Finding her voice

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2011, Shea Rose has transformed from student and emerging artist to performer, fashionista, philanthropist and now businesswoman.

Fresh ideas

We could all use a hand in the kitchen. So any gadget that makes preparing food easier, faster or more enjoyable is worth buying. Check out these handy gadgets that stood out at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show.

Pizza Primavera

Homemade pizza, made to order, is the kind of recipe that encourages cooks to step up to the counter with their own ideas.

Evandro Carvalho

Boston Delegation elected Representative Evandro Carvalho (D – Dorchester) as its Chairman for the upcoming legislative session. He succeeds Representative Nick Collins (D – South Boston) who was elected as Chairman of the Boston Delegation in 2013. Rep. Collins was ...

Roxbury groups seek to re-introduce native-bred apple tree

The Roxbury Historical Society is partnering with the Hawthorne Youth Community Center to purchase fifty Roxbury russet apple trees from a Maine orchard and sell the saplings at low prices to local organizations and residents. The proceeds from the sales ...

Local AARP honors ‘nanas’ raising grandkids

A group of lucky Grove Hall children were served an elegant afternoon tea on Saturday. Wearing their best dresses or jackets and ties, they sat at beautifully-set tables at Boston Public Library’s Grove Hall branch and enjoyed such delicacies as ...

Oversight for Uber, Lyft rolls into town

Last Friday, Governor Charlie Baker introduced legislation to regulate the patchwork of ride-sharing car services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. The bill is another entry in the bitter debate between the startup companies and traditional taxi services, which have long ...

Police violence: A corruption of public service

For some time the nation has been concerned about police violence against black men. Since the police officers involved were the white minions of a white government, it was assumed that the incidents were simply racial oppression. Then came the ...

There are some who stood up

During the civil rights era, outstanding black athletes were often called upon to use their celebrity for the cause of racial equality. For various reasons, some failed to answer the call, but those who did attained heroic stature. The consequences ...

Gov’s MBTA bill seeks agency overhaul

Last week, Governor Baker released new legislation aimed at restoring stability to the MBTA. While the centerpiece of the bill is a provision that would give the governor greater control of the transit system, there are two other aspects that ...

Montserrat premier visits Boston

Montserrat Premier Donaldson Romeo joined members of the Boston Montserratian community in Dorchester on Saturday night to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Montserrat Progressive Society of Boston.

Legislators commemorate Martin Luther King’s 1965 State House address

Members of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus took turns reading King’s 1965 address to the Massachusetts Legislature in a commemorative ceremony that was attended by legislative leadership, Gov. Charlie Baker and past lawmakers.

Activists call for revival of Roxbury Neighborhood Council

The city relies on a patchwork of neighborhood associations to solicit community input on development decisions in Roxbury. Community residents are calling for the revival of the Roxbury Neighborhood Council as an organization that represents the community’s interests in local ...

Pitch in the City - a meetup in Roxbury for local entrepreneurs

Banner Biz Magazine is hosting its second Pitch in the City event on Tuesday, June 16th. The event will be held at Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley Street, Roxbury from 6pm-9pm. We're accepting applications from startups to participate now. Applications close ...

James Morton

The YMCA of Greater Boston announced James Morton as its new president and CEO. Morton will serve as the thirteenth president of the nearly 165-year old cause-driven organization.