocates. The Senate voted in June on immigration reform legislation that would grant the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S. temporary legal status and a pathway to citizenship within 13 years.

Mass. Senate votes to hike minimum wage to $11

With labor activists planning a ballot referendum to raise the state’s minimum wage underway, the state Senate passed a bill that would raise minimum wage from the current $8 an hour to $11 by 2016.

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First in the nation: memorial, park in Boston honor Puerto Rican veterans

When the curtain came off the nation’s first-ever memorial to Puerto Rican veterans, it was the culmination of 14 years of effort by a pair of Vietnam veterans determined to see their fellow soldiers honored for their service to their country.

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Boston entrepreneurs discuss challenges, opportunities

Boston has long had a reputation as a city unwelcoming to black professionals, but a new cadre of entrepreneurs is looking to change that. At a panel discussion in the Emerald Lounge in the Theatre District, seven business-owners shared their success stories with an audience of 60 people and painted a picture of a city full of opportunity.

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Dominican Republic high court ruling sparks international outrage

A controversial ruling by the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court to strip citizenship from people of Haitian descent born there has sent shockwaves through the Caribbean and in the Dominican and Haitian communities in the United States.

Marty Walsh says administration will reflect diversity of Boston

On the campaign trail, state Rep. Marty Walsh and City Councilor John Connolly both pledged that their administrations would reflect the diversity of Boston. Having won election to mayor, Walsh, now tasked with putting together the first new mayoral administration in 20 years, says he will honor his pledge to have at least 50 percent of the top positions in his administration filled by blacks, Latinos and Asians.

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Marty Walsh vote cut across Boston’s race, class lines

As political pundits begin analyzing the results of the election that propelled state Rep. Marty Walsh into the Boston mayor’s office, it’s becoming clear that the traditional nexus of white liberals and people of color gave way to a new alliance between people of color and working-class whites.

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Walsh forming transition team

Mayor-elect Marty Walsh is moving forward with his promise to assemble an administration that is 50 percent people of color, appointing former mayoral candidates Felix G. Arroyo, John Barros and Charlotte Golar Richie to his transition team.

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President Obama makes case for health law in Boston

After Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, it ran a gauntlet of opposition, surviving a Supreme Court challenge and serving as a political football in the 2012 presidential election and this year’s government shutdown.

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Marty Walsh wins mayor’s seat, pledges to work for equity

Backed by a formidable army of volunteers, state Rep. Marty Walsh opened up a lead of more than 4,908 votes to beat City Councilor John Connolly, winning the mayor’s seat with 72,524 votes.

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Boston City Council overrides Mayor Thomas Menino’s veto on banking ordinance

A simmering battle over the city’s banking services came to a boil last week when the City Council overrode a veto from the mayor for the first time in 19 years, passing Councilor Felix G. Arroyo’s Invest in Boston ordinance over Mayor Thomas Menino’s objections.

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Blacks, Latinos split support between John Connolly, Marty Walsh in Boston mayor’s race

The mad dash that’s taken Boston mayoral candidates John Connolly and Marty Walsh to seemingly every corner of the city has given Boston residents multiple opportunities to meet them. But many in the city’s black community still haven’t made up their mind who to vote for.

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Michelle Wu on track to win seat in at-large Boston City Council race

Voters in the Sept. 24 Boston preliminary went into the voting booth with 12 mayoral candidates,19 at-large district councilors and as many as eight district council candidates to chose from. Remarkably, political neophyte Michelle Wu managed an impressive fourth-place finish in the at-large field with 29,359 votes — more than 13,000 votes ahead of fifth-place finisher Martin Keough.

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Ayanna Pressley keeps focus on families, schools

In 10 minutes on a sidewalk in Dudley Square, City Councilor At-Large Ayanna Pressley engages in a series of conversations with constituents that outline the highlights of her work over the last two terms.

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Black pols endorse Marty Walsh for Boston mayor, John Connolly gets clergy nod

Two weeks ago, when former mayoral candidates Felix G. Arroyo and John Barros endorsed state Rep. Marty Walsh over City Councilor John Connolly in the Boston mayor’s race, the focus was on Walsh as observers mulled the duo’s ties to him. But as black and Latino elected officials past and present continued to walk into the Walsh camp, the focus among political observers shifted to Connolly and the question of why no black or Latino elected officials, past or present, are throwing their weight behind the councilor.

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Mass. activists weigh in on anti-gun legislation

After Kim Odom’s son was shot and killed on Oct. 4, 2007, there were two questions that lingered. "Who did it and why," she said. "I wanted to know the root cause. What brought a person to the point in their life where they could take a life."

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Marty Walsh, John Connolly vie for endorsements from Black, Latino and Asian communities

State Rep. Marty Walsh turned up the heat in the mayoral race, kicking off last week with a one-two punch — endorsements on Tuesday from former candidates Felix G. Arroyo and John Barros. Boston City Councilor John Connolly began his fusillade of endorsements, Wednesday with Rep. Aaron Michelwitz, whose district includes the North End and Back Bay, City Councilor Sal LaMattina and Everett Sen. Sal DiDomenico, whose district includes East Boston and the North End East Boston.

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Mass. State Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry seeks inclusion in MCCA expansion legislation

The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority filed legislation last week that would pave the way for a million-square-foot expansion of the South Boston facility aimed at increasing meeting and exhibition space there by 60 percent.

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John Connolly, Marty Walsh compete for support from blacks, Latinos in Boston mayor’s race

In the mayoral preliminary, the challenge for any of the serious contenders was in securing and turning out their respective voter bases. The two candidates most successful in that game — Marty Walsh and John Connolly — advanced to the final election.

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Candidates of color fade at Boston mayoral polls

The six candidates of color in Boston’s mayoral preliminary garnered three-quarters of the vote in the black community, but the top black vote getter — Charlotte Golar Richie — finished with 15,536 votes, more than 4,000 shy of what she needed to defeat State Rep. Marty Walsh or Boston City Councilor John Connolly.

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Boston Redevelopment Authority tax breaks face increased opposition

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has come under fire for plans to sell the air rights on Yawkey Way to the Boston Red Sox for $7.3 million and for approving $7.8 million in tax breaks for the Millennium Partners skyscraper project.

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Walsh, Connolly finalists in race for mayor

Two Irishmen were left standing in the primary race. Walsh and Connolly emerge as victors, to enter six-week sprint to mayoral final

Dilemmas abound for election night party crashers

Tonight the candidates in the mayor’s race will be hunkering down with supporters, waiting for vote results to trickle in from City Hall and preparing either a victory speech, a concession speech. Where will they be? Here's a list of what we know.

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Former Councilor Chuck Turner back in Boston, working with activists

Two years after he entered the U.S. Penitentiary in Hazelton, W. Va., former City Councilor Chuck Turner has returned with a burning desire to tackle black America’s most pressing problems.

Special election turnout only 27 percent across the state of Massachusetts

The special election held to fill the US Senate seat formerly held by Secretary of State John Kerry was by all accounts uninspiring, and as such, held few surprises.

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Gabriel Gomez, Ed Markey debate issues at Roxbury Community College

The Democratic and Republican Senate campaigns are in full swing as the race for the seat vacated by John Kerry enters its final week.

Head trauma survivor Charmaine Santiago Galdon returns to the dance floor

Returning to the dance floor after a head trauma

An outgoing, artistically inclined dancer with a passion for Latin dance, Charmaine was deeply involved in the city’s Latin music and dance scene. But in an instant, she was left clinging to life by a thread when she sustained a serious head injury in a nearly fatal incident.

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Head trauma survivor Charmaine Santiago Galdon returns to the dance floor

Charmaine Santiago Galdon takes a bow after a dance with (L to R) father Jorge Arce...

Boston’s Museum of African American History exhibit highlights role of blacks in ending slavery

at the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, Boston’s Museum of African American History is hosting lectures on the momentous events of 1863, shedding new light on the critical role blac

At the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, Boston’s Museum of African American History is hosting lectures on the momentous events of 1863, shedding new light on the critical role blacks played in the fight to end slavery. “There was a movement of black and white people who were trying to end slavery,” says Beverly Morgan-Welch, executive director of the museum. “We wanted to tell that story. We thought it was extremely important that we create an exhibit that would allow people to see how these events developed over time.”