Is Boston becoming a better city?

The way it is right now, things are getting worse.

In the news: Pastor William E. Dickerson II

Greater Love Tabernacle Pastor William E. Dickerson II has been elevated to bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Dickerson was born in Virginia and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Boston Latin School. After completing high ...

There they go again making excuses for the Paddocks

The predictable began the instant Stephen Paddock mass murdered 59 persons and wounded hundreds more. That is the almost by now ritual handwringing, soul search and pop psychology rationalizations to explain the behavior of white mass murderers.

Blacks must fight to defend democratic rights

Arroyo and other department heads of Walsh’s administration are employees at will. The mayor has the right to fire them, even without cause. After an internal investigation which did not include cross examination of the complainant, Walsh decided to fire ...

Why do you think turnout was so low in the Sept. 26 preliminary election?

I think that a lot of nonpartisan groups weren’t putting out the word. People have to get involved. You have to want to be active in something that affects your community.

Here’s how a guy can stroll into a Las Vegas hotel with an arsenal

The instant Stephen Paddock mass murdered dozens and wounded hundreds in Las Vegas, the question was asked how could a guy get 10 guns into a major Las Vegas Hotel. The obvious answer is that Nevada is a state that ...

Voters of color must flex political muscle

Fortunately there are two competent candidates for mayor. Black voters have to begin to think strategically. It would be disastrous with the Trump attitudes so influencing public policy to have a powerless black and Latino electorate. Those not registered to ...

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the next mayor?

The BPS budget. I don’t think it’s balanced right, especially with transportation. All kids should have access to a free T pass. School should be free. If you have to pay to get there, it’s not.

In the news: Roudnie Célestin

Roudnie Célestin was appointed Mattapan neighborhood liaison and citywide liaison for the Haitian community within the mayor’s Civic Engagement Cabinet. In this role, Célestin will work as an advocate to both communities, and will serve as a local representative of ...

The brutal reality: Kap is still unemployed!

Kap made his point. He paid the price for it, and in the process stirred a president, a league and a nation to react. However, a reaction is one thing, getting the point of Kap’s protest is another. Whether the ...

Letter to the editor: A racist anthem?

Whatever one’s views are about Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand and “properly acknowledge” the playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” it might be helpful to read the following excerpt from the 3rd stanza of the “Star-Spangled Banner:” “No refuge could save ...

White supremacy: the oligarchic con-job

Thinking Americans should soon become tired of having their pockets picked by greedy oligarchs who keep them inflamed with racial antagonism. The people should remember how haughty peers in Europe oppressed their grandparents or others and they will see a ...

What do you think of football players kneeling during the national anthem?

I think it’s absolutely fine for them to protest. People are making too much of it. Imagine if there were a boycott and there were no black players. There wouldn’t be an NFL. — Arthur Collins, Educator, Roxbury

In the news: Stan McLaren

Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center has selected Mr. Stan McLaren as their next Chief Executive Officer.

An efficient government is essential

Former President Ronald Reagan endeared himself to conservatives with his belittling assessment of the role of government. He once stated, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.’” After ...