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A profile of CEO Brian Chapman of Mill City Environmental

Brian Chapman has gone from studying rocks in college to cleaning up hazardous waste as a small business owner. The 30-year path from geology major at UMass Amherst to running Mill City Environmental in Lowell has not been a straight line, though.

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Filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain telling the untold stories

Strain has grappled with being female in a male dominated field

Tracy Heather Strain backed her way into working on films and forming her own company to produce documentaries, The Film Posse, which is based in the Fort Point Channel area.

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More blacks are leading colleges

Program opens doors for women and minority administrators

For nearly three decades, the number of women who serve as college presidents or chancellors has grown slowly, from 10 percent in 1986 to 26 percent in 2011, according to the American Council of Education, known as ACE. Its latest survey estimates 13 percent were of color in 2011, and 4 percent were women of color. In 2013, ACE launched a leadership program designed to increase the number of women and people of color in presidencies.

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Black Native Americans beginning to assert identity

African Americans claiming Native American ancestry have begun to assert their identity more openly. In July, more than 400 attended the inaugural meeting of the National Congress of Black American Indians in Washington.

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Diversity officer roles can be a step to higher ed leadership

Many leaders of colleges and universities began their leadership careers working as chief diversity officers

Community colleges change approaches to remedial courses

With less than 10 percent of remedial students graduating from a community college within three years, many community colleges are trying new approaches to bring students up to speed.

Community colleges work to end achievement gap

Community colleges are looking at new ways to close the gap between students of color and white students.

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Susan Windham-Bannister- CEO of Mass Life Sciences Center

Working to expand Massachusetts STEM sector

Susan Windham-Bannister has directed the Massachusetts Life Sciences center for Governor Deval Patrick since the $1 billion initiative was launched in 2008. She set up the center and developed its programs, which have boosted the state’s economy.

Association of college cultural centers finds strength in numbers

Founded in 1987, the Association for Black Culture Centers has expanded its mission to include Latinos and Asians.

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Boston Rising: Anti-poverty effort fell short of lofty vision

A foundation set up to alleviate poverty in Grove Hall closed its doors last year, unable to enlist others in its vision

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UMass Boston program steers blacks, Latinos into STEM majors

Under a new, Harvard-trained dean of science and mathematics, UMass Boston set out to increase the number and diversity of students enrolled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known together as STEM.

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Steven Rogers - Harvard Business School Professor and successful entrepreneur

Four lessons for launching successful ventures.

At Harvard Business School, Steve Rogers teaches select students from around the world how to be successful entrepreneurs, drawing upon his two decades as a business professor at elite universities and his own experience owning profitable companies. “I’m a regular brother interested in improving the condition of black America,” he said.

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Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship preps minorities for careers in academia

As he was finishing his doctorate at Brown University, Gene Andrew Jarrett received job offers from Boston University and the University of Maryland, College Park. In 2002, Jarrett chose Maryland to start his teaching career.

Massachusetts schools get D grade in civil rights history education

Massachusetts leads the nation in scores on achievement tests in reading and math, but the state does not do nearly as well when it comes to teaching public school students about the Civil Rights Movement.

Stanford’s athletic diversity is unmatched by top schools

Add to Stanford University’s reputation for strong academics another distinction, this one in athletics. The elite private school’s record of coaching diversity in major sports over the last 25 years is hard to match.

Co-op programs increase chances of landing jobs

Since the recession started in 2008, many college graduates have struggled to find suitable jobs in their fields. Parents and students, who have started to doubt a degree’s value, may want to consider colleges where students rotate between classes and jobs.

Patrick Administration plans to spend up to $15 million on Neponset River Trail

The Patrick Administration has committed state funds to complete the Neponset River trail after unsuccessfully seeking federal stimulus grants for the recreation and commuter project.

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Tessil Collins launches new radio station called Sun Music

Music lovers have a new option for listening to mellow sounds. Since January, Sun Music has been streaming online 24-7 from Dorchester.

Roxbury Community College to name new president by June

Kenneth J. Cooper A decision on the next president...

‘…the godfather in Massachusetts’ -

An Appreciation

Randolph Wilson Bromery, who died last week in Danvers from prostate cancer, was a pioneer in the air, the federal government and the ivory tower. He had just turned 87

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‘…the godfather in Massachusetts’

Randolph Wilson Bromery, who died last week...

Boston residents bring Wally’s jazz flavor to Florida gallery

Boston residents bring Wally’s jazz flavor to Florida gallery

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Boston residents bring Wally’s jazz flavor to Florida gallery

Michael Penn, grandson of Wally’s founder Joseph L. Walcott,...

Cross-cultural play places a Native American reservation in the Bronx

Cross-cultural play places a Native American reservation in the Bronx -“Wetu in the City: An Urban Black Indian Tale,” performed recently by the New African Company at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury, weaves a witty drama full of historical ironies and cultural exchanges between red and black people.

Cross-cultural play places a Native American reservation in the Bronx

Can you imagine an Indian reservation in the middle of the Bronx? ...

Community organizing paid dividends for Suzanne Lee

Community organizing paid dividends for Suzanne Lee

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Community organizing paid dividends for Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee Kenneth J. CooperSuzanne...

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Solutions needed to combat inequality in Boston schools

The Boston School Department has...

Florida A and M suspends band after fatal hazing incident

Florida A and M University opened its football season earlier this month against...

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Grambling’s nursing program gains stellar reputation

Rama M. Tunuguntla, interim dean of Grambling’s College of...

NIH’s ‘Minority Scholars’ program helps produce Ph.D.s

Stacyann Morgan got into biomedical engineering through a simple Google search....

Time for a new perspective on affirmative action

WASHINGTON — As the Supreme Court prepares to hear yet another challenge to...

Community Voices: More minority teachers, mentors needed in HUB public schools

A good teacher is a good teacher. Students know when they have one, and...

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Federal guidelines to close achievement gap not met

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carol R. Johnson and her pen pal, Nelise Mendes, a...

Roxbury groups seek cultural districts in Dudley Sq., Grove Hall

Several organizations are planning to seek state designation of a cultural district in Roxbury...

BPS superintendent talks about closing achievement gap

Some major cities have departed from tradition and hired people who have never...

NCAA reviews members’ diversity practices

Perhaps because keeping score is an intrinsic part of competitive sports, the NCAA has...

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The ‘Queen of Disco’ never forgot her Boston roots

Donna Summer holds up her honorary high school diploma...

Report: Patrick has governed for the 'good of the whole'

Governor Deval Patrick has “actively represented black interests,” while retaining broad political support...

Elizabeth Warren appeals to voters at Hibernian Hall

Elizabeth Warren has already avoided one of the mistakes that Attorney General Martha Coakley...

Universities reluctant to use iTune U

In keeping with Steve Jobs’ vision of transforming education, Apple has expanded its iTunes...

HBCU law grads face tough job market

The career scenario painted for Ahman Airitam and his law school classmates could not...

Obama faces uphill battle in Deep South

This week Republican presidential candidates tested their campaign appeals in the South, the political...

UMass panel urges more black professionals at BPS

Boston public schools are looking to expand partnerships with black businesses in an effort...

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Botswana defines its own democracy

Last week the African Presidential Center at Boston University held a forum on the “State of Africa.” Speakers...

A fight for tolerance

A Minnesota school has made progress in diversifying its remote campus, but work still remains Kenneth J. Cooper ...

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Harvard examines its own historical roots in slavery

Brown University’s daring self-examination of...

Improving Boston's public school system

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol Johnson volunteered last week for a bit of schooling....

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Simmons reflects on tenure at Brown Univ.

Ruth Simmons, president of Brown University, will retire in...