What do you think the opening of the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building will mean for Dudley Square?

It depends on what’s actually going to go in there — what businesses are going in. We still have to leave the area to do a lot of our shopping. — Terry, Retired, Roxbury

The consequences of prolonged neglect of MBTA

When things go wrong, the immediate reaction is to blame someone for the problem. Finding the culprit seems to be more important than curing the crisis. With the collapse of Boston’s public transit system because of the mounting snowfall, the ...

Delayed diversity in the NHL

The New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory provides an indication of the value of racial diversity. Without consideration of race, the team management selects players on the basis of talent and availability. Then through practice and team discipline, the players ...

A free and open internet for an innovative and competitive economy

Description: Small businesses need net neutrality — as does the economy as a whole. We can’t have a system where established companies with deeper pockets play by a different set of rules. That runs contrary to the American entrepreneurial spirit. ...

What do you think the city could do better manage its response to snow storms?

It’s a tough one. If they purchase more equipment, next year it won’t snow. — William Cann, Retired, Roxbury

A new challenge to fair housing

It would be truly oppressive for the Supreme Court to rule that the government cannot establish incentives to achieve the goal of racial integration in housing. The nation recognized in 1968 that segregated housing is contrary to the principal of ...

How are you surviving the snow?

A lot of shoveling and a lot of hot chocolate. — Chris Conroy, Consultant, Roxbury

GOP holding AG pick hostage

The instant President Obama nominated Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to replace outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, a core of leading GOP senators and conservative political action groups flatly said they’d do everything possible to block Lynch’s confirmation if ...

The affluent have always had a disproportionate impact on politics

The top 1 percent may control the money, but each citizen has only one vote. The 99 percent still outnumber them.

Preserving black artists in Roxbury

For many years Boston has enjoyed a flourishing community of African American artists. However, the recent death of John Wilson, there is a realization that we are losing too many of the prominent elders of the art world.

Citizens United will stifle business innovation

Five years after the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Citizens United v. FEC, the United States is still feeling its ill effects. The 2012 election cycle proved to be the most expensive cycle in history, with an estimated ...

What do you think police can do to foster better community relations?

It would be nice if they could hire people from this community. People don’t have a lot of trust for the police. — Bob Marshall, Community Activist, Roxbury

The perennial practice of police abuse

The Magna Carta, executed at Runnymede, England in 1215, was the precedent for the Bill of Rights and the right of judicial review that are so critical to Anglo-American jurisprudence. Yet protests against police violence in America continue 800 years ...

‘All labor has dignity’: King’s other legacy

The King Holiday is a celebration of many things – his pursuit of racial justice, his commitment to non-violent resistance, his belief in service and doing for others. But you might also call it the other Labor Day.

What do you think is the importance of demonstrations?

I think they keep the public visibility on the issue. They offer an easy entry point for people who aren’t involved to get involved. — Chris Williams, Lawyer, Roxbury