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‘Safe space’ is for white people

There never has been safe space for any Americans of color in this land. Accept that your responsibility is to follow the strategy most dramatically illustrated by the black freedom struggle: Embrace the reality that what your American heritage involves ...

Hunt terrorists in Paris massacre, don’t witch hunt Muslims

The instant news broke about the hideous bloodbath in Paris, the tweets from the conservative echo chamber came fast and furious. They called for a total, all-out war, bashed immigrants, gun control advocates, liberals, President Obama, lax security and, of ...

Long live the Bay State Banner

Melvin B. Miller left the rostrum at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate on Tuesday night in much the same manner in which he took it 18 minutes earlier: to a standing ovation. The 81-year-old publisher ...

White Conservatives’ Minstrel Tradition

A looming question now is what more of this political game of truth and consequences regarding Ben Carson is yet to be played. Carson has pushed back hard against the stories in the media — using the standard conservative “victimology” ...

The GOP’s willing suspension of belief

Two recent reports on very different topics in last week’s New York Times tell us a great deal about the terrible state of today’s Republican Party — if we factor in the psychological device that makes watching movies and television ...

The GOP’s ‘Get Clinton’ committee

Add another line to Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for the Presidency: “Faced down the latest Republican Party attempt to wreck the Democratic Party and the two-party system in America.”

How Ben Carson would govern

Beyond Ben Carson’s endless milking of his rags-to-successful-neurosurgeon story and the inane quips about President Obama and Democrats before packs of ultraconservative fawners and groupies, what makes him real political timber, let alone presidential stuff?

The GOP: The wrecking ball party

There are numerous reasons why the GOP has deliberately fostered a poisonous polarization and political gridlock. But the major cause is race — more specifically the rise of the black vote as a crucial factor in American politics generally and ...

Jeb Bush’s Big Lie About “Free Stuff”

Jeb Bush does have a huge campaign war chest. But so far, in his stumbling about the campaign trail, he’s shown he’s got that singular Bush family trait: making the “gaffe” that reveals his true feelings.

The Oregon Massacre Won’t Shake NRA Stranglehold

President Obama, stern and visibly shaken by the Oregon massacre, lambasted the NRA yet again for its suffocating grip on Congress. An equally shaken Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, said that she was sickened by the sheep-like willingness of Congress ...

Ben Carson’s Greatest Hits

That Donald Trump and Ben Carson top the pecking order of the GOP presidential primary is a measure of how advanced the disintegration of the Republican Party as a respectable force in American society has become.

Obama still target of GOP hate

Front running GOP Presidential contender Donald Trump doesn't utter the words, “Show me your birth certificate,” in the same breath with President Obama anymore. But then again, he doesn’t have to. He mined that fraudulent birther movement hard and deep ...

Criminalizing black protest — and black people

Criminalizing Americans of color, especially black Americans, has long been a constant of American society.

Black lives and police lives both matter

The sad thing is that from virtually the moment that the black lives matter movement exploded on the scene in the aftermath of the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri there has been a low intensity verbal war over whose ...

The GOP’s ‘Enemies’ List’

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with the lengthening list of people, groups and nations the Republican Party’s presidency-seekers are designating as targets.