Racial identity still a puzzling problem

Racially-ambiguous singer/actor Herb Jeffries pursued his career as a black man in an era when it was not profitable to do so

Don’t forget the small and neighborhood-based businesses

Often ignored by policy-makers, small businesses are key to neighborhood development

Why do you think blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate than whites?

It’s always been an issue in the United States. It’s not the crimes they commit, it’s their color. The white boy can commit the same crime, but they won’t do time. They hate us, but they don’t know why. —Oliver ...

Full speed ahead with Tremont Crossing

Boston is being rebuilt. On the waterfront, new hotels, office towers and apartment buildings have changed its character. The waterfront has become the Innovation and Design District. Now it is time for a transformation in Roxbury.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: The GOP Hit on Bergdahl Is Yet Another Hit on President Obama

Hutchinson argues GOP lawmakers’ opposition to the Bergdahl prisoner exchange is more political than ideological

Objectors to Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper effort undermine initiative to help black boys, men

Several prominent blacks have voiced objections to President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper effort to alleviate the problems facing black men in the U.S. on the grounds that black women should be included.

What do you think black boys need to succeed in the United States?

They need role models, teachers who are willing to do a little extra and parents who pay more attention. —Michael Reid, Reprographics, Roxbury

Blacks need to implement an effective strategy to develop power and prosperity

John Conyers of Detroit was first elected to Congress in 1964. In every session he has filed a bill for Congress to consider reparations to African Americans. Year after year the bill has generated little interest. Several black intellectuals, including ...

Marking a big loss

Last week marked the loss of a powerful voice with Maya Angelou’s death. Fortunately, many in the nation paused to notice her loss. Dancer, actress, poet and teacher, Angelou captured everyone’s attention because of her ability to talk honestly out ...

Do you think African Americans will ever receive reparations from the U.S. government?

I have serious doubts that we will, although I feel very strongly that they should do the right thing and provide reparations. —Mimi Jones, Education Consultant, Roxbury

African Americans must revive commitment to higher education

The employment qualifications for jobs with a future more frequently include a college degree. Inspired by the opportunities, African Americans now enroll in college in greater numbers. However, statistics indicate that 40 percent of those who attend college as freshmen ...

How real is the GOP’s war on racism?

Former 2012 GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney wasted no time in angrily denouncing and calling for the resignation of Wolfeboro, N.H., police commissioner Robert Copeland. Copeland made brief headlines when his N-word slur of President Obama went public. New Hampshire ...

Why do you think there are so many shootings in the United States?

People just don’t have patience, and you can get a weapon easily. Guns are accessible and people are angry. —Brandon G.G., PCA Skills Trainer, Roxbury

Come late to the electoral process and lose the power

In Massachusetts, civic-minded citizens go to the polls to vote in every election for governor. While that is commendable, it is no longer enough. Political campaigns have become pitched battles between wealthy conservatives and persistent plebeians. Recent U.S. Supreme Court ...

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education: was it worth it?

At 90 years old and not traveling much, Jack Greenberg didn’t make the NAACP’s symposium here commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision. But the former head of the NAACP Legal Defense and ...