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Saint John 316 - Putting faith in fashion

Entrepreneurs draw inspiration from scripture for clothing line

The founders of Saint John 316, married couple Keith and Renee B. Ware, want to send a faith-based message with their apparel and lifestyle fashion brand — the Christian-based theme reflects their personal beliefs — but they also are savvy enough to know that their market focus may be the key to getting their fledgling venture off the ground.

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The importance of the web

Digital presence is key for minority businesses

Maintaining a digital presence is crucial to all business in today’s Internet-driven and increasingly mobile-dominated market. For small businesses, digital know-how can mark the difference between closing shop quickly and growing into a thriving company. And for minority businesses, argues Dartmouth professor Alva Taylor, digital excellence even more essential.

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U.S. doing more contracting with small businesses

For small businesses, chasing government contracts can be the difference between not just surviving, but thriving. Thanks to the recent boom in federal government work awarded to small businesses, government contracts are abundant. But in Massachusetts the chase is not just a metaphor, as more and more Bay State companies venture beyond the state and region to seal the deal. Working out-of-state adds logistical challenges and risk to many small businesses, but some local companies are proving that the extra effort is worth it because they are able to more than double and triple their revenues.

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Blending arts and science

Boston nonprofit gives kids hands-on tech experience

Boston startup Gique (the name signifies a cross between “geek” and “chic”) is bringing its unique blend of technology, engineering, math and art to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester on Aug. 6, giving local kids exposure to the passion project that MIT grad Danielle Olson hopes will help pave the future for a generation of tech-savvy and creative minds from Boston’s neighborhoods.

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Tia’s Cakes & Pastries - baking business success

Entrepreneur leaves marketing to open baking startup

Tia’s Cakes & Pastries specializes in custom cakes, such as the kind you can find at weddings or special events.

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The perfect recipe

Nicola Williams uses her marketing and advertising background to promote the local food movement

Nicola Williams believes in the sustainable food movement and supporting the growth of local business with a food vision for New England. That vision, aimed at the middle of this century, means that at least 50 percent of all food consumed is clean, fair, just and accessible food to all. As founder of the Williams Agency, a marketing and event planning agency focused on sustainable food, culture and arts, her role is to spread the good word about the movement — something she has been doing so for many years.

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Fittus - a fitness app for exercise enthusiasts

Entrepreneur seizes health and wellness opp with app

Success in the startup world takes savvy business planning, hard work and a bit of luck. But Fittus founder Joel Edwards took to heart a lesson he learned early while studying business at Suffolk University — that you need a passion for what you are doing to start a company — and launched an enterprise that combined his interest in exercising and working out with his desire to be an entrepreneur.

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Forming partnerships: The Latino Legacy Fund

Group looks to change trajectory for Boston Latinos by leveraging resources and forging relationships

The Latino Legacy Fund, a partnership of local Latino philanthropists and leaders, the Boston Foundation and Hispanics in Philanthropy, is building an initial $1 million endowment fund to support Boston-area Latino programs.

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Make way for big data

For many years the concept of big data meant many “bigs” — namely big cost, big companies and big infrastructure. But now the prevalence of data analytics services means that only the big data part remains, because small- and medium-size companies can easily and affordably take advantage of data crunching to push their businesses ahead.

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Hub business wary of future

Amid boom, confidence wanes among Hub’s small business

While small business gurus continue to sing the praises about how U.S.’s small companies are leading the way to economic prosperity, a new monthly report — finds that confidence is waning. That’s a cause for worry. “Waning confidence” is a far cry from the panic that reigned at the start of the decade, but the report suggest that many business owners are starting to wonder if the post-recession peak already has occurred. This presents a different picture on the street than most small business data suggest.

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