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Doubting black voters

Black voting patterns are widely consistently discussed as if they reflect a lack of political sophistication. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

America’s war for democracy

The conservative movement’s use of the tactic of massive resistance against voting rights is as fierce as their use of it against LGBT rights. That fact underscores one of the most important lessons of African-American history: Just because you achieve ...

Small businesses key to local economy

What has been described as ‘commercial gentrification’ represents a sort of ‘anti-local economic development’ because it threatens a vital part of Boston’s economy in low-income and working-class areas.

The terror attacks and people like us

Who are these people — these “terrorists” who think that killing innocent people is an — forgive the use of this word — effective way to spread this or that ideology, or, even worse, act out their own personal grievance?

Vote: for democracy’s sake

March, the month just ended, itself has an extraordinary history in the post-World War II freedom struggle. That history underscores the point that not since the struggle for black Americans’ voting rights in the South — which reached its dramatic ...

Morgan Stanley executive shares secrets to success

Named to Fortune Magazine’s list of “The 50 Most Powerful Black Executives in Corporate America,” Carla Harris has been blazing trails for more than 30 years. The financial powerhouse is the vice chairman of Wealth Management and senior client advisor ...

The GOP: ‘Political correctness run amok’

Donald Trump’s election victories in the Super Tuesday Republican primaries, along with GOP senators re-stating their refusal to even consider President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court dramatically illuminate what that ugly phrase — “political correctness run amok” — really ...

Roxbury Community College’s answer to the challenge of economic freedom

There’s been much discussion and many questions about the changes in Roxbury and how these changes will affect the current residents. The real issue is how can residents keep their homes; work at decent paying jobs; and create, grow and ...

Five simple habits to help our children thrive

Did you know that 80 percent of a child’s brain development occurs during the first three years of life? That fact presents a challenge: It means we can’t wait for schools to prepare our kids to learn. But it’s also ...

Donald Trump’s wish came true

It’s been apparent for months that Donald Trump’s rallies are full of men and women like John McGraw whose speech echoes the words of centuries of white racists No wonder Trump’s gotten the endorsement of overt white supremacists. His slow-in-coming ...

Trump and the mess the GOP created

Donald Trump is steaming toward the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, scattering in his wake the campaign wreckage of the GOP establishment’s once-celebrated paladins, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio — and perhaps the GOP itself.

The GOP war against the presidency

Having been out-maneuvered by Obama on such controversial issues as Obamacare and the Iran Nuclear Deal, and having seen him “shellack” their presidential ticket in 2012, Republicans know they’re no match for him in a fair fight. So, in hopes ...

The Supreme Court battle

That fact and the vicious civil war raging among the party’s various factions means that for the GOP presidential candidates, and every Republican officeholder up for re-election this November and for the GOP as a party, the Supreme Court battle ...

The Republican primary’s poisonous legacy

Looming behind all the critical issues of policy and process that are — and are not — going to be discussed is an ominous, multi-part question: What are the American people going to do about Donald Trump’s poisonous political legacy.

Trump and Cruz are the GOP’s, not the Democrat’s, worst nightmare

Trump and Cruz, then, are the GOP's textbook Catch-22. One of them figures as a real possibility for the presidential nomination. For GOP leaders to not support them almost guarantees a flaming Election Day defeat. But to support them could ...