Roving Camera


What do you think it will take to heal the divisions in American society?

People need to heal and be kind and respectful of each other. — Monique Davis, Higher Ed, Roxbury

What lasting effects will Donald Trump’s campaign have on the American people?

People are shocked and offended. Hopefully, people will mellow out a bit. — Warren Busby, Retired, Boston

Are you planning on voting in the presidential election?

Definitely. I just registered last week. I don’t want Trump running the country. He’d set us back. — Thomas Oaks, Steward, Mattapan

What can blacks do to build wealth?

We need to create good-paying jobs for people. The minimum wage doesn’t match up to what people pay for rent. — Princess Paul, High School Student, Roxbury

What did you think of the presidential debate?

I think Trump isn’t fit to be president. Hillary handled herself well after all the attacks. She didn’t blow up. — Kirby Lynch, Unemployed, South End

Do you trust your bank?

The bigger the bank the more likely they are to cheat. Smaller banks don’t want to take that risk. I use a credit union. — Nadine Jones Ruffin, Supervisor, Roxbury

What do you think has changed in the two years since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri?

There hasn’t been much change. Since he died, there’s still been police brutality. — Seth Jackson, Student, Hyde Park

How do you think the 2016 election is affecting the United States?

It’s bringing out a lot of hatred. I’m voting in November. We need to make sure we have a good president. — Virginia Ingraham, Clerk, Dorchester

What do you think of the low (9 percent) turnout in Boston last week for the state primary?

People are getting disillusioned with the candidates they have to choose from. Democracy is dying in this country. — William DeLove, Disabled, Boston

Do you plan on voting in the September 8 state primary?

Maybe. I know it’s important. — Zack, Entrepreneur, Dorchester

Do you think racism has gotten worse in the United States?

I feel like racism has always been the same. Laws changed, but the way people treat people is the same as it was in the 1960s. — Hope, Unemployed, South End

Why do you think police are not punished for killing unarmed blacks?

The police officers take advantage of their badge. The criminal justice system allows them to get away with it. They’re not doing their jobs. — Renie Wright, Cashier, Dorchester

What income do you think one needs to live well in Boston?

At this moment in time it takes more than $80,000. Most people don’t earn that in our community. It requires multiple jobs. — Melissa Colon, Student, Medford

What do you like most about living in Roxbury?

I like the arts and culture here and the sense of community. As an artist, it’s the most supportive place where I’ve ever lived. — Cagen Luse, Artist, Roxbury

Do you think Boston should have a civilian review board to investigate allegations of police misconduct?

Yes. There’s corruption in the police department and we have no say in the way they run the department. — Yaka, Unemployed, Roxbury