Trump defies presidential standards

During the recent campaign for president, critics often expressed concern that Donald Trump was not presidential enough. For many people a certain dignity and decorum were required for the job. Nonetheless, Trump understood the necessity of appealing to the “ignored” ...

What do you think about Tito Jackson’s candidacy for mayor?

If Tito Jackson is willing to stand up against police brutality, that would be great. It’s a huge concern in our community. — Tahia Sykes, Education, Dorchester

Banking on local talent

In a great move for the citizens of Boston, the directors of Eastern Bank have voted to elevate Robert Rivers, the former Eastern Bank president, to chairman and CEO. The move had been anticipated for a year with the expectation ...

How Obama should be remembered

Still, Trump’s win stirred much talk and much anxiety about Obama’s legacy being wrecked and that somehow Trump’s win was a repudiation by Americans of his legacy. This was nonsense. Hillary Clinton got nearly 3 million more popular votes than ...

A failure of white privilege

Political pundits have not yet offered an acceptable explanation of why many of those who had voted for Barack Obama would years later vote for Donald Trump. Perhaps the answer lies in the failure of white privilege to function as ...

What impact do you think the Trump administration will have on America?

I think it’s going to be a disaster, especially for poor people. It’s going to be great for the rich. — Tracey David, Retired, South End

Be careful what you wish for: Impeach Trump and you get Pence

Trump is bumptious, obnoxious, and clownish. Pence is the prototypical ultra conservative in the gray flannel suit. He is business-like, efficient, and knows how to run a political office.

A winning attitude key to black business success

During 2016, the spirit of entrepreneurship seemed to blossom in Boston’s black community. The Bay State Banner helped to fertilize this growth with publication of a business magazine entitled Banner Biz. The year before the Banner sponsored two “Pitch in ...

What do you think it takes to be successful in the United States?

I think it takes education, training and perseverance. — Cyndy Harris, Educator, Roxbury

Jeff Sessions is the final step in the GOP plan for permanent national political control

Sessions is the GOP’s long-awaited point man to fulfill the GOP’s longest and fondest dream. That is its total domination of the national electorate. With that, the GOP will have a virtual lock on the federal government for years to ...

A patriotic resolution

In the past, Americans have been casual about their involvement in political matters unless an election is underway. This year, during the coming period of dynamic change, your New Year’s resolution must be to remain politically active in order to ...

What do you think ordinary people can do to make things better in the United States?

We have to come together as a community and take it from there, one step at a time. — Richard Norris, Plumber, Dorchester

Upscale white nationalism presents new threats

As leader of the “birthers” who challenged Barack Obama’s legitimacy, Donald Trump rose to prominence among white nationalists who hailed his election as president. The alt-right are conservatives who alternatively oppose racial diversity. It is critical for other citizens to ...

‘I fell in love with Trump’

Jim Brown is hardly the only prominent black to meet with Trump before, during and after the campaign and his election. In fact, the parade of black preachers, businesspersons, professionals, athletes and entertainers that have either trooped to Trump Tower, ...

American consumers victimized by banks, corporations

There is a strong sense that American culture is becoming increasingly more predatory, a proposition that is at odds with the spirit of Christmas.