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Boston Scenes 12/18/14

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 12/18/14

Do you think the United States will ever overcome racism?

Boston Scenes 12/11/14

Local and culturally relevant events.

Boston Scenes 12/11/14 - Party With Purpose

A spirited Party with A Purpose was held at Hibernian Hall on Dec. 3rd to ...

Boston Scenes 12/11/14 - Dudley Street Neighborhood Gala

More than 350 people from the neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester, downtown and beyond gathered on ...

Roving Camera 12/11/2014

What do you think should be done to stop police from abusing blacks?

Roving Camera 12/4/2014

Why do you think blacks are more likely than whites to be killed by police?

Boston Scenes 12/04/14

Local and culturally relevant events.

Boston Scenes 11/27/2014

Local and culturally relevant events

Roving Camera 11/27/14

What are you thankful for?

The Base Held a Fundraiser at Reggie Lewis Track and Field

Roxbury-based nonprofit The BASE, which provides educational advancement opportunities for urban youth by leveraging baseball ...

Boston Scenes 11/20/14

Local and culturally relevant events.

Roving Camera 11/20/14

What do you think President Obama should focus on achieving in his last two years ...

Youth Design Carnival Event

Youth Design Boston honored Founder of Boston Fashion Week Jay Calderin as "Mentor of the ...

Roving Camera 11/13/14

What do you think the Republican victories in Congress and in governorships will mean for ...

ABCD Annual Gala Brings Danny Glover, The ROOTS, to Sold-out Crowd Live Nation’s Don Law and Boston Red Sox Honored

Actor/humanitarian Danny Glover enchanted and inspired 650 guests at the ABCD Annual Gala on November ...

David Ellis School in Boston joined Massachusetts and the rest of the world in the fight against breast cancer

On October 30, 2014, the David Ellis School family went pink-pink shirts, pink caps, pink ...

Boston Scenes 11/13/14

Local and culturally relevant events

BUILDFest Boston Gala Celebrates Young Entrepreneurs

BUILD Boston—a non-profit which teaches at-risk high school students entrepreneurial skills to propel them to ...

Dimock Center's 27th Annual Steppin Out

One of Boston’s most anticipated events of the year, the 27th annual Steppin’ Out for ...