Flint’s great future ... If

The danger facing the residents of Flint, Michigan is heartbreaking and extraordinary — a tale seemingly out of 18th-century Europe, or scattered parts of today’s less-developed nations rather than the 21st-century United States of America.

A lack of civility tolerated at Boston Latin

Black students have every right to file an official complaint of racial abuse, but it is good to remember that it is also demeaning to be considered a whiner. Bigoted whites have every right to dislike blacks as long as ...

Who would you like to see become the next president of the United States?

I would like it to be Hillary Clinton. She’s more in to the community. She cares about low-income people. — Sandra, Receptionist, Dorchester

A wise and disciplined application of American power

There’s no magic to President Obama’s ability to see what was possible to achieve in reducing tensions with Iran and in other domestic and foreign policy matters and to get it done.

Do you think the problem of racism is getting better or worse in the United States?

I don’t think it’s getting any better. It seems like it, with cop shootings. People need to learn not to hate. — Muriel Cadet, Homeless, Boston

No more honors for bigots

There is a common practice across America for communities to erect statues or monuments to honor the achievements of local residents. For those whose accomplishments are less prodigious, it is customary to place their names on buildings, public squares or ...

White anger is the new black

Apparently large numbers of American adults are “angry” about their own circumstances and about where they think the country is headed. For months numerous politicians, pollsters, and pundits have touted this anger as an important factor in the line-up of ...

Putting a best foot forward

Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up at a time when it was culturally expedient to induce youth to mature quickly. MLK was born on Jan. 15, 1929, the same year that the Great Depression began. This period of economic decay ...

What do you think is the most pressing civil rights issue today?

Racism. There can be no progress without unity. And there will be no unity without a multi-class movement fighting racism. — Stevan Kirschbaum, Bus Driver, Roslindale

Roxbury health centers help make history

Today’s healthcare landscape would have been almost unrecognizable 50 years ago. Miracle drugs and medical devices have changed how we approach everything from diagnostics to treatment. But one of the most fundamental differences is an approach that helped spark the ...

At war with guns

Conservatives tolerate the nation’s horrific gun violence in order not to jeopardize their right to amass substantial personal arsenals. Stricter gun laws might disrupt the conservatives’ plans. America has become a nation at war with itself.

What do you think can be done to reduce gun violence in the United States?

You have to screen people better. Background checks. People should have a good reason for owning a gun. You can’t just give them to everybody. — Abdula Saccoh, Student, Boston

Southern justice’ in Cleveland

The crime the Cuyahoga County, Ohio prosecutor committed not only against Tamir Rice and his family but American society as a whole offers an invaluable lesson. It’s that grievous sins of the past can be repeated in the present, and ...

An outrageous defense of white privilege

Opportunities for African Americans in the new year are promising. The economy is improving and blacks appear to be more confident when confronting racial discrimination. Nonetheless, there should be no complacency about the latent opposition. Nothing illustrates the intensity of ...

What do you think are the most important issues facing the City Council in 2016?

The Boston Public Schools. Particularly looking at schools that have been underperforming. And ongoing economic development projects in Roxbury and Dorchester. — Wilnelia Rivera, Project Management Consultant, Mattapan