Roving Camera


Do you think Americans should have the right to own handguns?

No. There are too many weapons. Too many people dying. — Roland English, Unemployed, South End

Do you think Boston is becoming a better city?

That’s a loaded question. Based on studies and statistics, I’d say no. There’s greater disparities than in the past. People are advocating for their communities, but people aren’t finding jobs or housing here. — Robyn Gibson, Consultant, Mattapan

What do you think can be done to boost voter turnout in the United States?

There needs to be better organizing in communities to help people understand the impact of the decisions government makes on their communities. — Monica Roberts, Education Administration, Dorchester

What do you think of the United States bombing Syria?

You want to believe that the president is looking out for people, but I don’t feel good about this. — Robert Brown, Roofer, Roxbury

Why do you think the United States has a high rate of incarceration?

The U.S. has waged a drug war from the 1920s to the present. No one in this world should be treated that way. Our government has been abusing blacks. — Rosemary Hurley, Freelance Writer, Roxbury

Do you think America can win its war on terrorism?

Of course we can. We are America. It will be difficult, but we have weapons and allies. — Lakia Chambliss, Registration Service Rep., Roxbury

What do you think it would take to heal the deep divisions in the United States?

I think it would take open communication and everyone would have to be willing to accept their responsibility for the problems we’re facing. — Troy, Engineer, Dorchester

What do you think of the first 50 days of the Trump administration?

It’s been very negative. One of the most negative presidents we’ve ever had. — Michelle Gray-Brown, Unit Manager, South End

How does the cost of housing in Boston affect you?

It’s too much. I’d move to the suburbs, but there’s no transportation. — Ana Lowe, Entrepreneur, Boston

What are you hopeful for in 2017?

When you look and see that people did revolutionary things and changed things, it makes me hopeful that we can make the world a better place. — Tyriana, Student, Dorchester

Do you think police should be required to wear body cameras?

Yes. Because we always have cameras on us. Why can’t the law be watched as well. — Rosa Morales, Administrative Assistant, Roxbury

Will Trump last four years in office?

Will Trump last four years in office?

How do you think Americans should respond to the recent increase in hate crimes?

With the fullest of the heart. It’s time to transform all that poison into medicine. We need to work together to do it. — Nina LaNegra, Artist, Roxbury

What do you think of Trump’s executive order on immigration?

One word for that: Foul. — Steven Sullivan, Cook, Roxbury

Did you watch the inauguration?

Some of it. I couldn’t believe Hillary went. That was classy. I don’t hate Trump, but he makes you scared. You don’t know what he’s doing. — Sheril B., Quality Control Representative, Dorchester