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Why do you think there’s poverty in the United States?

Because of the disparities in opportunities. If opportunity is not presented to you, you don’t have a chance. — Willie Thornton, Retired, Dorchester

How do you think Boston has changed since last year’s marathon bombing?

I think there’s an increased awareness of how to work together among citizens, medical, emergency and police personnel. There’s more of a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood and keeping our community safe. Stephen Hanley, Executive Director, Roxbury

What’s the best way to encourage children to read?

Sit down and be patient with them. Spend more time and pay more attention to them. —Horace Banks, Building Maintenance Technician, Dorchester

Do you think it’s important for blacks to serve in government?

Yes. We need representation. The only people who know about our everyday experience is black people. It’s very important to have a voice in government. — Mark Mitchell, Human Services Advocate, Dorchester

How does racism affect you?

All kinds of ways. I have missed a lot of opportunities to get ahead. — Bernard Washington, Retired, Roxbury

Why do you think black teens are more likely than white teens to be arrested on drug charges?

I think black teens are just profiled more than white kids are. It has a lot to do with the politics of our community.

What’s the best way to respond to racist attitudes?

Sometimes I think it’s best to respond. Sometimes it’s best to ignore it. But any chance you have to rectify it, you should.

What can be done to attract more shoppers to Dudley Square?

Better vendors and more appealing exteriors. It should have more of a village feel and be more welcoming to shoppers.

What do you think black boys need to succeed?

To do well in school. Some kids would rather smoke weed than go to school. — Carlos Diaz, Student, East Boston

What do you think the NFL should do about racial harassment of team members?

There’s no room for harassment. The players have to work together. They should share meals and have family get-togethers.

What do you think the United States can do to remain competitive in the global economy?

We as American people have got to get it right. We’ve stopped innovating in aerospace and fallen behind in education. — Glenn Lee, Retired, Charlestown

What do you think it takes to be successful in the United States?

Get a job and stay focused on your job. You have to pray and get up every day and go to work.

What do you think can be done to reduce income inequality in the United States?

It certainly has to start from the government level. People have to study how the lack of education and lack of access are at the heart of the matter.

What do you think the minimum wage should be?

Ten dollars an hour. You can’t survive off of $8. It would cut down on crime if you raised it. People won’t feel pressured so much.