Loans of the last resort

Payday loans have been disastrous for many low income households. The default rate is about 20 percent and many borrowers are forced to renew with additional fees. Borrowers could end up with a debt that includes more fees and interest ...

What do you think are the most significant changes in Boston now?

They’re cleaning things up and making everything brighter. I like the changes. Hopefully more jobs will open up. — Vanessa, Patient Observer, Dorchester

BPS budget puts city at a crossroads

As chair of the Committee on Education, I’m supposed to look out for the families of the Boston Public Schools. That is why I voted against Boston’s proposed schools budget on April 8th, and will do so again until the ...

Where we stand in education & how we stand up for all our students

The bottom line is: we are supporting the people and programs that are working well, and working equitably, for students in BPS.

Protesters sabotage Brooklyn district attorney

Thompson offended liberals when he failed to press for imprisonment of a former police officer who, during his days as a rookie, shot and killed Akai Gurley by accident.

The right woman at the right time

Hillary Clinton’s gaining the nomination is not only a great personal achievement but also a significant moment in the history of America.

Mayor Walsh’s campaign of misleading information about the BPS budget

Since January, Mayor Martin Walsh and his office have been making and repeating inaccurate and misleading statements to the media concerning Boston Public School’s fiscal year 2017 budget. As a parent of a BPS student who’s advocating for adequate funding ...

An abuse of citizens’ rights

A new Louisiana law categorizes crimes against police as hate crimes, triggering harsher sentences.

What is your reaction to the Orlando shooting?

Horror and anger that we allow assault weapons into the general population. — Zakiya Alake, Activist, Dorchester

Donald Trump: A Clear and Present Danger

The danger that Donald Trump — practitioner of questionable business practices, inveterate bully, racist, sexist, demagogue and the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president of the United States — presents to American society was never more evident than when he ...

Juneteenth has no beneficial meaning in Mass.

Blacks observing the Texas holiday of Junteenth would do well to understand the historical inaccuracies of the commemoration, and learn about the Bay State’s earlier history of abolition.

What do you think was Muhammad Ali’s contribution to American culture?

He contributed a lot for black people. He always stood his ground. I like him for that. He’ll be missed. — Nancy Prichard, Retired, Dorchester

Ali's assertiveness set a standard

Muhammad Ali’s prodigious boxing talent would normally be enough to enthrall his fans, but Ali had the character and the intelligence also to move forcefully outside the ring beyond the confines of America’s racial restrictions.

Excavating higher education’s sins of the past

Amid the pomp and circumstance of these weeks’ college and university graduation ceremonies, it’s worth noting the “excavation projects” going on at some of them and in higher education generally. What’s being dug up is more evidence of the depth ...

Nothing less than betrayal

Many blacks believe that Clarence Thomas is more like the quisling in the slave quarters whose function was to preserve the authority of white privilege.