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Yawu Miller began his career in journalism with the Banner, serving as a staff reporter in 1993. He became managing editor in 1996. After leaving the Banner in 2006, he continued with the paper as a freelance writer and photographer. He has also written freelance articles for Commonwealth Magazine, the Baltimore Afro American and the Boston Irish Reporter. Miller graduated from Dartmouth College in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in English.

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City, state officials celebrate Mather School’s 375th anniversary

When it opened in 1639, colonists funded the mather school using a levy on cattle grazing, making it the first publicly funded school in what is now the United States. Last week city and state officials and alumni turned out for a celebration of the school’s 375th anniversary.

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Coakley, Democrats make appeals to party’s loyal base

In the last week of campaigning, Democrats are revving up the party’s base.

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Charlie Baker gaining traction with urban voters

Polling data shows gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has made inroads with voters in Massachusetts cities.

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Much has changed in the 25 years since the Stewart case. Some things haven't

Much has changed in the 25 years since the Stewart case. Some important things haven't

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Mattapan stops, weekend service and train cars bring rapid transit service to Fairmount Line

State officials gathered in Mattapan to announce the construction of a new station there and expanded service along the Fairmount Line, converting the commuter rail into a rapid transit line.

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Baker releases ‘urban agenda,’ opens Blue Hill Avenue office

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker released what he calls his “urban agenda” during the opening of a campaign office on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester.

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Coakley campaign revving up get-out-the-vote effort

Attorney General Martha Coakley rallied supporters in Brockton and the South Coast region last week as her campaign gets ready to turn out it base of support.

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Activists call on Fannie Mae to sell properties to former owners

Attorney General Martha Coakley is suing mortgage giant Fannie Mae over its refusal to sell foreclosed properties back to former owners.

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Coalition calls for police reforms in wake of ACLU report

Boston activists are calling on the police department to outfit officers with body-worn cameras and make data on police stops available in the wake of an ACLU report that found blacks were disproportionately targeted by police for stops, searches and observation.

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Evan Falchuk pursues government reform with United Independent Party

Independent candidate for governor Evan Falchuk says putting independent candidates in office is the best way to effect substantive changes in state government.

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