What do you think the Democrats have to do to beat Trump?

The Democrats have my vote. They need to take stronger stands on the issues. They’ve started their convention with too much controversy. — Wendy, Personal Care Attendant, Dorchester

Why we can’t all get along

The repeated, infuriating — and too often for some — lethal experience these two individuals, who otherwise occupied vastly different stations in American society, share with millions of other black Americans underscores that “being targeted for being nothing more than ...

Police violence is genesis of violent reaction

The long list of police abuses are easily sufficient to cause a strong-minded individual to “snap.” What needs to happen now is for the police across the country to change their offensive culture toward blacks as well as other citizens ...

What do you think of the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge?

I don’t think anyone’s life should be taken, but they’ve killed us for years. For some people, this is — Alice Thornton, Unemployed, Boston

Enemies of the people

Johnson’s murderous rampage that took the lives of five white officers was the work of an enemy of the people: It is revealing that he acted amid a demonstration that had shown police, whose task was to keep order, and ...

Workers’ benefits build opportunity

Those who are campaigning for greater worker benefits have some evidence that more security for employees does not necessarily pollute the job market.

Ambition for academic excellence begins with the young

More black students should be encouraged to enter Latin School, but success will require the development of a massive cultural interest in academic progress that must begin no later than elementary school. That would be a worthwhile project for Boston’s ...

What do you think can be done to stop police shootings of blacks?

It’s a big issue. The U.S. system creates what’s going on the streets. It’s the way laws are written. We have to change the system of laws in this nation. — Bishop Felipe Teixeira, Pastor, Brockton

Brexit and the worldwide ‘integration’ movement

It might at first seem impossible to logically connect — with a single word, no less — three striking political developments that occurred on the same day in the U.S. and Great Britain two weeks ago. The two developments in ...

Trump’s defiance of American tradition

Trump has built much of his support on trash-talking rather than proposing real solutions to the nation’s problems. While many of his comments are rude and defamatory under American jurisprudence, freedom of speech is at the most extensive in political ...

What do you think it will take to end gun violence in the United States?

Police have to get the guns off the streets. I’ve got two nephews who carry guns. They need to take them away. — Top Cat, Unemployed, Boston

Beyond Bernie: We Need a Party of the 99%!

The Bernie Sanders movement faces a burning question: Do we fall in line behind Clinton’s corporate campaign, or do we continue the political revolution and build a new party for the 99%?

The Civil Rights murders and the judgment of history

The Justice Department decision is only the latest in its long investigation of more than a hundred suspected racist murders in the South in the postwar decades to encounter witnesses holding to past lies or refusals to cooperate, the time-driven ...

U.S. missing the mark

America can be proud of the quality of its colleges and universities, but the status of secondary education is substandard. The Program for International Student Assessment periodically tests 15-year-old students from various countries on math, science and reading. The effectiveness ...

What effect do you think Donald Trump’s campaign for president is having on America?

It’s really bad. I see him as being very racist. — Paula Akins, Retired, Roxbury