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Roving Camera 8/21/14

Why do you think police shootings of unarmed black men happen?

Boston Scenes 8/14/14

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 8/14/14

Do you think marijuana possession should be a criminal offense?

Boston Youth Voice

In February, 2014 over 240 Boston Youth co-created a mural at the first Boston Youth ...

Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity welcomes new Grand Sire Archon

Boston, MA - Archon JAMES COFIELD (l) is joined by incoming Grand Sire Archon of ...

Boston Scenes - NABJ's President's Reception

Prince Lobel Tye LLP hosted the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) invite-only President’s Reception ...

Boston Scenes - 8/7/2014 - National Association of Black Journalists national conference in Boston

The Boston Globe and the Boston Association of Black Journalists hosted a welcoming party for ...

Boston Scenes - 8/7/2014 - Governor Deval Patrick celebrates his 58th birthday on Peddocks Island

On July 31, 482 young people from 10 area youth and community groups helped Governor ...

Boston Scenes 8/7/14 - Roxbury Multi-Service Center’s (RMSC) 50th Anniversary

The John F. Kennedy Library and Museum was the site of creative flair when nearly ...

Roving Camera 8/7/14

Are you planning to vote in the September 9 state primary?

Roving Camera 7/31/14

Why do you think income inequality exists?

Summer Breeze Party by LiteWorkEvents

“Summer Breeze” Part of the Day Dream Day Party Series by LiteWorkEvents, with Rob (Noir ...

#LiteWorkAfterWork: Summer Edition

July 10th mixer hosted at the Rooftop at Revere (200 Stuart Street, Boston) by LiteWorkEvents. ...

Boston Scenes 7/24/14

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 7/24/14

Why do you think the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world?

Roxbury Community College Hosts First Annual “Roxbury Rocks” Music Festival

Roxbury Community College (RCC) hosted more than two hundred people at its first annual “Roxbury ...

Mt. Zion Community Day

Mt. Zion Community Day was held on July 19th at the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. ...

Haley House’s summer performance series, The CoffeeHouse

Haley House’s summer performance series, The CoffeeHouse, happens at HHBC every Thursday night from 6-9pm. ...

Cabinet Lunch Food Project

Cabinet Lunch Food Project Roxbury July 17, 2014 – Mayor Martin Walsh and the City ...

Boston Scenes 7/17/14

Local and culturally relevant events