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Roving Camera 08-25-2016

Why do you think police are not punished for killing unarmed blacks?

Boston Scenes 08-18-2016

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 08-18-2016

What income do you think one needs to live well in Boston?

Boston Scenes 08-11-2016

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 08-11-2016

What do you like most about living in Roxbury?

Prestige Day Party

Boston Scenes 08-04-2016

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 08-04-2016

Do you think Boston should have a civilian review board to investigate allegations of police ...

Summer bliss ‘the hashtag day party’

On Saturday July 16, Events of Bliss (EOB) threw Summer Bliss “The Hashtag Day Party” ...

Red Carpets & Runways Fashion Show

When it comes to fashion, you no longer have to leave the city for inspiration!

Boston Scenes 07-28-2016

The French Cultural Center Hosts 41st Bastille Day Celebration The French Cultural Center’s signature Bastille ...

Roving Camera 07-28-2016

What do you think the Democrats have to do to beat Trump?

Boston Scenes 07-21-2016

Local and culturally relevant events

Protesters decry police shootings

A large demonstration protesting the police shootings of blacks wound through Roxbury on July 13.

Roving Camera 07-21-2016

What do you think of the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge?

Roving Camera 07-14-2016

What do you think can be done to stop police shootings of blacks?

Fab Empire and Liteworks Events on Martha’s Vineyard

Last week The Fab Empire and LiteWork Events collaborated to transport more than 100 young ...

Boston Scenes 07-14-2016

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 07-07-2016

What do you think it will take to end gun violence in the United States?