Government agencies crack down on fraudulent mortgage practices

City, state and federal agencies have been stepping up efforts to stamp out fraudulent mortgage practices that target communities of color — pricing discrimination and redlining among them.

The best defense is good offense: DOJ challenges local public defense programs

One issue that’s garnered particular attention from Justice Department lawyers is fair access to legal defense, a right guaranteed by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has filed four such statements in the past two years, ...

Filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain telling the untold stories

Tracy Heather Strain backed her way into working on films and forming her own company to produce documentaries, The Film Posse, which is based in the Fort Point Channel area.

White House aging conference: New directions — big challenges

The White House held its sixth Conference on Aging, earlier this month, and this once-a-decade program took an entirely different approach to the discussion of what it means to age in America. Since the first conference in 1961, the United ...

Black Lives Matter activists: change slow in coming

A year after the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson, Missouri police officers, activists with the Black Lives Matter movement say little has changed. While there is a growing awareness of police misconduct, video recordings of ...

In Cuba, ‘creeping capitalism’ arrives

When the U.S. embassy reopened in Havana on Monday after more than 54 years, it signaled what Cubans have now accepted: creeping capitalism is the future. A stroll through Old Havana is enough to convince anyone that the entrepreneurial spirit ...

Senator grills Red Cross over Haiti donations, spending

The American Red Cross met a deadline this week to answer congressional questions about how it spent nearly half a billion dollars donated after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, but the group says details can't yet be released publicly. And the ...

A presidential perspective on race

It was a remarkable week for President Obama: On Monday he commuted the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders; on Tuesday he called for sweeping criminal justice reform in an address to the NAACP; and on Thursday he became the ...

Rep. Lewis cites attacks on Voting Rights Act

Rep. John Lewis told an audience at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute that the Voting Rights Act is under fire from Republicans seeking to suppress minority votes.

Cape Verdeans mark 40 years of independence

As the independent nation of Cape Verde turns 40, Cape Verdeans reflect on the historic significance of the date.

Watchdog agencies sound the alarm on fraud, scams

One in 10 Americans have been ripped off by consumer scams, according to the Federal Trade Commission. And for African American and Latinos, the odds are even higher that an unscrupulous wheeler-dealer has separated them from their money. That was ...

Confederate symbol under fire as calls widen to ‘take down the flag”

President Obama’s call to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state capital in South Carolina in the wake of the Charleston church shooting bolstered the growing backlash against the divisive symbol.

Dolezal's subterfuge underscores changing attitudes race, skin tone

Questions about how cosmetic tastes transmuted from ivory to bronze cannot be so easily answered. How then will there be a satisfactory explanation of the decision by Rachel Dolezal to abdicate her European heritage to assume life as an African ...

Dominican Republic strips Haitian descendants of citizenship, prepares for deportation

Nearly two years after the high court in the Dominican Republic stripped citizenship from people descended from Haitian migrants, the Dominican government reportedly is preparing to send tens of thousands of its former citizens to Haiti.

Passing in reverse?

If you can see past Rachel Dolezal’s tanned skin, darkened and tightly curled hair and claims of black ancestry and acts of cultural and political appropriation, her status as an erstwhile African American might perhaps be taken as a measure ...