Roving Camera


Do you think videos of police abuse will lead to change?

None of this has slowed down the rate of police shootings. There are a lot of sick police officers. Some real deranged dudes. — Craig Campbell, Clinician, Dorchester

What do you think should be done to build more wealth in the Roxbury community?

More opportunities and better-paying jobs for the people who live in the community. — Jerome Walker, Barber, Roxbury

What do you think it takes for an entrepreneur to start a successful business?

Access to resources. You have to have at your disposal people you can call on for services and advice. You need to have a steady flow of communication within your organization. — Morjieta Dersier, Attorney, Milton

How did this winter affect you?

It slowed down my schedule. I missed too many school days. — Sarah, Student, Dorchester

Why do you think blacks so often receive unequal treatment from law enforcement?

Because that’s the way police are trained. They see black communities as their target. — Warren G. Walford, Machinist, Roxbury

How does the cost of housing in Boston affect you?

I am a single woman who works for the city, so I have to live here. It’s hard for me to find housing. I don’t qualify for subsidies. — Shakera Laguerre, Library Assistant, Roxbury

What do you think the government should do to help working people?

They can create policies that protect people against wage theft and make sure people get living wages and benefits. — Marvin Martin, Executive Director, Dorchester

How are the snow storms affecting you?

Very badly. It’s very cold. The MBTA is not working. Everything is tough. — Gershon Atiawu, Nursing Assistant, Roxbury

What do you think the opening of the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building will mean for Dudley Square?

It depends on what’s actually going to go in there — what businesses are going in. We still have to leave the area to do a lot of our shopping. — Terry, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think the city could do better manage its response to snow storms?

It’s a tough one. If they purchase more equipment, next year it won’t snow. — William Cann, Retired, Roxbury

How are you surviving the snow?

A lot of shoveling and a lot of hot chocolate. — Chris Conroy, Consultant, Roxbury

What do you think police can do to foster better community relations?

It would be nice if they could hire people from this community. People don’t have a lot of trust for the police. — Bob Marshall, Community Activist, Roxbury

What do you think is the importance of demonstrations?

I think they keep the public visibility on the issue. They offer an easy entry point for people who aren’t involved to get involved. — Chris Williams, Lawyer, Roxbury

What do you think of Boston hosting the 2024 Olympics?

Probably not. Looking at what happened with the Marathon bombing, we would have to have more police and more security. It would be chaos. — Shaleia, Retail Associate, Roxbury

What do you think is Deval Patrick’s legacy as governor?

He is someone any child in America could look up to. He carried himself with class and dignity. — Jesus Rosa, Executive Director, Weymouth