Roving Camera


What do you think it will take to end gun violence in the United States?

Police have to get the guns off the streets. I’ve got two nephews who carry guns. They need to take them away. — Top Cat, Unemployed, Boston

What effect do you think Donald Trump’s campaign for president is having on America?

It’s really bad. I see him as being very racist. — Paula Akins, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think are the most significant changes in Boston now?

They’re cleaning things up and making everything brighter. I like the changes. Hopefully more jobs will open up. — Vanessa, Patient Observer, Dorchester

What is your reaction to the Orlando shooting?

Horror and anger that we allow assault weapons into the general population. — Zakiya Alake, Activist, Dorchester

What do you think was Muhammad Ali’s contribution to American culture?

He contributed a lot for black people. He always stood his ground. I like him for that. He’ll be missed. — Nancy Prichard, Retired, Dorchester

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Boston?

Employment opportunities. There aren’t enough livable wage jobs so that folks from the community can continue to live in the community. — Davo Jefferson, Career Coach, Hyde Park

How do you think the media should respond to Donald Trump?

I think they have boosted him up. I think they should be focusing on the question of whether he’s capable of running the country. — Lascene Nappier, Teacher, Roxbury

What do you think the city can do to help people displaced by rent increases?

The city has to tell property owners that they can’t charge rents people can’t afford. It’s about greed. It’s time to put controls on rents. — Rayedon Nunnally, Disabled Veteran, Homeless

How do you think the high cost of housing in Boston is affecting the city?

It’s terrible. Prices are too high. A lot of people have left the city. — Erica Harris, Disabled, Quincy

What do you think it will take for a candidate to win the White House in November?

I think the Democrats are doing a good job right now, compared to the Republicans. They just need to unify behind one candidate. — Zenubia Cameron, Student, Roxbury

Do you think Boston police should be required to wear body-worn cameras?

Should they have to? No. But because some officers have acted inappropriately, they should. It would show they understand they have a problem policing themselves. — Shayna Harris, Housewife, Dorchester

What do you think are the most important priorities for the city’s budget?

Eduction. We need educators who are dedicated to their job. — Stephen Mitchell, Chef, Back Bay

What do you think is the most pressing challenge black people face?

Jobs. Nobody has jobs for us. — Bruce Hill, Unemployed, Roxbury

Why do you think voters in Massachusetts supported Donald Trump?

Maybe he says things people are afraid to say. — Amaya, Student, South End

What do you think the Democratic and Republican parties could do to make their agendas more relevant to the American people?

There are so many different ideas they could implement. I’d like to see more funding for education. — William White, Disabled Veteran, South Boston