Corporations track online data, offline personal information

The merger of online and offline data is bringing more intrusive tracking of personal information

National Black Chamber of Commerce speaks out on new EPA greenhouse gas rule

Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Power Plan proposal, which for the first time cuts carbon pollution from existing power plants, the single largest source of carbon pollution in the United States. The EPA says the ...

Google admits low diversity numbers, pledges to improve

Tech giant Google surprised many last week by going public with data that showed the Silicon Valley-based company has a long way to go in its diversity efforts

Haitian prime minister asks U.S. funders for continued investment in island’s recovery efforts

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe spoke at a funders conference held at the Boston foundation, outlining his government’s efforts to rebuild in the wake of the 2010 earthquake.

Civil Rights lawsuit alleges discriminatory school closings

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, schools are still both separate and unequal. Community and civil rights groups say they’ve identified a key force that’s aggravated the inequity: school closures.

Congo activists lobby Mass. State House to curb minerals trade

May 27 marked Congo Advocacy Day at the Massachusetts State House, led by the community organization Congo Action Now, to confront the illegal mineral trade that has perpetuated the war in Congo, which has killed more than 6 million people ...

Protest grows against tiered Internet proposal

Last week, more than 200 activists gathered outside the Federal Communications Commission to speak out against a proposal that would create a separate but unequal Internet.

Pioneering Roxbury journalist Bill Worthy remembered

By the time Bill Worthy arrived on location in North Carolina for a 1994 documentary shoot about one of the many extraordinary travels in his long life, he already had his own theme song.

Boston protesters demand return of Nigerian kidnapped girls

At the State House last Thursday, members of the Greater Boston Nigerian community and supporters marched on the Boston Common, demanding the return of the 200-plus boarding school girls abducted in Chibok, Borno state, Nigeria by the Islamic group Boko ...

Anti-affirmative action activist targets Asians

How do you know when you’re a pawn in someone else’s political game? Asian-Americans may soon be asking themselves that question. Edward Blum, an anti-affirmative action crusader and the executive director of the conservative Project on Fair Representation, unveiled three ...

Lawmakers reconsider mandatory minimum prison sentences

Prison reform advocates are putting pressure on lawmakers and the Obama administration to reconsider policies surrounding mandatory minimums, particularly the incarceration of blacks and minorities, who make up the overwhelming majority of the nation’s prison population.

Report finds Haitian descendants denied education in Dominican Republic

Report finds Haitian descendants denied education in Dominican Republic Description: Children of Haitian descent are increasingly being barred from access to primary and secondary education in the Dominican Republic in the wake of a controversial court decision to strip Dominicans ...

Steven Rogers - Harvard Business School Professor and successful entrepreneur

At Harvard Business School, Steve Rogers teaches select students from around the world how to be successful entrepreneurs, drawing upon his two decades as a business professor at elite universities and his own experience owning profitable companies. “I’m a regular ...

Three New Orleans schools face civil rights complaints

On April 15, New Orleans attorneys Anna Lellelid and Bill Quigley filed a civil rights complaint on behalf of parents and students requesting local, state, and federal investigations into three schools, including Carver Collegiate, Sci Academy and Carver Prep, regarding ...

Obama administration pushing clemency agenda

President Obama and AG Eric Holder are taking measures to correct the racial disparity in sentences for drug crimes. The Fair Sentencing Act into law in 2010 to reduce racial sentencing disparities for crack-cocaine offenders; then he released eight men ...