Yawu Miller

Senior Editor


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Yawu Miller began his career in journalism with the Banner, serving as a staff reporter in 1993. He became managing editor in 1996. After leaving the Banner in 2006, he continued with the paper as a freelance writer and photographer. He has also written freelance articles for Commonwealth Magazine, the Baltimore Afro American and the Boston Irish Reporter. Miller graduated from Dartmouth College in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in English.

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City Council resolution passes resolution on Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building

City council resolution passes resolution on Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building

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Painter uses clients’ homes as his canvas

Decorative painting, murals, trompe l’oeils — his work is as eclectic as his client base

Chuck Christian specializes in decorative painting. Decorative painting, murals, trompe l’oeils — his work is as eclectic as his client base.

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Stone mile markers harken back to Roxbury’s colonial past

Stone mile markers and boundary stones tucked away on Roxbury street corners tell stories of the neighborhood’s 18th century history.

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Boston’s Muslim community celebrates Eid in Roxbury

An estimated 12,000 worshipers celebrated the holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury

Charter school expansion dies in Senate

The Mass. Senate voted down to compromise bills that would have lifted the cap on charter school seats in Massachusetts

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Dance troupe lights up festival MetaMovements a perfect fit for Festival Betances

Members of the MetaMovements dance troupe brought their emphasis on audience, community participation to the Festival Betances in the Villa Victoria housing development

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Tompkins, Arroyo campaigning together

Tompkins, Arroyo join hands on campaign trail.

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Veteran activists discuss black community’s history of struggle for education equity

A group of activists who worked to secure equitable education resources in Roxbury in the 1960s meets to discuss the history of school desegregation

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Home prices rise rapidly in Roxbury real estate market

With many homes selling for more than half a million dollars, Roxbury’s housing market is on the rise. Pressure from surrounding communities and interest from buyers outside Roxbury may be fueling the increases. Deals are still available, for those with the willingness and wherewithal to fix up distressed properties.

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Police seek more diverse recruit pool as minority numbers drop

Police officials are reaching out to prospective recruits in Boston’s black, Latino, Asian communities. City Councilor Michael Flaherty proposes ordinance requiring three years of residency for new police hires

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