What’s really missing in the D.C. missing girls case

The media and D.C. police and city officials were hammered for allegedly ignoring the plight of more than a dozen missing black and Latina girls in Washington D.C. Community activists chalked the seeming indifference up to racism.

The people matter

An aroused and committed public opposition of citizens successfully defeated the president and other politicians who attempted to revoke deserved public entitlements by artifice. The people should remain alert because other Trumpian frauds are likely to be revealed.

Do you think America can win its war on terrorism?

Of course we can. We are America. It will be difficult, but we have weapons and allies. — Lakia Chambliss, Registration Service Rep., Roxbury

Airports: The next racial profiling frontier

I lead a civil rights organization in Boston that is suing the president over his policies on sanctuary cities, to protect and empower immigrant families. Yet in that moment when I was being held at the airport, I felt powerless. ...

Needed: A cultural commitment to academic success

One thing is clear: The continued failure of blacks and Latinos to qualify for Boston Latin School is not acceptable.

If Democrats cave on Gorsuch they’ll be sorry

The only reason that Neil Gorsuch hasn’t matched his mentor and idol Antonin Scalia’s 19th Century grounded voting record on key cases, is because he hasn’t been on the court for the decades Scalia was on the high court. But ...

True patriotism is more than cheap platitudes

What they call patriotism now is a pale reflection of the love for America that abounded in the 1940s.

What do you think it would take to heal the deep divisions in the United States?

I think it would take open communication and everyone would have to be willing to accept their responsibility for the problems we’re facing. — Troy, Engineer, Dorchester

There’s a method to Ben Carson’s zaniness

Carson will always get snickers, chuckles and lampooning from his legions of black and liberal foes. But that just makes him even more serviceable to Trump and the GOP. That’s the method to Carson’s zaniness.

Academia’s complicity in the slave trade

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study recently sponsored a well-attended conference entitled “Universities and Slavery: Bound by History,” to discuss the complicity of academia with slavery in America. When considering slavery, one’s first thought is the Civil War and plantation ...

What do you think of the first 50 days of the Trump administration?

It’s been very negative. One of the most negative presidents we’ve ever had. — Michelle Gray-Brown, Unit Manager, South End

What’s really behind Sessions’ phony war on violent crime

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had barely taken his seat at the Justice Department before he pounced on this myth and declared that the feds would make war on violent crime in the nation.

Arroyo suspension an undemocratic procedure

Felix Arroyo, the first person of color elected to be register of the Suffolk Probate Court has been suspended from office, pending an investigation of the dysfunctional operation of the office.

How does the cost of housing in Boston affect you?

It’s too much. I’d move to the suburbs, but there’s no transportation. — Ana Lowe, Entrepreneur, Boston

Black actors can flourish in films that aren’t about race

Every black actor and actress nominated for an Oscar this year starred in films about being black. These actors don’t win for playing people, they win for playing black people.