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Yawu Miller began his career in journalism with the Banner, serving as a staff reporter in 1993. He became managing editor in 1996. After leaving the Banner in 2006, he continued with the paper as a freelance writer and photographer. He has also written freelance articles for Commonwealth Magazine, the Baltimore Afro American and the Boston Irish Reporter. Miller graduated from Dartmouth College in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in English.

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Rox. residents to Baker admin: We're busy Sept. 8. Voting!

Roxbury voters objected to the Governor's economic development listening session tour date in Roxbury, which coincides with the Sept. 8 preliminary voting for City Council.

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Boston gears up for Caribbean Carnival

Parades and competitions this week

Carnival Parade comes to Boston this Saturday with a parade of mas bands. Contestants will compete against each other before a panel of judges who are flown in from Trinidad. The parade, which regularly draws tens of thousands of participants and spectators, is the largest cultural event in Boston’s black community and one of the largest in the city. Several other parades and competitions will happen this week.

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MBTA police beating of 911-caller caught on video

Roxbury woman suing T for civil rights violation

Last week, the ACLU of Massachusetts announced a lawsuit against the MBTA Police Department for police brutality and posted its webpage video recordings of the 2014 beating of Mary Holmes by officers Jennifer Garvey and Alfred Trinh. Holmes was facing charges of assault and battery on a public employee, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but the bus station videos showed clearly that Holmes did nothing to warrant the attack. This is the type of abuse many in the black community have complained about for decades.

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Mayor: cop didn't choke teen

A video of a Boston Police officer choking a teen has angered activists. The mayors response to reporters' questions about the video seems to have fanned the flames.

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Video footage contradicts MBTA cops' assault charge against Roxbury woman

At a time when the City of Boston has been seen resisting a proposal to outfit BPD officers with body-worn cameras, the case of a woman beaten by MBTA officers underscored how effective cameras can be at countering embellished police reports.

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Rox. development projects get green light from city

While the steel and glass luxury apartment towers going up downtown have come to typify Boston’s building boom, the city has greenlighted several smaller projects in and around Roxbury that show a different side to the city’s expanding housing market. The projects promise to bring a mixture of market-rate and affordable housing units to the Roxbury area, as well as ground-level retail space that could contribute to the revitalization of long-vacant commercial areas.

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Hub’s growing Dominican community celebrates culture in downtown Boston

Festival is 30th held in Boston

Over the last 30 years, the city’s Dominican community has grown from a few thousand families centered in Jamaica Plain to one of the city’s largest ethnic groups. With more than 38,000 Boston residents claiming Dominican heritage, Dominicans have surpassed Puerto Ricans as the largest Latino group in Boston.

Black cops suing department over ‘false positives’ in hair tests

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice has filed lawsuits alleging the hair testing the Boston Police Department uses to determine whether officers have used drugs is scientifically unsound and more like to generate false positives among blacks than among white officers.

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Rights groups take aim at anti-terror program

Say Muslims unfairly targeted

Activists in Boston, Minneapolis and Los Angeles spoke out last week against the Obama administration’s Countering Violent Extremism program, calling for more transparency and denouncing what many see as an unwarranted focus on Muslims.

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Candidates are many, campaigns are few in City Council districts 4 & 7

Early Sept. 8 preliminary could see scant turnout

With the date of the city’s preliminary election moved to Tuesday, Sept. 8 — the day after the Labor Day weekend — turnout is expected to be light in Roxbury’s District 7 and Dorchester’s District 4 races. And while both races feature a range of candidates — four in District 4 and six in District 7 — the bounty of candidates will not necessarily translate into an electrified electorate.

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