Roving Camera


Why, in the age of cellphone videos, do you think police officers are still shooting unarmed blacks?

I don’t know why they do it. They’re just out of control. — Angela, Environmental Services, Roxbury

To what extent do you think things have changed in the year since Michael Brown died in Ferguson, Missouri?

No. The same thing is happening. You look at the news, it’s still happening everywhere. Nothing has changed. - Sheila Hector, Caregiver, Roxbury

Do you think America can win the war on drugs?

If the war is against the people, yes. If it’s against drugs, no. - Beloved, Teaching Assistant, Boston

What do you think can be done to reduce the income gap?

Minimum wage should be at least $15 an hour. How can a man feed his family on $9 an hour? - Walter Farrell, Retired, Dorchester

What do you think of Donald Trump’s candidacy for president?

Donald Trump is a racist. He’ll never win. — William, Construction, Roxbury

What do you think it would take to end racial conflict in the United States?

I don’t know. We’ve been in this so long. It should have been over a long time ago. — Zuyapa Arzu, Endoscopy Technician, Boston

Why do you think people still fly the Confederate flag?

Racism. They fly it because they can get away with it. — Willie Webster, Cook, Roxbury

Why do you think whites commit acts of racial aggression?

There’s a spiritual side to it. There’s something really demonic about vicious racist acts. Racism is part of the history of this country. — Emoro Efetie, Substitute Teacher, Roxbury

Do people need to have African blood to identify as black?

Yes, I think you do. If not, it’s more of a desire than an actual fact of your birth. — Anita Moreson-Matra, Urban Planner, Dorchester

What do you think the MBTA could do to improve service?

Bigger buses. The buses are packed. They pass you on the street all the time because they’re too full. — Afi Rock, Student, Dorchester

Do you think corporations should have the same rights as individuals?

People should have equal rights, but not businesses. — Elizabeth Grant, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president?

I love it. I support his point of view. I think he’s a healthy alternative to Hillary. I like his proposal for free college tuition. — Sharon Hinton, Educator, Hyde Park

What skills do you think it takes to enter today’s job market?

Definitely computer skills, language skills and business skills, regardless of what field you go into. — Sherea McLaughlin, Child Care, Dorchester

What do you think are the greatest challenges facing black and Latino youths in Boston?

A lack of opportunity. You look at education, and they don’t have the resources that are afforded to students in more affluent areas. — William Watkins, Project Manager, Roxbury

What do you think it will take to stop police from abusing black people?

Black people need to stop abusing each other. Black people ain’t got no respect for themselves. That’s why they refer to each other using the n-word. — William Speight, Retired, Roxbury