Eyes are on Democratic primary in senate race

Lydia Edwards, a public interest lawyer with Greater Boston Legal Services with a focus on labor issues, and Diana Hwang, co-founder and executive director of the Asian-American Women’s Political Initiative, have been collecting endorsements and voters as they campaign for ...

Presidential campaigns battle for votes in Mass.

The push for votes in the Massachusetts primaries heated up, with Sanders’ visit to the Bay State and campaign events aimed at securing support from black and Latino voters here.

Henriquez is in

Today Henriquez is jumping back into the political arena, mounting a challenge to Carvalho for the 5th Suffolk District seat with posts on Facebook and Twitter.

City Council welcomes new faces, president

An air of camaraderie and celebration filled City Hall on Monday as the Boston City Council welcomed newcomers and elected a new president. As councilors continue to — or join— work on ongoing issues, contemplate new decisions fast approaching and ...

Charter school rally

Several hundred charter school students, administrators and parents rallied in front of the State House yesterday to lobby the state Senate to approve Gov. Charlie Baker’s plan to lift the cap limiting the number of charter school seats in Massachusetts.

Vote for next president exposes rift in council

The results of the Nov. 3 municipal election revealed a profound shift in Boston with two women of color — Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu — winning the majority of the votes in the city and a longstanding councilor – ...

Election upsets reveal new city voting trends

The center city electoral base of blacks, Latinos, Asians and progressive-leaning whites, which electoral strategists have referred to as the hole in the donut, has grown at the same time the white electoral base on the periphery has declined. Nowhere ...

Campbell, George score upset vicories

Challengers Andrea joy Campbell and Anissa Essaibi George secured spots on the city council, sweeping out that body’s two longest serving members: Charles Yancey and Stephen Murphy.

Warren outlines a system of racial oppression

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke in support of racial justice activism and called for reforms during an address at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute Tuesday. In her speech, she illuminated the web of financial, political and institutional injustices that she ...

BPCAT ‘cautiously optimistic’ on body camera pilot

In a move that came as a surprise to some, Commissioner Evans announced last week that Boston will launch a pilot program of police body-worn cameras. Groups such as Boston Police Camera Action Team have been calling for the devices. ...

Election reveals challenges for new commissioner

The low turnout during the September 8 preliminary municipal election and confusion over precincts in the City Council District 4 are two of the issues newly-appointed Election Department Commissioner Dion Irish will look at in his new role.

Minority-, women-owned businesses to see boost

The Baker administration will take a more active approach on generating contracting with small businesses and those owned by minorities and women, the governor said Monday, during a roundtable discussion with ethnic media. The governor will also consider some bus ...

Campbell comes out on top in District 4 preliminary

Newcomer Andrea Campbell and incumbent Tito Jackson finished first in the District 4 and District 7 City Council preliminaries, both with commanding leads in a low-turnout election day.

Which side are they on?

The Boston Police Camera Action Team has made it possible for body cam supporters to track where their councilors stand on the issue.

The best defense is good offense: DOJ challenges local public defense programs

One issue that’s garnered particular attention from Justice Department lawyers is fair access to legal defense, a right guaranteed by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has filed four such statements in the past two years, ...