The death of journalistic responsibility

Decades ago, Americans often referred to the press as the Fourth Estate. That was an honorific to acknowledge the critical role of the press in monitoring the nation’s democratic system of government, but that term is not heard so frequently ...

Nader elected Bush, now he’s trying to elect Trump

The question is can or will Bernie Sanders do a Nader presidential campaign 2000 act and run as an independent when he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination? That won’t happen, and Nader knows it, for the simple fact that Sanders, ...

To your health!

According to government data, in 1900, whites lived on average for 15 years longer than blacks. Since then the gap has been closing. In 1990 whites still lived seven years longer, but federal records indicate that the gap narrowed to ...

How do you think the media should respond to Donald Trump?

I think they have boosted him up. I think they should be focusing on the question of whether he’s capable of running the country. — Lascene Nappier, Teacher, Roxbury

Trump’s supporters aren’t just old, racist white guys

Trump backers defy popular conceptions and stereotypes with the huge numbers of college-educated, suburbanite, business and professionals, young persons, and Latinos and women who said they’d vote for him.

Diversity run amok

African Americans still toiling for full equality throughout the nation should not be hampered by the negative implications of diversity that have been sown by Harvard’s ill-advised policy.

What do you think the city can do to help people displaced by rent increases?

The city has to tell property owners that they can’t charge rents people can’t afford. It’s about greed. It’s time to put controls on rents. — Rayedon Nunnally, Disabled Veteran, Homeless

Warning: More cesspool politics ahead

Unfortunately, the social and political poison that made a Ted Cruz candidacy viable for so long isn’t gone. Donald Trump’s success completes for the moment the most astonishing act of self-destruction in the history of American politics: that of the ...

Racial equality not a Trump priority

There seems to be very little that African Americans or major Democratic Party leaders can do to change those circumstances that drive support for Trump. The prospect of a Trump presidency should be so horrifying to African Americans, that there ...

How do you think the high cost of housing in Boston is affecting the city?

It’s terrible. Prices are too high. A lot of people have left the city. — Erica Harris, Disabled, Quincy

Jackie Robinson and the cost of racism

Another baseball season has opened, and with it, Major League Baseball’s annual homage to Jack Roosevelt Robinson, more popularly known as Jackie Robinson, whose breaking baseball’s color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers was one of the late 1940s’ harbingers of ...

Unjust voter suppression

Conservatives have been employing a perfectly legal technique for reducing the black vote. It is actually a two-step process. First, a bigoted criminal justice system convicts blacks of felonies. Then once a felon, the citizen loses the right to vote. ...

The growing cost of police misconduct

The increasing cost of judicial judgments is now causing major cities to reconsider the proficiency of the police.

What do you think it will take for a candidate to win the White House in November?

I think the Democrats are doing a good job right now, compared to the Republicans. They just need to unify behind one candidate. — Zenubia Cameron, Student, Roxbury

Doubting black voters

Black voting patterns are widely consistently discussed as if they reflect a lack of political sophistication. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.