Do you think racism has gotten worse in the United States?

I feel like racism has always been the same. Laws changed, but the way people treat people is the same as it was in the 1960s. — Hope, Unemployed, South End

Donald Trump’s flight from reality

Among his many sins, Donald Trump long ago turned the Republican Party’s quest to regain the presidency into farce. But for sheer absurdity, nothing has come close to the burlesque he and one of his top aides separately played early ...

Constitutional violations by police should be a federal crime

It is time for citizens to have the right to file in federal court a criminal complaint against police officers who violate their constitutional rights.

Why do you think police are not punished for killing unarmed blacks?

The police officers take advantage of their badge. The criminal justice system allows them to get away with it. They’re not doing their jobs. — Renie Wright, Cashier, Dorchester

A tale of two selfies

At first glance, the two selfies, which are readily available on the Internet, convey a simple scene: the smiling faces of bright, politically-inclined young people eagerly absorbing their first experience of national politics and the nation’s capitol. But the respective ...

The American Con Game

The race problem persists in America. Reaction to Donald Trump’s hostile remarks indicates that it is alive and well. Remedies for the problem have had only limited results. There is no consensus on what has provoked the conflict. Some now ...

What income do you think one needs to live well in Boston?

At this moment in time it takes more than $80,000. Most people don’t earn that in our community. It requires multiple jobs. — Melissa Colon, Student, Medford

Trump’s stab-in-the-back gambit

Since Donald Trump effectively won the Republican Party nomination by winning the New York primary in May, keeping up with every outrageous statement and small lie and Big Lie he utters has become even more difficult.

The U.S. needs a true patriot

During World War II, American citizens established a very high standard of patriotism. To many of those imbued with those values, the remarks of Donald Trump border on treason. He publicly denounced America’s allies, openly courted Russia, a potentially hostile ...

What do you like most about living in Roxbury?

I like the arts and culture here and the sense of community. As an artist, it’s the most supportive place where I’ve ever lived. — Cagen Luse, Artist, Roxbury

Trump: The clear and present danger

The greatest threat to the United States right now is not terrorism, foreign or domestic. It’s not the economy or the disappearance of jobs in the coal-mining regions or the manufacturing sector. Nor is it the coming rise of the ...

Do you think Boston should have a civilian review board to investigate allegations of police misconduct?

Yes. There’s corruption in the police department and we have no say in the way they run the department. — Yaka, Unemployed, Roxbury

Which side are you on?

Fair minded whites are now aware of the continuing disrespect and aggressions against African Americans. It is a modest request that they accept the principle — black lives do matter — even if they question some of the political strategies. ...

Somerville Mayor is on the right side of history

Greater Boston citizens and public officials should recognize the courage and wisdom of Mayor Curtatone.

With Kaine on the ticket, Democrats can and should put race back on the presidential table

Tim Kaine has two qualities that can counter Trump’s blatant race baiting. One is he’s a white, a male and a Southerner. But he’s also a Democrat and a liberal, centrist, staunch civil rights proponent. This represents everything the Trump ...