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Corporations dodge $718 billion in taxes through offshore tax havens

European regulators’ recent finding that Apple avoided billions of dollars in taxes by stashing its profits in Ireland, a known tax haven, put the tech giant in an unwelcome spotlight. But Apple’s tax dodging is just the tip of a ...

Thanks to Trump the Democrats can take back Congress, if they get their act together

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has given Democrats something that seemed only the stuff of shop talk, wishful thinking and even fawn dreams a year ago. That’s a real shot at taking back Congress.

Early voting is coming to Boston

Voting in Boston is about to become more convenient. For the first time, registered voters who reside in the City of Boston will be able to take part in early voting, ahead of the November 8 presidential election.

‘Ban the box’ helps ex-offenders succeed

More than 700,000 Americans are released from prison each year. We expect them to re-enter society and be law-abiding, but we make it extremely difficult for anyone who has served time to ever become gainfully employed, even though they have ...

ICIC promotes inclusion without inclusivity

According to their website they want to host a "national conversation about what it will take to create inclusive incubators and accelerators! This event will convene incubator and accelerator leaders, economic development professionals, city officials, and other stakeholders interested in ...

It’s time for cops to break the blue code of silence

The day after Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler announced first degree manslaughter charges would be filed against Tulsa officer Betty Shelby for gunning down distressed motorist Terence Crutcher, the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable and other civil rights organizations ...

The time is now for a mass movement to change public schools, criminal justice system

Maybe it is time for the “wisdom of age” to sit down with the “vigor of youth” and reconstitute some mass movements to expose and change the public schools, hold the criminal justice system accountable and reform the unmanageable debt ...

Why are black ministers inviting Trump to their churches?

In the right place and under the right circumstance, black evangelicals posed a stealth danger to Democrats.

Are separate dorms a good or bad thing for black students?

The announcement that California State University, Los Angeles agreed to the demands of black student groups at the school to establish separate dorm housing for blacks ignited the predictable furor.

Unlocking the potential of minority-owned business

African-American-owned businesses are the backbone of their communities, major contributors to our growing economy, and sources of innovation and thought leadership — not just in their industries but throughout our society. They also provide economic opportunity and stability to struggling ...

Trump peddles the plantation myth about blacks and Democrats

The GOP never tires of pitching the line in a presidential election year that the Democrats take black votes for granted and do absolutely nothing in return for those votes. The line goes that the Democrats’ alleged job killing, tout ...

Donald Trump’s flight from reality

Among his many sins, Donald Trump long ago turned the Republican Party’s quest to regain the presidency into farce. But for sheer absurdity, nothing has come close to the burlesque he and one of his top aides separately played early ...

A tale of two selfies

At first glance, the two selfies, which are readily available on the Internet, convey a simple scene: the smiling faces of bright, politically-inclined young people eagerly absorbing their first experience of national politics and the nation’s capitol. But the respective ...

Trump’s stab-in-the-back gambit

Since Donald Trump effectively won the Republican Party nomination by winning the New York primary in May, keeping up with every outrageous statement and small lie and Big Lie he utters has become even more difficult.

Trump: The clear and present danger

The greatest threat to the United States right now is not terrorism, foreign or domestic. It’s not the economy or the disappearance of jobs in the coal-mining regions or the manufacturing sector. Nor is it the coming rise of the ...