Thanks to Trump the Democrats can take back Congress, if they get their act together

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has given Democrats something that seemed only the stuff of shop talk, wishful thinking and even fawn dreams a year ago. That’s a real shot at taking back Congress.

Developing a plan to build wealth

The quest for racial equality in America now confronts the most demanding obstacle — equitable economic attainment. That does not mean that African Americans and Latinos must suddenly become wealthy. The objective is that their income and wealth statistics become ...

What can blacks do to build wealth?

We need to create good-paying jobs for people. The minimum wage doesn’t match up to what people pay for rent. — Princess Paul, High School Student, Roxbury

Early voting is coming to Boston

Voting in Boston is about to become more convenient. For the first time, registered voters who reside in the City of Boston will be able to take part in early voting, ahead of the November 8 presidential election.

Trump proposes plunder

Under Trump, America would become a rogue nation that plunders the natural resources of weaker countries. Trump supports theft on a grand scale. Is that how Trump plans to “Make America Great Again”?

‘Ban the box’ helps ex-offenders succeed

More than 700,000 Americans are released from prison each year. We expect them to re-enter society and be law-abiding, but we make it extremely difficult for anyone who has served time to ever become gainfully employed, even though they have ...

The real problem at BLS: Too few black applicants

Black leaders ought to focus on the more serious problem at Latin School — the lack of preparation to enable blacks to pass the test to be admitted.

What did you think of the presidential debate?

I think Trump isn’t fit to be president. Hillary handled herself well after all the attacks. She didn’t blow up. — Kirby Lynch, Unemployed, South End

ICIC promotes inclusion without inclusivity

According to their website they want to host a "national conversation about what it will take to create inclusive incubators and accelerators! This event will convene incubator and accelerator leaders, economic development professionals, city officials, and other stakeholders interested in ...

It’s time for cops to break the blue code of silence

The day after Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler announced first degree manslaughter charges would be filed against Tulsa officer Betty Shelby for gunning down distressed motorist Terence Crutcher, the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable and other civil rights organizations ...

An American tradition of predation

Banks were once considered to be the safest place to secure one’s funds. A major purpose of banks has always been to serve as the safest depository, but now that assurance has been breached. The Wells Fargo Bank has fired ...

Do you trust your bank?

The bigger the bank the more likely they are to cheat. Smaller banks don’t want to take that risk. I use a credit union. — Nadine Jones Ruffin, Supervisor, Roxbury

The time is now for a mass movement to change public schools, criminal justice system

Maybe it is time for the “wisdom of age” to sit down with the “vigor of youth” and reconstitute some mass movements to expose and change the public schools, hold the criminal justice system accountable and reform the unmanageable debt ...

Vote ‘yes’ for better educational opportunities

Continued excuses for failure in the academic outcomes from public schools are unacceptable. Charter schools indicate that educational success is possible. It is too soon to shut down the innovation by voting “no” on Question 2. Vote “yes,” for the ...

What do you think has changed in the two years since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri?

There hasn’t been much change. Since he died, there’s still been police brutality. — Seth Jackson, Student, Hyde Park