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Hub ranks high in startup index

Access to capital helps innovative business ventures advance in Boston

When it comes to fostering small business innovation Boston is doing something right and people are starting to take notice. A recent report found Boston ranking high in the areas that are most important to building a strong startup environment in a city — an open network between city institutions and entrepreneurs, as well as access to the money to get startups off the ground. The report, “Innovation That Matters: How City Networks Drive Civic Entrepreneurship,” which was developed by Washington D.C. incubator 1776 and supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, specifically examines how cities are able to promote the growth of startups that focus on civic sector industries including education, energy, health and local government agencies.

CERO meets $350,000 goal by crowdfunding

Thanks to a late push, Cooperative Energy, Recycling and Organics, known as CERO Cooperative, topped its goal last week by raising $350,000 for its recycling and composting business.

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Pitch in the City returns

Entrepreneurs compete for startup funds at Hibernian Hall

Six local entrepreneurs presented their ideas to a panel of venture capital experts and an audience of colleagues, friends, and other interested parties. Savané, along with the others, showcased what makes a great pitch — passion, precision and showing the potential for profit.

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Cutting red tape: Boston leads the way

Obama administration looks to Hub for small business, start-up ideas

U.S. Small Business Administration head Maria Contreras-Sweet came to Boston to announce the “Startup in a Day” initiative, a collaboration with the White House, the SBA and the National League of Cities. In its first phase, participating cities make a pledge to create a “Startup in a Day” online tool by the end of 2015; develop a streamlined, business-friendly online permitting system; and share best practices to encourage other municipalities to join in.

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Group pushes firms to diversify

Mass. Diversity Coalition grew out of efforts for inclusion in state’s new gaming industry

The Massachusetts Diversity Coalition started with the goal to make sure that the state’s minority- and women-owned businesses got a piece of the growing gaming sector. However, the group now has bigger fish to fry — it wants to make sure that all major development projects make diversity a priority.

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Second Pitch in the City startup event set for June 16 in Roxbury

Building on the success of the first Pitch in the City, which was held earlier this year, Banner Biz Magazine is back with the second pitch event set for June 16 at 7 p.m. at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury. It will bring together some of the hottest new startup entrepreneurs from Boston and give them a chance to pitch their startup ideas to a panel of business experts.

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JP business is ‘hands-on’ venture

Entrepreneur strikes pay dirt with massage startup

Many small business entrepreneurs who worked previously for someone else admit they started their own venture as a way to have their hands on all aspects of a business. Christine Rose is no different. It is just that in her case, her desire for a more hands-on business is literally “hands on” as her startup venture is a massage therapy company, Imani Massage.

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Worker-owned firm turns trash to cash

CERO cooperative processes recycling, compost for restaurants

With its recycling and composting business, Cooperative Energy, Recycling and Organics, known as CERO Cooperative, has dedicated its efforts to creating green jobs in the local food economy. The effort is something its leaders view as for the Boston community, but now CERO is asking the community to show its support — with cash.

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Annual conference brings green businesses together

When socially conscious business activists first organized the Sustainable Business Conference in 1990, environmental causes and business were widely seen as being at odds. Twenty-five years later, businesses increasingly are seeing sustainable practices as key to their survival. The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts held this year’s event May 15 in Cambridge. The event brings together like-minded businesses that have created what it means to be a sustainable business — namely making an effort to build a stronger local economy through a network of environmentally and socially conscious.

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Entrepreneur bottles family recipes

Makomas draws on founder’s Ivory Coast heritage, makes headway with local retailers

Founded late last year, Makomas makes three traditional juice drinks that harken back to founder Magbè Savané’s youth in Africa: Ginger Drink, Baobab Drink and Hibiscus Tea. Her mother sold similar beverages in small plastic bags to neighbors and town folk. As a child Savané helped her mother hand-make the drinks using all-natural and simple ingredients. The 30-year-old recalls these days fondly and said juice-making immediately popped to mind when she was considering starting her own business.

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