Too much collateral damage in war on drugs

Despite the substantial expenditure of funds, it is estimated that no more than 10 percent of the illicit drug traffic is interdicted. There is an ongoing debate, about whether we have lost the war on drugs.

White racism costs whites, too

The fact that a call for change has followed the interracial protests of the last two years against questionable police killings of black and Hispanic Americans suggests that more and more whites and other people of color understand the “cost” ...

What do you think can be done to reduce the income gap?

Minimum wage should be at least $15 an hour. How can a man feed his family on $9 an hour? - Walter Farrell, Retired, Dorchester

Racial conflict obscures common concern over wealth

The Confederate flag was removed in Columbia on July 10, 2015. At that time the wealth and income disparity in America was as great as during the Great Depression of the 1930s and, with their greater population, the number of ...

US Export-Import Bank is a job creator

Ideologically-driven conservatives are opposed to the US Export-Import Bank, despite the bank’s record of helping small business while turning a profit.

Speaking now against the day

Numerous analysts have rightly noted the stunning speed with which the public-sector and private-sector rationale for displaying the marker of white supremacy and a treasonous rebellion eroded. There’s no question that indicates a sizeable number of white Americans in the ...

What do you think of Donald Trump’s candidacy for president?

Donald Trump is a racist. He’ll never win. — William, Construction, Roxbury

Trouncing Trump

The riposte to Donald Trump’s remarks by the Hispanics was so effective, African Americans should now look beyond the tired strategies for protest that were developed in the civil rights era.

Jacob Lawrence’s “Migration Series” at MoMA

I recently wrote that several extraordinary developments of June — the tragedy at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church and its aftermath, and the two U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage and Obamacare — marked it as one in which momentous ...

What do you think it would take to end racial conflict in the United States?

I don’t know. We’ve been in this so long. It should have been over a long time ago. — Zuyapa Arzu, Endoscopy Technician, Boston

The Charleston massacre: A symbolic act of racial hatred

It was no accident, according to Sanders, that Roof drove 120 miles to launch his attack on June 17, exactly 193 years later to the day that Denmark Vesey’s revolt was crushed. Before he pulled the trigger, Roof is reported ...

Pride, prejudice and the Confederate flag

Immediately following the Charleston massacre businesses, politicians, and assorted institutions rushed to disassociate themselves from a flag made even more infamous by a 21-year-old Confederate flag waving madman. Sadly, it took a century and a half for them to do ...

Why do you think people still fly the Confederate flag?

Racism. They fly it because they can get away with it. — Willie Webster, Cook, Roxbury

Meaning of Texas’ Juneteenth lost in Boston

Juneteenth was originally a celebration for Texans. Efforts to extend it beyond the Lone Star State create a historical conundrum. The date that should be celebrated for the legal abolition of slavery in America is Dec. 6, 1865, for the ...

Obamacare: Health insurance for all Americans

In a dispositive 6-3 opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court recently rescued 6.4 million Americans in 34 states from the loss of their health insurance. The Affordable Care Act, derisively referred to as Obamacare by its opponents, included language that would ...