Time to hold school principals accountable for increasing teacher diversity

It’s hiring season in the Boston Public Schools. Principals across the city are interviewing talented teachers to join their school teams. One top criteria they must look for is diverse candidates that reflect the racial demographics of their students.

A break with the past

Petitions to change the name of a public way in Boston are usually perfunctory matters. According to a report in the Boston Globe there have been only six petitions since 2011. However, the petition initiated by John Henry, the principal ...

Another GOP move to undermine democracy

The problem with artificially reducing a state’s population today is that it will deprive the state of deserved federal funds. About $600 billion in federal spending is allocated according to population. Accurate census data determine who gets what benefits. That ...

Has America made any progress on the issue of police profiling?

Very little. We still have a lot of prejudice. I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would be disappointed.

America’s disdain for the poor

Even though America has developed well beyond the pioneer days when covered wagons traveled west, the philosophy of rugged individualism still prevails. As they say, “you eat what you kill” as a hunter. As a farmer, if your crops are ...

Where’s the outrage?

Few protest slogans irritate whites more than “Black Lives Matter!” In the wake of numerous police shootings of unarmed blacks, this slogan is in defiance of the unlawful police assault on black men. How can whites assert that it is ...

Martin Luther King’s fight for justice continues as we heed the call to act

On April 4,1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s life was cut short in Memphis, where he was fighting for dignity and justice for black sanitation workers.

A crisis of faith?

Holy Week has slipped by this year with little public notice or celebration. The days following Palm Sunday usually generate great solemnity among Christians as they prepare for Easter. The evangelicals are usually among the most ardent Christians, but publicity ...

Stuck in a hard place

Many citizens who are irate with the performance of Donald Trump as president have been calling for impeachment. However, under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, Trump would have to be convicted of treason, bribery, or other high crimes ...

Boston faces a crisis in community-based reentry

Approximately 3,000 individuals return to Boston from jail or prison each year, and a majority of them will return home to the neighborhoods we represent. They are our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and deserve the chance to rebuild ...

What do you think it would take for Democrats to regain the majority in Congress?

Activate the black millennial vote. Black millennials are the future of the Democratic Party. We were very active during Obama’s first and second term. They need to keep us that way.

Do you think Trump’s presidency will survive through his first term?

Maybe. They may not get him, but they’re getting everyone around him. They’ve made too many mistakes, starting with collusion with the Russians.

The complexities of cultural appropriation

The late Malik Abdal-Khallaq was a highly regarded member of the Roxbury community. According to his granddaughter, Alenor Larisa Abdal-Khallaq Williams, he had a great interest in the Nubian civilization and he travelled to Africa on several occasions to learn ...

Snowstorms, city place burdens on residents

The recent snow storm raised the question once again of the rights and duties of those who live in the path of the nor’easter. Do those who shovel out the parking space at their expense, or with their exertion, have ...

Bank deregulation denies black homebuyers shot at parity

There’s a long and shameful history in this country of discriminating against minority borrowers when they try to buy homes. From 1934-1968, it was the official policy of a government agency, the Federal Housing Administration, to refuse to insure loans ...