Do people need to have African blood to identify as black?

Yes, I think you do. If not, it’s more of a desire than an actual fact of your birth. — Anita Moreson-Matra, Urban Planner, Dorchester

Police brutality fuels growing anger

Reports about police brutality against blacks are now so common that even fervent advocates of aggressive law enforcement are beginning to question police behavior. The once common attitude was to assume that the person victimized by the police had broken ...

Dudley Williams and the beauty of discipline

Dudley Williams, the incomparable artist who danced with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for more than 40 years, passed away last week at the age of 76. I agree wholeheartedly with the well-deserved praise of Dudley Williams, the artist. ...

What do you think the MBTA could do to improve service?

Bigger buses. The buses are packed. They pass you on the street all the time because they’re too full. — Afi Rock, Student, Dorchester

A valued investment in African democracy

The decision of the U.S. State Department not to extend funding for the African Presidential Center (APC) at Boston University could be financially fatal for the organization and thus be at odds with the policy of major nations to increase ...

America’s true crime problem

The Justice Department’s scathing report on the management and practices of the Cleveland police force is the latest to show that police departments’ racist practices toward blacks and Hispanics is also both a cause and effect of bad policing: of ...

A protected class of criminals

Corporations are endowed with the rights of an individual under U.S. law, but often enable individual wrongdoers to escape punishment for malfeasance. What kind of system of justice does the nation have when felons can defraud the world, essentially with ...

Do you think corporations should have the same rights as individuals?

People should have equal rights, but not businesses. — Elizabeth Grant, Retired, Roxbury

Baltimore prosecutor sets higher standard for police conduct

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s grand jury indictment against the six police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray demonstrates that district attorney’s can secure justice in cases against police.

The Waco biker riot and the lexicon of racism

America’s present-day “racial divide,” has never been more strikingly displayed than in the refusal of much of the mainstream and conservative media to describe the May 17 biker riot in Waco, Texas as a riot.

What do you think of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president?

I love it. I support his point of view. I think he’s a healthy alternative to Hillary. I like his proposal for free college tuition. — Sharon Hinton, Educator, Hyde Park

Bernie Sanders candidacy pushes Democrats to left

The political campaign has begun to elect the successor to President Barack Obama. It is still much too early to engage the interest of the voters, the decisive election is not until November 2016. But before then, the candidacy of ...

The GOP’s lunatic center

The Republican Party doesn’t have a lunatic fringe. It has a lunatic center: a core bloc of white voters and officeholders whose extreme conservatism leads them to repeatedly indulge in outlandish conspiracy theories and, more seriously, propose and enact legislation ...

What skills do you think it takes to enter today’s job market?

Definitely computer skills, language skills and business skills, regardless of what field you go into. — Sherea McLaughlin, Child Care, Dorchester

Job market still tight for black college graduates

The economy has improved so the unemployment rate for young college graduates has declined, but unemployment is still too high for black graduates.