In the News: Ron Marlow

Ron Marlow has joined the National Urban League as vice president for Workforce Development. In this role, he is responsible for development, delivery and oversight of the workforce development programs that are delivered at the local community level by NUL ...

Dylan Roof: a death penalty dilemma

The election of Donald Trump seems to have revived the hopes of white supremacists for their political reemergence. Congregants of Charleston’s Emmanuel AME Church maintain a more compassionate state of mind.

Will population shift challenge Roxbury?

Housing decisions depend primarily on income. While racial discrimination often affects housing opportunities, it is probably more informative to review housing issues from the perspective of constraints imposed by family income.

Cuba: Now that Fidel is gone, what comes next?

Fidel Castro, El Comandante of the Cuban Revolution, died Friday, November 25, three days before US airline companies began to resume regularly scheduled airline service between the two countries, and 17 days after Donald Trump was elected president of the ...

What are your concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency?

What are your concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency?

Every vote counts

In every major political campaign citizens encourage their friends and neighbors to vote. Those with an unclear understanding of the significance of the electorate in a democracy are often less committed to show up at the polls.

Why Hillary is right to back a recount, but...

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is right to back a vote recount in the three states — Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — that gave Trump the White House. But there’s a big “but” after that.

A loss of national unity

Political conflict still persists between those supporting Donald Trump and those who voted for Hillary Clinton. After a heated election for U.S. president, the ideal conclusion is for the spirit of national unity to prevail, but with so many unresolved ...

What do you think the city can do to make housing more affordable?

I think they should make more Section 8 certificates available. And they should bring back rent control. There’s a majority of people who can’t afford to live here. — Shirley Burton, Bus Monitor, Dorchester

Sessions is the most glaring proof of the folly of shunning Clinton

The list of the major votes of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions took against civil rights issues is long. His votes earned him a 0 percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign, a 7 percent rating from the NAACP and a ...

Attacks on the culture of democracy

Trump wants to reduce the U.S. to a banana republic with family members employed in the government and business meetings held in the Oval Office. So far there has been little public protest.

Thanksgiving: An affirmation of family

Thanksgiving is a good time to consider the obstacles Americans have overcome to preserve the sanctity of family.

Why do you think whites voted for Donald Trump?

Race trumps all. This election was a referendum on race. They want our country back. — Ron Armstead, Retired, Roxbury

Ballot Question 2: A missed opportunity

The right to expand for charter schools in Massachusetts has been defeated at the polls. Black residents in Boston have been deceived when considering Question 2 into believing that although charter schools have elevated the level of academic achievement of ...

Something less than a democracy

We live in a different country now — one in which the claim of “American exceptionalism” is no longer valid; one in which the white majority has repudiated the idea of democratic pluralism in favor of re-establishing a pecking order ...