Roving Camera


Do people need to have African blood to identify as black?

Yes, I think you do. If not, it’s more of a desire than an actual fact of your birth. — Anita Moreson-Matra, Urban Planner, Dorchester

What do you think the MBTA could do to improve service?

Bigger buses. The buses are packed. They pass you on the street all the time because they’re too full. — Afi Rock, Student, Dorchester

Do you think corporations should have the same rights as individuals?

People should have equal rights, but not businesses. — Elizabeth Grant, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president?

I love it. I support his point of view. I think he’s a healthy alternative to Hillary. I like his proposal for free college tuition. — Sharon Hinton, Educator, Hyde Park

What skills do you think it takes to enter today’s job market?

Definitely computer skills, language skills and business skills, regardless of what field you go into. — Sherea McLaughlin, Child Care, Dorchester

What do you think are the greatest challenges facing black and Latino youths in Boston?

A lack of opportunity. You look at education, and they don’t have the resources that are afforded to students in more affluent areas. — William Watkins, Project Manager, Roxbury

What do you think it will take to stop police from abusing black people?

Black people need to stop abusing each other. Black people ain’t got no respect for themselves. That’s why they refer to each other using the n-word. — William Speight, Retired, Roxbury

What do you think of the rioting in Baltimore?

I don’t like the way the cops treated that guy. They should react. If a riot is the only way they get recognition, so be it. — Fred Lee, Retired, Dorchester

What do you like about living in Roxbury?

I love it here. My family legacy is here in Roxbury. No matter where you live, you can always come home to Roxbury. — Randall Tatum, Utility Worker, Mansfield

Do you think videos of police abuse will lead to change?

None of this has slowed down the rate of police shootings. There are a lot of sick police officers. Some real deranged dudes. — Craig Campbell, Clinician, Dorchester

What do you think should be done to build more wealth in the Roxbury community?

More opportunities and better-paying jobs for the people who live in the community. — Jerome Walker, Barber, Roxbury

What do you think it takes for an entrepreneur to start a successful business?

Access to resources. You have to have at your disposal people you can call on for services and advice. You need to have a steady flow of communication within your organization. — Morjieta Dersier, Attorney, Milton

How did this winter affect you?

It slowed down my schedule. I missed too many school days. — Sarah, Student, Dorchester

Why do you think blacks so often receive unequal treatment from law enforcement?

Because that’s the way police are trained. They see black communities as their target. — Warren G. Walford, Machinist, Roxbury

How does the cost of housing in Boston affect you?

I am a single woman who works for the city, so I have to live here. It’s hard for me to find housing. I don’t qualify for subsidies. — Shakera Laguerre, Library Assistant, Roxbury