Drug policies evolve as addiction becomes a white problem

The criminal justice reform bill that Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law last week would not likely have been possible in the year 2000 when Massachusetts voters rejected a measure that would have diverted defendants caught with small amounts of ...

Thousands march on Common to demand gun control

More than 50,000 people of all ages and from all over New England joined the March for Our Lives Boston event on Saturday spearheaded by local youth who are demanding policy action to prevent gun violence and mass shootings.

Thousands turn out for women's march

On the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, thousands of people gathered at the Cambridge Common on Saturday to oppose his policies and re-affirm that women’s rights are human rights.

Homeland Security ends protective status for Salvadorans

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Monday that more than 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador must leave the country by September 2019, after ending their Temporary Protected Status program.

Katt’s back!

Legendary stand-up comedian, actor and rapper Katt Williams has enjoyed an impressive career seeded with thousands of stage shows in sold-out arenas, a laundry list of starring roles on the small screen and memorable performances in major box office hits. ...

BPS start time process showed little respect for parents, students

As parents, students and teachers confront the very real possibility that their elementary schools may change start times next fall by as much as two hours, forcing many more children as young as 4 years old to start school as ...

Trump’s virtual lily-white court picks are a judicial horror

There was little surprise at the news that Trump is packing the federal judiciary with as many white, conservative males as he can dig up. His anti-diversity federal judgeship count is indeed gruesome. To date, he has deemed only one ...

Denzel Washington is dead wrong about the “bad” black father

The vicious and self-serving stereotype of the bad black father has been around a long time and has been thoroughly debunked.

Meek Mill and America’s parole system

The figures amply show that a broken parole system has put legions of blacks in jail cells. The consolation is that Meek Mill cast the ugly glare on this.

The House tax bill’s a gift to companies that offshore profits and jobs

As the country begins to digest the revelations in the new offshore tax haven leak known as the “Paradise Papers,” it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that the Congressional tax plan is out along with promises that ...

Pacific News Service dba New America Media announces closure of organization

The board of directors and staff of the nonprofit New America Media (NAM), and its parent organization, Pacific News Service (PNS), announced today that the two entities will cease operations by November 30, 2017.

‘Perfect storm’ threatens successful 2020 Census

There are growing concerns about the Census Bureau’s ability to pull off a successful 2020 Census – one that counts all communities equally well.

Shortages plague Puerto Rico after Maria

Nearly a week after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico as a category 4 with winds of 155 miles per hour, many Boston area Puerto Ricans are still struggling to make contact with family members on the island and send ...

How much should Boston want Amazon’s new HQ?

The online retail giant invited municipalities to make their case for becoming the firm’s second headquarters. Amazon expects to invest $5 billion and employ up to 50,000 people with average salaries of $100,000, although it is unlikely that all such ...

With the census in peril, what will it take to right the ship?

The 2020 Census is off to a rocky start, with crucial preparations already delayed or falling to the wayside, largely a result of inadequate funding from Congress.