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Health Editor

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Karen E. Miller, Dr.P.H, is Health Editor of the Banner and editor of “Be Healthy,” the quarterly health magazine. Dr. Miller has an eclectic background in the health care industry including direct patient care, higher education, management and consulting. She served as the director of clinical training in rehabilitation medicine at Columbia University’s Harlem Hospital Center. She was an assistant professor at New York University and Texas Women’s University, where she taught courses in functional anatomy, orthopedics, neurology and community health. At New York’s Department of Social Services, she was a consultant for the state’s Medicaid program on issues pertaining to quality of care.

At Tenneco, a large oil and gas company in Houston, Dr. Miller developed and ran a managed care program, which involved selective contracting with physicians and hospitals for the treatment of catastrophic illnesses. As an independent consultant she has provided services to small businesses, insurance companies and physician groups. Dr. Miller is a graduate of Boston University and Columbia University. She earned a master’s degree in public administration from New York University and a doctorate in public health from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Dr. Miller currently serves as a board member of the Massachusetts Association of Mental Health.

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Nutrition on a budget

Some helpful tips

Some helpful tips to keep your spending down and your nutrition up.

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Public programs available for good nutrition

A helping hand for those in need

Several programs are available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to assist low income consumers purchase healthy foods. The City of Boston also developed a program to enable SNAP recipients to purchase produce at local farmers’ markets.

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Store brand groceries in demand

Good value at a lower cost

Store brands are fast becoming the choice of many consumers. Store brands are typically less expensive than national brands and offer similar quality.

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The psychology of supermarkets

Keep your grocery list handy

Supermarkets are designed to pique your interest into purchasing more items than originally intended. The ideal way to prevent overspending is to make a list and stick to it.

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Good health on a budget

Tips on how to stretch that dollar

Although food is one of the highest costs for consumers, it is possible to eat healthy while keeping an eye on one’s budget.

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Prevention of low back pain

Get up and walk

Although low back pain is very common, it may be possible to prevent it by practicing healthy lifestyles.

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Exercise for low back pain

It’s all about the core

If low back pain does not go away within a week or so, often physical therapy and exercise are recommended. The goal is to strengthen the core and improve function.

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An alternative treatment for low back pain

Mindfulness: You control the pain

There is a link between low back pain and depression, but the exact causes of the link are unclear.

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Acupuncture: A common remedy for low back pain

A 2,000-year-old treatment in modern times

Acupuncture, an age-old form of traditional Chinese medicine, is growing in popularity in this country. Although originally used for pain reduction, the World Health Organization has determined that it can be effective in the treatment of several illnesses.

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Sciatica – a real pain in the butt

A simple move can set it off

Herniated discs are one of the most common causes of low back pain. The pain starts in the back, but radiates to the buttocks and down the leg.

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