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Roving Camera 01/02/2014

What was the biggest change in your world in the year 2013?

Roving Camera 12/26/2013

What would you like to see happen in 2014?

Roving Camera 12/19/2013

What do you think should be the Walsh administration’s top priority?

Roving Camera 12/12/2013

Fighting racism with non-violence

Roving Camera 12/05/2013

What do you think of black people using the n-word?

Roving Camera 11/28/2013

What are you thankful for?

Roving Camera 11/21/2013

To what extent do you think the history of slavery still affects African Americans?

Roving Camera 11/14/2013

What do you think Marty Walsh’s top priority should be as mayor?

Roving Camera 11/07/2013

Why do you think the Republicans are opposed to the President’s health care law, the Affordable Care Act?

Why do you think it’s important to vote in next week’s election?

Looking back at history, the forefathers made sacrifices through years of struggle to give us the privilege to vote. The least we can do is exercise that right.

What do you think can be done to prevent another government shutdown from happening?

Both sides need to come to agreement. Congress is like middle school.

Roving Camera 10/17/2013

Have you decided who you’re voting for in the November election?

Have you decided who you’re voting for in the November election?

Not yet. I’m still on the fence. I feel like they use our community to get votes. We don’t hold them accountable.

Roving Camera 10/10/2013

What do the mayoral candidates have to do to earn your vote?

Roving Camera 10/03/2013

What would it take for Boston to elect a black mayor?