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There’s a method to Ben Carson’s zaniness

Carson will always get snickers, chuckles and lampooning from his legions of black and liberal foes. But that just makes him even more serviceable to Trump and the GOP. That’s the method to Carson’s zaniness.

What’s really behind Sessions’ phony war on violent crime

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had barely taken his seat at the Justice Department before he pounced on this myth and declared that the feds would make war on violent crime in the nation.

Black actors can flourish in films that aren’t about race

Every black actor and actress nominated for an Oscar this year starred in films about being black. These actors don’t win for playing people, they win for playing black people.

Civil engagement with Trump supporters

Like millions of Americans, I was devastated when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race despite winning the popular vote by 2.8 million. But as days went by and reckless words from President Trump’s uncensored mind began rattling the world, I ...

Mayor Martin Walsh: We’ll make Boston’s streets safer

In January, the busy streets of Boston became safer. As we dig out from this month’s snowstorms and prepare for spring, I want to remind drivers, cyclists and pedestrians about our City’s newest initiative to make our streets safer: reducing ...

Just what the Congressional Black Caucus should say to Trump

At his recent combative press conference, Trump raised eyebrows and hackles with his answer to a black reporter who demanded to know when he would meet with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Can Democrats win in the Trump era?

The Democratic National Committee was by any standard a wreck and a ruin during the 2016 presidential campaign. How much of this is past history in the Trump era is the big question that will in part be answered when ...

Trump administration risks war with Iran over nothing

The Trump administration appears to be renewing the possibility of violent confrontation with Iran using a questionable pretext — Iran’s testing of conventional missiles.

The assault on our fundamental values

President Trump’s executive order to ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries for at least 90 days and to indefinitely ban Syrian refugees from entering the United States is an unprecedented assault on fundamental American values of justice and freedom. It ...

Pudzer is bad for workers

While TV pundits debate the political implications of Trump's pick for secretary of Labor and financial analysts make predictions of how the Stock market will react, I worry how it will impact my family and millions of other low-wage workers ...

Here’s what happens when Sessions is in the saddle at Justice

There’s absolutely no hint, based on his Senate voting record, public statements and actions, and ties to hard right-wing groups, that once in the Justice Department saddle, that Jeff Sessions will suddenly be a fair and impartial enforcer of civil ...

Thank you, President Obama

The night, eight years ago, that Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States was euphoric. At an election watch party in downtown Washington, DC — when the screens locked into CNN announcing Obama as the projected ...

How Obama should be remembered

Still, Trump’s win stirred much talk and much anxiety about Obama’s legacy being wrecked and that somehow Trump’s win was a repudiation by Americans of his legacy. This was nonsense. Hillary Clinton got nearly 3 million more popular votes than ...

Be careful what you wish for: Impeach Trump and you get Pence

Trump is bumptious, obnoxious, and clownish. Pence is the prototypical ultra conservative in the gray flannel suit. He is business-like, efficient, and knows how to run a political office.

Jeff Sessions is the final step in the GOP plan for permanent national political control

Sessions is the GOP’s long-awaited point man to fulfill the GOP’s longest and fondest dream. That is its total domination of the national electorate. With that, the GOP will have a virtual lock on the federal government for years to ...