What do you think the government should do to help working people?

They can create policies that protect people against wage theft and make sure people get living wages and benefits. — Marvin Martin, Executive Director, Dorchester

A silent assault on personal security

While news media have focused attention on the U.S. government surveillance uncovered by Edward Snowden, corporations have attained unprecedented access to personal data in recent years.

Searching for Boston's New Superintendent

When colleges want a new president, the usual procedure is to select a committee of knowledgeable trustees and others to conduct a search.

A snow job by the Mayor's office

There seemed to be no rational plan to cope with the unprecedented volume of snow.

Overhauling U.S. Intelligence

With increased concerns over the limits of state surveillance, it may be time for a congressional investigative committee charged with conducting a thorough, bipartisan examination of our government’s secret intelligence operations

How are the snow storms affecting you?

Very badly. It’s very cold. The MBTA is not working. Everything is tough. — Gershon Atiawu, Nursing Assistant, Roxbury

A legacy of terror

The Equal Justice Initiative has recently issued an academically rigorous report on the historical and sociological implications of the odious practice of terror lynching that sustained the national policy of white supremacy.

Why Brian Williams got away with pandering to racial stereotypes about black gangs

Now it turns out that the temporarily defrocked NBC news anchor Brian Williams may have blatantly lied about being terrorized by gangs during the Katrina debacle in 2005. Williams repeatedly said that during his stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel ...

What do you think the opening of the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building will mean for Dudley Square?

It depends on what’s actually going to go in there — what businesses are going in. We still have to leave the area to do a lot of our shopping. — Terry, Retired, Roxbury

The consequences of prolonged neglect of MBTA

When things go wrong, the immediate reaction is to blame someone for the problem. Finding the culprit seems to be more important than curing the crisis. With the collapse of Boston’s public transit system because of the mounting snowfall, the ...

Delayed diversity in the NHL

The New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory provides an indication of the value of racial diversity. Without consideration of race, the team management selects players on the basis of talent and availability. Then through practice and team discipline, the players ...

A free and open internet for an innovative and competitive economy

Description: Small businesses need net neutrality — as does the economy as a whole. We can’t have a system where established companies with deeper pockets play by a different set of rules. That runs contrary to the American entrepreneurial spirit. ...

What do you think the city could do better manage its response to snow storms?

It’s a tough one. If they purchase more equipment, next year it won’t snow. — William Cann, Retired, Roxbury

A new challenge to fair housing

It would be truly oppressive for the Supreme Court to rule that the government cannot establish incentives to achieve the goal of racial integration in housing. The nation recognized in 1968 that segregated housing is contrary to the principal of ...

How are you surviving the snow?

A lot of shoveling and a lot of hot chocolate. — Chris Conroy, Consultant, Roxbury