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You can kiss any discrimination cases goodbye with a Gorsuch Supreme Court

The anti-labor, pro-business, blind eye toward discrimination rulings, dissents, opinions and writings of Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch have been well documented. But here’s a brief recap. Between 2007 and 2016, in ten of 14 cases involving discrimination, he shot ...

King’s legacy and the fight for $15

In our democracy, elected leaders have a sacred duty to put the needs of the poor ahead of the demands of the powerful, but whether you are an educator or an investment banker you too can carry on the legacy ...

The important consequences of Ban the Box: Second chances for all

Thousands of Americans face long employment odds because of mistakes committed at some point during their young adult years.

What’s really missing in the D.C. missing girls case

The media and D.C. police and city officials were hammered for allegedly ignoring the plight of more than a dozen missing black and Latina girls in Washington D.C. Community activists chalked the seeming indifference up to racism.

Airports: The next racial profiling frontier

I lead a civil rights organization in Boston that is suing the president over his policies on sanctuary cities, to protect and empower immigrant families. Yet in that moment when I was being held at the airport, I felt powerless. ...

If Democrats cave on Gorsuch they’ll be sorry

The only reason that Neil Gorsuch hasn’t matched his mentor and idol Antonin Scalia’s 19th Century grounded voting record on key cases, is because he hasn’t been on the court for the decades Scalia was on the high court. But ...

There’s a method to Ben Carson’s zaniness

Carson will always get snickers, chuckles and lampooning from his legions of black and liberal foes. But that just makes him even more serviceable to Trump and the GOP. That’s the method to Carson’s zaniness.

What’s really behind Sessions’ phony war on violent crime

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had barely taken his seat at the Justice Department before he pounced on this myth and declared that the feds would make war on violent crime in the nation.

Black actors can flourish in films that aren’t about race

Every black actor and actress nominated for an Oscar this year starred in films about being black. These actors don’t win for playing people, they win for playing black people.

Civil engagement with Trump supporters

Like millions of Americans, I was devastated when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race despite winning the popular vote by 2.8 million. But as days went by and reckless words from President Trump’s uncensored mind began rattling the world, I ...

Mayor Martin Walsh: We’ll make Boston’s streets safer

In January, the busy streets of Boston became safer. As we dig out from this month’s snowstorms and prepare for spring, I want to remind drivers, cyclists and pedestrians about our City’s newest initiative to make our streets safer: reducing ...

Just what the Congressional Black Caucus should say to Trump

At his recent combative press conference, Trump raised eyebrows and hackles with his answer to a black reporter who demanded to know when he would meet with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Can Democrats win in the Trump era?

The Democratic National Committee was by any standard a wreck and a ruin during the 2016 presidential campaign. How much of this is past history in the Trump era is the big question that will in part be answered when ...

Trump administration risks war with Iran over nothing

The Trump administration appears to be renewing the possibility of violent confrontation with Iran using a questionable pretext — Iran’s testing of conventional missiles.

The assault on our fundamental values

President Trump’s executive order to ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries for at least 90 days and to indefinitely ban Syrian refugees from entering the United States is an unprecedented assault on fundamental American values of justice and freedom. It ...