SJC Chief Justice prioritizes racial disparities

Racial and ethnic disparity in imprisonment in Massachusetts is significantly greater than it is nationwide. SJC Gants ordered a research team to investigate the issue and courts to use training to address implicit bias.

State to activate all-electronic tolling Oct. 28

Manual toll collection is scheduled to officially end on October 28 at 9:45 p.m., and new electronic tolling gantries go-live at 10 p.m. Under the EZDriveMA program, drivers will be charged tolls after passing under 16 gantry locations.

BPS airs bold ideas for cutting costs

School expenditures will continue to outstrip revenue, bringing yearly budget gaps, unless significant structural changes are made, officials say. Identifying these changes means deciding whether and how to fund practices that may produce positive results but bear high pricetags.

Football players risked athletic careers for civil rights in college, now tell their story

Five members of the Syracuse 8 will reunite in Boston this Friday for book signing and discussion of their 1970s football boycott. For many, taking a stand brought an end to their athletic careers, but earned them a place in ...

Chinatown residents fighting for building ownership

Back when Trinity Financial acquired the Mass Pike Towers housing development in 2000, the deal seemed like a win-win, tenants say. The developers secured $16 million in public funds to purchase and renovate the nearly 30-year-old building complex. They promised ...

Money key in Question 2 charter school expansion debate

Across Massachusetts supporters of Ballot Question 2, which would lift the statewide cap on charter school expansion, are squaring off against measure opponents in school committee meetings, public forums and on the airwaves in what will likely be the most ...

Northeastern University case revolves around public land

Lawyers representing a group of 25 minority businesses and nonprofit entities charge that Northeastern University cheated the group out of multi-million dollar developments on one of Roxbury’s most valuable parcels of land.

Early voting sites open in Boston this week

On Boston’s first day of early voting ever, 4,289 ballots were cast across four different voting locations in the city, according to numbers released by the Boston Elections Department.

Brian Corr

Cambridge resident Brian Corr has been appointed president of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. Corr, the executive director of the Cambridge Peace Commission, has had more than 25 years of experience in civic engagement, community organizing ...

Hearing airs ideas on cutting Massachusetts' soaring health care costs

Soaring drug prices and other rising costs, as well as lack of information, may be preventing many lower- and middle-income individuals from meeting health needs. Health care specialists and elected officials met to explore data and propose solution steps, including ...

Developers allege Northeastern University land grab

Columbia Plaza Associates is suing Northeastern University on the charges that the university failed to honor an agreement to sufficiently compensate the group when it built on land to which CPA held the development rights.

MBTA will outsource cash counting with Pacheco Law exemption

The MBTA exercised its Pacheco Law exemption for the first time when it recently chose to privatize the T’s money room. The move won praise from free market, limited-government advocates and drew protest from union leaders and others who say ...

Money Talk financial literacy conference focuses on wealth building

Last weekend, a collection of business leaders, financial professionals, activists and entrepreneurs set about the work of closing that gap during the Banner’s financial literacy conference on, “Money Talk: Building Black Wealth,” held at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic ...

Boston’s building boom coming to Roxbury area

Although there are few luxury housing buildings planned between Dudley Square and Mattapan Square, $110 million in city- and state-funded projects in the pipeline for the Roxbury area promises to bring the construction boom to Boston’s black community.

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