Why do you think Donald Trump is doing so well with Republican voters?

It’s because he’s different. He’s speaking his mind, unscripted. — Mike Raines, Security, Grove Hall

A culture of impunity for the rich

Those wealthy enough to own controlling shares of corporations are able to influence elections and are also exculpated from personal responsibility for crimes and regulatory violations.

One million strong

Farrakhan has called for another march on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, to present to Congress proposals to improve conditions for racial minorities in America.

Black lives and police lives both matter

The sad thing is that from virtually the moment that the black lives matter movement exploded on the scene in the aftermath of the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri there has been a low intensity verbal war over whose ...

What do you think children need most to succeed in school?

Kids require support from home and good time management. They need to be encouraged and shown an example of what good, hard work looks like. And they need love from their parents. — Marvin Venay, Designer, Roxbury

Towards mental health

The growing awareness of mental illness in the United States is helping many families maintain mental health.

A lesson not yet learned

In past decades, blacks have fought for their rights for democratic representation. In the case of Carlos Henriquez, who lost his Massachusetts House seat under legally questionable circumstances, blacks did not mount a defence.

The GOP’s ‘Enemies’ List’

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with the lengthening list of people, groups and nations the Republican Party’s presidency-seekers are designating as targets.

Why do you think the minimum wage is so low?

They’re trying to see how little they can get away with paying. They squeeze people until they can’t take it anymore. — Sirad Zahra, Yoga Instructor, Roxbury

The greening of America doesn’t include workers’ pay

While many corporations are embracing sustainability, few are advocating paying their lowest-paid workers a sustainable wage.

Trump and immigration: constructing a police-state America

At bottom, the plan of Donald Trump, the GOP’s political playboy, to “solve” America’s crisis of undocumented Latino immigration is really quite simple: Turn the US into a police state.

What do you think are the most important issues the next president of the United States will face?

Jobs and the economy. And cops. There’s too many cops shooting black kids and getting away with it. That’s the number one issue. — Rafael Puntiel, Driver, Roxbury

A strategic blunder for "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators

In a strategic error, “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators forced Sanders from the stage when delivering a speech in his campaign for President.

Vote Tuesday, September 8

The Boston 2015 preliminary balloting will be held September 8. The only contested races for district City Council seats that will appear on the ballot Sept. 8 will be in Dorchester’s District 4 and Roxbury’s District 7. Regardless of the ...

Trump’s trump card: The conservative mob

The fate of the Republican Party’s presidential sweepstakes at the moment is being controlled by two political Frankensteins—both of them of the GOP’s own creation. One, of course, is Donald Trump, the wealthy demagogue who is leading the crowded GOP ...