What do you think it will take for a candidate to win the White House in November?

I think the Democrats are doing a good job right now, compared to the Republicans. They just need to unify behind one candidate. — Zenubia Cameron, Student, Roxbury

Doubting black voters

Black voting patterns are widely consistently discussed as if they reflect a lack of political sophistication. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

A dearth of depth in a complex world

During the civil rights era the issues confronting African Americans were so apparent that there was little room for controversy among the leaders. Segregation, racial discrimination and the restriction of voting rights all had to go. While leaders could disagree ...

Do you think Boston police should be required to wear body-worn cameras?

Should they have to? No. But because some officers have acted inappropriately, they should. It would show they understand they have a problem policing themselves. — Shayna Harris, Housewife, Dorchester

An affront to Boston's Black History

Newspapers still matter - and so does understanding history.

America’s war for democracy

The conservative movement’s use of the tactic of massive resistance against voting rights is as fierce as their use of it against LGBT rights. That fact underscores one of the most important lessons of African-American history: Just because you achieve ...

Small contributions combat corporate political influence

The super-rich will clearly do whatever is necessary to preserve their wealth. If as Sanders asserts, social change only comes from the bottom up, then those with limited income will have to donate even modest sums to political candidates who ...

What do you think are the most important priorities for the city’s budget?

Eduction. We need educators who are dedicated to their job. — Stephen Mitchell, Chef, Back Bay

Small businesses key to local economy

What has been described as ‘commercial gentrification’ represents a sort of ‘anti-local economic development’ because it threatens a vital part of Boston’s economy in low-income and working-class areas.

Blacks still need effective communications campaign

The nature of the media has changed substantially over the last 50 years, and the technology has become more complex. Blacks should nonetheless find a way to mobilize a media campaign both to counter the attacks of the mass media ...

What do you think is the most pressing challenge black people face?

Jobs. Nobody has jobs for us. — Bruce Hill, Unemployed, Roxbury

The maturing Black Lives Matter movement

The fatal shooting of black men by the police used to be considered a normal aspect of police work, but public attitudes changed last year when several outrageous incidents were videotaped for all to witness. The videos rebutted the police ...

The terror attacks and people like us

Who are these people — these “terrorists” who think that killing innocent people is an — forgive the use of this word — effective way to spread this or that ideology, or, even worse, act out their own personal grievance?

What inspired the Massachusetts vote for Trump?

Massachusetts is a very blue state. In fact, it is considered to be one of the national outposts of progressive politics. This is a reputation established by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and is certainly sustained by the present senior ...

Why do you think voters in Massachusetts supported Donald Trump?

Maybe he says things people are afraid to say. — Amaya, Student, South End