What do you think of President Trump’s suggestion that drug dealers should face the death penalty?

We’re not that type of society. Drug dealers should be put in jail.

Not tomorrow, but today on implementing body cameras

On Monday, March 12, the Boston City Council hosted its sixth hearing on police-worn body cameras. The hearing marked almost four years that the city has engaged in a prolonged conversation on this topic.

A failure to protect minority leadership

Community residents are responsible for backing those whom they elect to public office. The failure to “get their back” renders them less effective. The lack of a public protest over the ouster of Carlos Henriquez has had unfortunate consequences. It ...

Guns and freedom

Fear at school was something the Little Rock Nine knew all too well. Facing vitriol, racism, and merciless violence, the Little Rock Nine were escorted, for their own safety, by federal troops to their high school classes. For those brave ...

Student protests can diminish the power of the NRA brand

All Americans will benefit from the establishment of reasonable firearms controls and the removal from society of the excessive number of guns. This is a worthwhile cause for the nation’s youth. Who knows what good can develop? An unanticipated boon ...

It’s Long Past Time to Act on Gun Control

In the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, after more precious lives were stolen, I struggled a little to find appropriate words. As a nation, we have experienced so many of these mass murders, in churches and theatres, at concerts ...

Why do you think America has a problem with violent incidents such as mass shootings?

I wouldn’t say it’s more violent than other countries. There’s more gun deaths than in other countries because there’s a ridiculous amount of guns.

A challenge to black voting power

Many American citizens were disturbed to learn that the Russians had infiltrated the last presidential election, and plans are underway to continue to disrupt the nation’s democratic process. The indictment of 13 Russians and three companies settled the assertion that ...

With racial inclusion, we all win

Is the primary purpose of Black History Month to provide an opportunity to applaud the achievements of black heroes, or does it stand for more than that? Is it also appropriate to extol the benefits of the successful elimination of ...

What do you think it would take to overcome the divisiveness in U.S. society?

Everything is so messed up. It would be a process. It couldn’t happen overnight.

Different strategies for different times

The primary strategy has been to procure civil rights. Going forward, greater consideration should be given to entrepreneurial development.

Jeff Sessions perverts American justice

In 1986, Mrs. King warned that Sessions had used the power of his office as an Alabama prosecutor to chill the free exercise of the vote by African Americans. As attorney general, Sessions has continued that crusade, targeting not only ...

Why do you think there’s so much gun violence in America?

People are going through pain they can’t cope with. They resort to guns and drugs. Both are easy to get to, but the government is more concerned about stopping drugs than guns.

A dream deferred: Progress elusive on Parcel P3

Boston is rebuilding. Cranes are everywhere, but they are missing from the section of Roxbury where development has been long awaited. The ill-fated “Southwest Expressway” plan that was launched in Lower Roxbury in the 1960s has left an 8 acre ...

Reverse Robin Hood: Corporate crooks prey on consumers

The audacity of the Wells Fargo robberies indicate that well paid business executives are not at all reluctant to steal from the working class Americans.