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Hearing focuses on Boston Public Schools’ struggles with transit costs, appealing meals

Steep price tag for school choice, charters, special education door-to-door pick up

A small portion of students account for the majority of the expenses in a transit department that has struggled to limit costs. Meanwhile, the school' s food department aims to increase the per-meal food expensive reimbursement it receives by improving entrees' appeal.

Boston’s bad reputation on race troubles firms

Hub image hinders recruitment; business community sees role to play in reform

A pervasive image of Boston as unwelcoming to minorities has long presented a hurdle to recruiting talent and attracting minority businesses and business organizations, said James Rooney, president and CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Many now are looking to what role the business sector can play in helping the city reform.

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Nuestra Voz conference to amplify Latinx voices across Massachusetts

Latina Circle aims to up business and political representation

In Boston, Latinos comprise 20 percent of the population, but only 7 percent of those appointed to executive positions and city and state commissions and boards. The presidential election brought a new call to action for Latina Circle co-founders Francisco and Roman. It was no longer enough to focus on improving the lives of Latinas and their communities through advancement in the business world; they also had to tackle the political one.

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Dress code at Malden Mystic Valley Regional Charter School censures black hair

Schools nationwide punish black kids for natural and common hair styles

Civil rights groups have decried the Mystic Valley Regional Charter school's dress code policies as racially discriminatory and said they may represent another piece of an all-too frequent trend of criminalization of blackness.

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Fear and defiance greet House Republicans’ American Health Care Act

Sen. Markey: health care bill “dead on arrival” in Senate; Political pain promised for House’s yes-voters

Many speakers at a health care panel said legislation could bring drastic consequences to them or members of their families. Sen. Markey offered a spot of hope, predicting the bill would fail in the Senate.

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In face of cuts, Boston Public Schools details supports for district’s low-performing schools

Boston Public Schools officials took time during the hearings to outline their efforts to support low performing schools, through measures such as visiting assistant teams, continued funding support for schools exiting turnaround and a fund for extra supports. Not all councilors seemed to agree that the measures go far enough to mitigate impact of cuts hitting some of these schools.

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Jessica Tang poised to be next Boston Teachers Union president

Jessica Tang, the union's director of organizing, runs unopposed for BTU presidency. She has earned a reputation for advocating on issues within and outside the classroom.

Racial slurs thrown at Adam Jones, anthem singer at Red Sox games

Events recall team’s troubled past, raise questions on city’s present

Reports of racial slurs hurled during recent Red Sox games turned a national eye to the team’s troubled history with discrimination. The Red Sox was the last league in the nation to integrate and its many years of rejection of black talent has been regarded as a factor in the perceived "curse of the Bambino."

New schools for Mattahunt kids

Promised better education, some families facing administrative assignment still are wary

As their school closes and converts into an early education center, displaced Mattahunt children are learning where they will attend next school next year. Some families did not receive placement in any of the schools they chose.

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Mixed-use development project slated for Mattapan’s Blue Hill Avenue

Plans call for sit-down restaurant, 21 condos; developer, community groups outlined benefits

A $12 million Mattapan development could turn several blighted lots into housing, retail space, and a sit-down restaurant.

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