Tough sledding to end the U.S.’s disgraceful felon voting bans

Attorney General Eric Holder was diplomatic when he said that the time to end the full or partial bans in all but two states on ex-felons voting has long passed. The bans are little short of medieval and disgraceful at ...

What do you think the United States can do to remain competitive in the global economy?

We as American people have got to get it right. We’ve stopped innovating in aerospace and fallen behind in education. — Glenn Lee, Retired, Charlestown

Injustice in the Massachusetts House of Representatives

With a vote of 146-5, the Massachusetts House of Representatives expelled Carlos Henriquez. More than likely that vote is unconstitutional.

Blacks must compete to succeed in America

Persistent competition is an element of the American character. There seems to be a constant desire to be "number one." The national motto could be "there’s always room at the top." Competitors are often willing to use improper or illegal ...

Black quarterback wins the Super Bowl: where is all the fuss?

Disney couldn’t write a better story: A short kid, much too short to play quarterback, won’t let that fighting spirit in him die. So he plays in high school, both ways: quarterback on offense and cornerback on defense. Hell, he ...

What do you think it takes to be successful in the United States?

Get a job and stay focused on your job. You have to pray and get up every day and go to work.

A rush to judgement

There have been calls for the resignation of state Rep. Carlos Henriquez of Dorchester based on his conviction for assaulting a woman. I could not agree more with viewpoints and substantiating actions regarding those who commit crimes against women, but ...

Black history: how we got to where we are

Black History Month is the time every year to learn more about the travails of the descendants of the Africans brought to America centuries ago. It is the story of an unrelenting drive for freedom, justice and equality. In addition ...

History and theory of the minimum wage

It is time to confront the reality that we need to increase the minimum wage significantly to a rate far exceeding those being discussed in Washington, D.C., or in state capitals around the country.

Toward power at the polls

The recent decision of the Pennsylvania court to strike down the new voter ID law is inspiring. It should remind blacks that the drive for voting rights has begun anew.

Faithful to the Martin Luther King Jr. mission in our time

Speech given by the Honorable Charles R. Stith at the 44th Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast, sponsored by Union United Methodist Church and St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church.

What do you think can be done to reduce income inequality in the United States?

It certainly has to start from the government level. People have to study how the lack of education and lack of access are at the heart of the matter.

Salary of a full-time job should be enough to lift workers from poverty

History focuses on the human rights aspects of Rev. Martin Luther King’s ministry. Ironically, he was on a mission for economic rights in support of wage increases for garbage collectors in Memphis, Tenn., when he was assassinated. Undoubtedly, Dr. King ...

What do you think the minimum wage should be?

Ten dollars an hour. You can’t survive off of $8. It would cut down on crime if you raised it. People won’t feel pressured so much.