The U.S. needs a true patriot

During World War II, American citizens established a very high standard of patriotism. To many of those imbued with those values, the remarks of Donald Trump border on treason. He publicly denounced America’s allies, openly courted Russia, a potentially hostile ...

What do you like most about living in Roxbury?

I like the arts and culture here and the sense of community. As an artist, it’s the most supportive place where I’ve ever lived. — Cagen Luse, Artist, Roxbury

Trump: The clear and present danger

The greatest threat to the United States right now is not terrorism, foreign or domestic. It’s not the economy or the disappearance of jobs in the coal-mining regions or the manufacturing sector. Nor is it the coming rise of the ...

Do you think Boston should have a civilian review board to investigate allegations of police misconduct?

Yes. There’s corruption in the police department and we have no say in the way they run the department. — Yaka, Unemployed, Roxbury

Which side are you on?

Fair minded whites are now aware of the continuing disrespect and aggressions against African Americans. It is a modest request that they accept the principle — black lives do matter — even if they question some of the political strategies. ...

Somerville Mayor is on the right side of history

Greater Boston citizens and public officials should recognize the courage and wisdom of Mayor Curtatone.

With Kaine on the ticket, Democrats can and should put race back on the presidential table

Tim Kaine has two qualities that can counter Trump’s blatant race baiting. One is he’s a white, a male and a Southerner. But he’s also a Democrat and a liberal, centrist, staunch civil rights proponent. This represents everything the Trump ...

Mere words won’t do

Some journalists and commentators have suggested that interracial “conversations” are needed to resolve the problems. While the intention is undoubtedly well meaning, there is no reason to believe that such discussions will simply lead to effective resolutions. Although they are ...

What do you think the Democrats have to do to beat Trump?

The Democrats have my vote. They need to take stronger stands on the issues. They’ve started their convention with too much controversy. — Wendy, Personal Care Attendant, Dorchester

Why we can’t all get along

The repeated, infuriating — and too often for some — lethal experience these two individuals, who otherwise occupied vastly different stations in American society, share with millions of other black Americans underscores that “being targeted for being nothing more than ...

Police violence is genesis of violent reaction

The long list of police abuses are easily sufficient to cause a strong-minded individual to “snap.” What needs to happen now is for the police across the country to change their offensive culture toward blacks as well as other citizens ...

What do you think of the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge?

I don’t think anyone’s life should be taken, but they’ve killed us for years. For some people, this is — Alice Thornton, Unemployed, Boston

Enemies of the people

Johnson’s murderous rampage that took the lives of five white officers was the work of an enemy of the people: It is revealing that he acted amid a demonstration that had shown police, whose task was to keep order, and ...

Workers’ benefits build opportunity

Those who are campaigning for greater worker benefits have some evidence that more security for employees does not necessarily pollute the job market.

Ambition for academic excellence begins with the young

More black students should be encouraged to enter Latin School, but success will require the development of a massive cultural interest in academic progress that must begin no later than elementary school. That would be a worthwhile project for Boston’s ...