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Harvard grad Matthew Fields finds success in online education with Stanford-backed Redbird Advanced Learning

A business he birthed in his time at Harvard University has allowed Matthew Mugo Fields to fulfill a promise he made while a young immigrant student back in high school — to one day help other students better their educational opportunities just as he was helped.

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Roxbury man starts craft distillery in NH

New Hampshire’s state liquor distribution system offers filmmaker new opportunity

Roxbury resident Robert Patton-Spruill has enough passion — and the boost of a federal distillery license — to believe that his recently launched New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery can be a success in the business of booze.

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Small businesses set to gain from rising crowdfunding sector

Crowdfunding is a hot topic in the lending and investing world, but with billions of dollars at stake for small businesses and startups it is not just an Internet trend that will fade away in the short term. Developments in the industry suggest crowdfunding will be a crucial part of supporting entrepreneurs for the foreseeable future.

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Kiva lending program brings microloan approach to US

Online Zip loans aid small businesses

Kiva, a nonprofit lending organization, has helped connect entrepreneurs all over the world with $670 million in loans since it began its efforts in Africa a decade ago. Now, with more than 1.2 million lenders and money sent to 86 different countries, Kiva has set its sight on helping U.S. startup entrepreneurs with its Kiva Zip program.

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Boston Impact Initiative invests in ‘social impact’ firms

The Boston Impact Initiative, an organization that supports community organizations through loans and grants, has made its first equity investment in a local business, backing Roxbury-based City Fresh Foods. The move is seen as an expansion of the Initiative’s efforts to provide sources of investment cash to businesses and organizations in Boston’s urban neighborhoods. In particular, the investment focus will be on existing local businesses that provide services to the diverse communities of color throughout the city.

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Program helps businesses harness Internet technology

Initiative backed by $1 million federal grant

A state program to help small businesses use technology to expand — with Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation at its heart — has shown officials one successful way to support economic growth. The Massachusetts Broadband Institute’s Small Business Technical Assistance Program has shelled out close to three-quarters of a million dollars to small businesses and also funded a number of technical training programs, workshops and outreach to educate small businesses about the benefits of using technology.

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Tropical Foods ‘hybrid’ market grows, retains customer base

The store’s slogan is, after all, “The Supermarket for Everyone,” and the new location will allow the store to deliver on this promise.“It is ethnic, but is it also now modern and conventional,” Garry said.

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Business with a social conscience

Argus ad agency’s motto is “Work that Matters”

“What is essential to Argus is to do work that matters, that is our core value and core principle. That leads us to work with organizations that we respect and admire,” Arenas said.

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Tropical Foods in Dudley Square is opening new store on February 4

After 40 years in the same location in Dudley Square, ethnic food market pioneer Tropical Foods is opening up a brand new store on Feb. 4.

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Smarter in the City Lab gears up for 2nd class of startups

Smarter in the City, a business incubator in Dudley Square, is continuing to build on its early success and has selected the second group of local startup companies it will support for a five-month period, starting next month.

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