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Yawu Miller began his career in journalism with the Banner, serving as a staff reporter in 1993. He became managing editor in 1996. After leaving the Banner in 2006, he continued with the paper as a freelance writer and photographer. He has also written freelance articles for Commonwealth Magazine, the Baltimore Afro American and the Boston Irish Reporter. Miller graduated from Dartmouth College in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in English.

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Condos pose opportunities, risks for local home buyers

While prices of single- and multi-family homes are quickly becoming unaffordable for Roxbury residents, condominiums provide an affordable alternative. But stiff competition and unstable condo associations present hurdles and risks for prospective buyers.

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Race colors response to opioid crisis

As drugs hit ’burbs, emphasis shifts to treatment programs

As heroin and other opioids have proliferated in predominantly white communities in Massachusetts, state and local officials have shifted their emphasis from drug law enforcement to treatment. Blacks, who have long argued drug addiction is a sickness, not a crime, see a double standard in the shift from punishment to treatment.

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Black college alumni seek support for students

Sunday, Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard and many of her classmates are going to give back to Delaware State University in a demonstrative way. As the class of 2015 prepares to walk for graduation, members of the class of 1965 will present the largest single donation in the school’s history — a check for $100,000.

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Treasurer Deborah Goldberg pushes for board diversity, financial literacy

Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has launched the Office of Economic Empowerment, an effort aimed at teaching financial literacy in Massachusetts schools, as part of an ambitious reform agenda.

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Mayor rolls out Brother’s Keeper effort

City to pool resources with businesses and nonprofits

City officials are ready to marshal public, corporate and nonprofit resources in an unprecedented effort to improve outcomes for boys and young men of color in education, in the workforce and in criminal justice, as part of Boston’s version of the national My Brother’s Keeper effort.

Council candidates campaign finance update

Not long after we posted Eliza Dewy’s article on this year’s City Council races on the web Wednesday, we got a phone call from the campaign of Tito Jackson noting that the fundraising totals cited for the councilor did not reflect his latest filing. Our press deadline is Monday, and the campaigns weren’t required to report on the last 15-day period until Tues., May 5.

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Former MBTA manager calls for coordinated transit planning

Former MBTA manager Beverly Scott sees last winter’s T failure as an opportunity to plan for the future of the transit agency and foster a broader conversation about how public transit and other modes of transit can work together to better move people and goods in the Greater Boston area.

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Neighbors question integrity of Inspectional Services Department

Allege ISD chief’s former firm gives developer inside track

Roxbury residents are complaining developers may be using political connections to obtain variances from the city’s Inspectional Services Department.

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Legislators commemorate Martin Luther King’s 1965 State House address

Members of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus took turns reading King’s 1965 address to the Massachusetts Legislature in a commemorative ceremony that was attended by legislative leadership, Gov. Charlie Baker and past lawmakers.

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Activists call for revival of Roxbury Neighborhood Council

The city relies on a patchwork of neighborhood associations to solicit community input on development decisions in Roxbury. Community residents are calling for the revival of the Roxbury Neighborhood Council as an organization that represents the community’s interests in local development issues.

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