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Brexit and the worldwide ‘integration’ movement

It might at first seem impossible to logically connect — with a single word, no less — three striking political developments that occurred on the same day in the U.S. and Great Britain two weeks ago. The two developments in ...

Beyond Bernie: We Need a Party of the 99%!

The Bernie Sanders movement faces a burning question: Do we fall in line behind Clinton’s corporate campaign, or do we continue the political revolution and build a new party for the 99%?

The Civil Rights murders and the judgment of history

The Justice Department decision is only the latest in its long investigation of more than a hundred suspected racist murders in the South in the postwar decades to encounter witnesses holding to past lies or refusals to cooperate, the time-driven ...

Donald Trump: The treason candidate

When will the leadership of the Republican Party do their duty to the nation and disavow the candidacy of the wannabe dictator known as Donald Trump?

The right woman at the right time

Hillary Clinton’s gaining the nomination is not only a great personal achievement but also a significant moment in the history of America.

Mayor Walsh’s campaign of misleading information about the BPS budget

Since January, Mayor Martin Walsh and his office have been making and repeating inaccurate and misleading statements to the media concerning Boston Public School’s fiscal year 2017 budget. As a parent of a BPS student who’s advocating for adequate funding ...

Donald Trump: A Clear and Present Danger

The danger that Donald Trump — practitioner of questionable business practices, inveterate bully, racist, sexist, demagogue and the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president of the United States — presents to American society was never more evident than when he ...

Excavating higher education’s sins of the past

Amid the pomp and circumstance of these weeks’ college and university graduation ceremonies, it’s worth noting the “excavation projects” going on at some of them and in higher education generally. What’s being dug up is more evidence of the depth ...

Nader elected Bush, now he’s trying to elect Trump

The question is can or will Bernie Sanders do a Nader presidential campaign 2000 act and run as an independent when he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination? That won’t happen, and Nader knows it, for the simple fact that Sanders, ...

Trump’s supporters aren’t just old, racist white guys

Trump backers defy popular conceptions and stereotypes with the huge numbers of college-educated, suburbanite, business and professionals, young persons, and Latinos and women who said they’d vote for him.

Warning: More cesspool politics ahead

Unfortunately, the social and political poison that made a Ted Cruz candidacy viable for so long isn’t gone. Donald Trump’s success completes for the moment the most astonishing act of self-destruction in the history of American politics: that of the ...

Jackie Robinson and the cost of racism

Another baseball season has opened, and with it, Major League Baseball’s annual homage to Jack Roosevelt Robinson, more popularly known as Jackie Robinson, whose breaking baseball’s color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers was one of the late 1940s’ harbingers of ...

Doubting black voters

Black voting patterns are widely consistently discussed as if they reflect a lack of political sophistication. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

America’s war for democracy

The conservative movement’s use of the tactic of massive resistance against voting rights is as fierce as their use of it against LGBT rights. That fact underscores one of the most important lessons of African-American history: Just because you achieve ...

Small businesses key to local economy

What has been described as ‘commercial gentrification’ represents a sort of ‘anti-local economic development’ because it threatens a vital part of Boston’s economy in low-income and working-class areas.