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Obama sends message on draconian drug sentencing

President Obama sent the strongest message on the insane waste of the nation’s draconian sentencing laws when he granted clemency to eight, mostly low-level drug offenders. Obama’s clemencies for their drug crimes follow hard on the heels of Attorney General ...

The GOP bumbles again on race: This time it’s Rosa Parks

The Republican National Committee can’t help itself. No matter how many times and in how many ways it’s amply shown that it can’t get it right on race, it still keeps bumbling along. Its latest bumble is to try and ...

On Thanksgiving: Gratitude for champions of civil rights

Thanksgiving is a composite of memories. For some, memories of the table where they gather will take them to places and spaces inscribed in a nostalgic past of the warmth and intimacy of home and nation. For others, Thanksgiving is ...

Debating the acceptable usage of the N Word

The discussion on Ebonics has passed but one issue that was never resolved was the acceptable use of the “N-word.” In fact the hip-hop generation just ran away with it and use it like normal punctuation.

Ethnic politics in the New Boston

The election for mayor of Boston is over. Now the political pundits prepare their analyses on the process. A common theme is what might have been the result if the six minority candidates had decided to organize their efforts around ...

Higher learning, lower funding

Higher education is vital to economic prosperity, and it serves as the critical final step for students advancing through our state education system. It is well established that college graduates have much greater earning potential than do those with only ...

It’s still the same old story

CommonWealth Magazine is to be commended for its excellent focus on diversity in Greater Boston in its most recent issue — particularly on diversity in the city’s "corridors of power." The report reveals the constant and ugly truth about the ...

Do unions represent the best interest of Boston’s African American community?

Diversity in leadership roles lacking.

Method to madness in Tea Party Congressional hostage taking

The frequently asked question since the start of the partial government shutdown and the GOP saber rattle over the debt ceiling raise is: How can so few hold so many hostage and why? The few are, of course, the estimated ...

Excerpts from President Barack Obama’s speech on Syria delivered last week

Last week, President Barack Obama spoke about war in Syria and how a series of peaceful protests against the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad has turned into a brutal civil war in which over 100,000 people have been killed and ...

President Obama still chasing King’s dream

President Obama punctuated the official White House proclamation on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington with the oft-quoted line from Martin Luther King Jr.’s, “I have a dream” speech imploring the nation to let justice to roll down ...

The mayoral forum for only black candidates is a bad idea.

Such an event would be racially discriminatory. There is no explanation or rationalization that could make it acceptable.

Voting smart in upcoming mayor’s election

It is time for minority candidates who have not made much headway in their campaigns to consider closing down.

Reinforcing the self-serving myth that black killers choose white victims because they are white

The predictable happened as soon as the race of the three teens charged in the Oklahoma slaying of Christopher Lane, a young white Australian baseball player, was known. Two are black.

The origin of money not a serious issue in Boston mayor’s race

Should “outside” money be acceptable to candidates in Boston’s race for mayor. In a municipal election there is no reasonable definition of what constitutes “outside” money.