O’Reilly got the boot for being a sexual reprobate, but not for being anti-black

Routine racist slurs before millions of viewers also should be instant cause for an O’Reilly to be jerked from the air. This wasn’t the case, and it reinforces the age-old line that a rich, white guy can say whatever he ...

Talk is cheap: Police killings require substantive changes

What manner of conversation will modify unpleasant attitudes that have become part of the American culture? The problems facing the nation cannot be overcome with mild pleasantries. If whites learn to understand that black lives matter, perhaps they can also ...

Do you think Boston is becoming a better city?

That’s a loaded question. Based on studies and statistics, I’d say no. There’s greater disparities than in the past. People are advocating for their communities, but people aren’t finding jobs or housing here. — Robyn Gibson, Consultant, Mattapan

Free college tuition: An idea whose time has come

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders pledged to provide free tuition at public colleges and universities. This was attacked by conservatives as unrealistically expensive. However, public colleges in California and City College of New York had once been ...

Why the friendly skies aren’t so friendly to the Dr. David Daos

Louisville MD David Dao has so far taken the high road in the furor over his getting mauled, manhandled, and then summarily booted from a United Airlines flight. He has expressed thanks and appreciation to the thousands who have cheered ...

Publisher’s statement on web-based help wanted ads

Now the Banner has developed an efficient digital system that will simplify the efforts of human resource executives to recruit needed staff. And the system is cost-effective. What is more, a digital help wanted Banner ad will reach a youthful, ...

Voters: the essential element of democracy

At no time in recent memory have the principles of democracy that are the nation’s foundation been more threatened. It is critical for citizens to provide the volunteers and financial resources to enable MassVOTE to accelerate its efforts.

What do you think can be done to boost voter turnout in the United States?

There needs to be better organizing in communities to help people understand the impact of the decisions government makes on their communities. — Monica Roberts, Education Administration, Dorchester

You can kiss any discrimination cases goodbye with a Gorsuch Supreme Court

The anti-labor, pro-business, blind eye toward discrimination rulings, dissents, opinions and writings of Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch have been well documented. But here’s a brief recap. Between 2007 and 2016, in ten of 14 cases involving discrimination, he shot ...

A crippling social malady

America’s racism is complex and confusing. Toni Morrison, the prize winning author, in an interview with Charlie Rose some years ago, stated its nature quite simply: “Don’t you understand that people who do this thing, who practice racism, are bereft? ...

What do you think of the United States bombing Syria?

You want to believe that the president is looking out for people, but I don’t feel good about this. — Robert Brown, Roofer, Roxbury

King’s legacy and the fight for $15

In our democracy, elected leaders have a sacred duty to put the needs of the poor ahead of the demands of the powerful, but whether you are an educator or an investment banker you too can carry on the legacy ...

The important consequences of Ban the Box: Second chances for all

Thousands of Americans face long employment odds because of mistakes committed at some point during their young adult years.

Highest incarceration rate: America’s dubious distinction

American politicians enhanced their get tough on crime reputations with laws that required imprisonment for violators, but the rising cost of incarceration is forcing social policy planners to consider the impact on government budgets.

Why do you think the United States has a high rate of incarceration?

The U.S. has waged a drug war from the 1920s to the present. No one in this world should be treated that way. Our government has been abusing blacks. — Rosemary Hurley, Freelance Writer, Roxbury