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What do you think it takes to be successful in the United States?

I think it takes education, training and perseverance. — Cyndy Harris, Educator, Roxbury

What do you think ordinary people can do to make things better in the United States?

We have to come together as a community and take it from there, one step at a time. — Richard Norris, Plumber, Dorchester

What would you like to see happen in 2017?

I would like to see housing stabilized in Boston. People are being displaced constantly. Rent control or something like that would make it easier for people to stay in Boston. — Shirma Pierre, Health Care Admin., Hyde Park

What do you think can be done to heal the racial divisiveness of the 2016 presidential race?

I don’t think there’s any healing going on. We just have to get used to what America has become. — Lynisha, Transportation, Dorchester

What are your concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency?

What are your concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency?

What do you think the city can do to make housing more affordable?

I think they should make more Section 8 certificates available. And they should bring back rent control. There’s a majority of people who can’t afford to live here. — Shirley Burton, Bus Monitor, Dorchester

Why do you think whites voted for Donald Trump?

Race trumps all. This election was a referendum on race. They want our country back. — Ron Armstead, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think America will be like with Trump as president?

As racist as it ever was. He’ll be taking us back to the Jim Crow era. — Val Hyman, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think it will take to heal the divisions in American society?

People need to heal and be kind and respectful of each other. — Monique Davis, Higher Ed, Roxbury

What lasting effects will Donald Trump’s campaign have on the American people?

People are shocked and offended. Hopefully, people will mellow out a bit. — Warren Busby, Retired, Boston

Are you planning on voting in the presidential election?

Definitely. I just registered last week. I don’t want Trump running the country. He’d set us back. — Thomas Oaks, Steward, Mattapan

What can blacks do to build wealth?

We need to create good-paying jobs for people. The minimum wage doesn’t match up to what people pay for rent. — Princess Paul, High School Student, Roxbury

What did you think of the presidential debate?

I think Trump isn’t fit to be president. Hillary handled herself well after all the attacks. She didn’t blow up. — Kirby Lynch, Unemployed, South End

Do you trust your bank?

The bigger the bank the more likely they are to cheat. Smaller banks don’t want to take that risk. I use a credit union. — Nadine Jones Ruffin, Supervisor, Roxbury

What do you think has changed in the two years since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri?

There hasn’t been much change. Since he died, there’s still been police brutality. — Seth Jackson, Student, Hyde Park