What do you think can be done to prevent mass shootings like the one in Oregon last week?

I think everyone should get together, protest and pray. We need more peace. We need unity. — Patricia Robinson, Housewife, South End

Vote on the candidate’s merits

African Americans have developed a wonderfully democratic attitude over the years. A candidate for public office will not benefit substantially from the achievements of his or her family. Similarly the alleged misconduct of family members will not be an impediment. ...

A formidable challenge

Once they are elected, city councilors representing Boston’s districts tend to hold their seats until they voluntarily give them up. But Charles Yancey, who has been elected to 16 two-year terms, might be facing his political demise on Nov. 3.

Ben Carson’s Greatest Hits

That Donald Trump and Ben Carson top the pecking order of the GOP presidential primary is a measure of how advanced the disintegration of the Republican Party as a respectable force in American society has become.

How does the cost of housing in Boston affect you?

It’s too high. I spend less time with family and more time working to keep our home. — Robert Caldwell, Construction, Roxbury

The true cost of incarceration

The federal and local governments in the U.S. spend $80 billion per year to maintain this high rate of incarceration. Until recently, little was known about the economic and social impact on families with one of the members in prison.

Beverly Morgan-Welch

Beverly Morgan-Welch, long-time executive director The Museum of African American History in Boston and Nantucket is leaving the organization to assume a senior-level position at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

Even black PhD’s lives don’t matter

The brutal police assault on former tennis star James Blake underscores the fact that social status does not make blacks immune to police aggression.

Judicial abuse of power

A new study highlights how bail in the nation’s court systems has a disproportionately negative effect on the poor.

Obama still target of GOP hate

Front running GOP Presidential contender Donald Trump doesn't utter the words, “Show me your birth certificate,” in the same breath with President Obama anymore. But then again, he doesn’t have to. He mined that fraudulent birther movement hard and deep ...

What do you think should be done to stop police abuse of blacks?

I think it’s really going to take body cameras, reform in the justice system and more civilian oversight. — Ginette Powell, Gifts Coordinator, Upham’s Corner

New rules invalidate the Massachusetts business model

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that when an employer exercises considerable control and direction over a so-called contractor, then the employer is held to be a joint employer with the staffing company.

Criminalizing black protest — and black people

Criminalizing Americans of color, especially black Americans, has long been a constant of American society.

Why do you think Donald Trump is doing so well with Republican voters?

It’s because he’s different. He’s speaking his mind, unscripted. — Mike Raines, Security, Grove Hall

A culture of impunity for the rich

Those wealthy enough to own controlling shares of corporations are able to influence elections and are also exculpated from personal responsibility for crimes and regulatory violations.