Roving Camera


Do you think the problem of racism is getting better or worse in the United States?

I don’t think it’s getting any better. It seems like it, with cop shootings. People need to learn not to hate. — Muriel Cadet, Homeless, Boston

What do you think is the most pressing civil rights issue today?

Racism. There can be no progress without unity. And there will be no unity without a multi-class movement fighting racism. — Stevan Kirschbaum, Bus Driver, Roslindale

What do you think can be done to reduce gun violence in the United States?

You have to screen people better. Background checks. People should have a good reason for owning a gun. You can’t just give them to everybody. — Abdula Saccoh, Student, Boston

What do you think are the most important issues facing the City Council in 2016?

The Boston Public Schools. Particularly looking at schools that have been underperforming. And ongoing economic development projects in Roxbury and Dorchester. — Wilnelia Rivera, Project Management Consultant, Mattapan

What would you like to see in the year 2016?

I’d like to see the economy improve and prices come down so people can live. — Joanne, Business Manager, Boston

What do you think were the most important news developments in 2015?

I think the most important news stories are the ones you don’t hear about, like police violence. It’s been going on for a long time. — Arthur Collins, Youth Coalition Coordinator, Roxbury

Do you think the United States should send ground troops to Syria?

No. Neither there nor anywhere else, for that matter. Since Korea, ground troops haven’t changed conditions for the better. — Napoleon Jones Henderson, Artist, Roxbury

Why do you think blacks don’t vote Republican?

They don’t really do anything for us. They say a lot but do nothing. — Sonja Mitchell, School Volunteer, Roxbury

Why do you think racism still exists?

Because we still allow it. We’re not unified and fighting against it. We’re not doing anything collectively about it. — Shanika Studmire, Student, Roxbury

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for being alive today. I still have my parents. And I’m thankful that the chaos going on in other countries isn’t happening here. — Rafael Putiel, Driver, Roxbury

What do you think should be the United States’ response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut last week?

What do you think should be the United States’ response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut last week?

What do you think has been the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement?

It’s increased awareness of a longstanding problem. It’s more out in the open with cell phone cameras and videos. — Stephen Spencer, Outreach Counselor, Roxbury

What do you think of the Republican presidential candidates?

I don’t think they have a platform that suits the needs of the majority of people in America. I’m not impressed with any of them. — Kim Janey, Senior Project Director, Roxbury

Are you planning on voting in next week’s election?

No, because the system is rigged. — Talieka Young, Bus Driver, Oak Bluffs

What are the most important issues facing the City Council?

Housing is the number one issue. There are folks being priced out of the city. The council has to come up with a way for people to stay here. — Woody Vainqueur, Activist, Roxbury