Chinatown group jumps at chance to ‘Imagine Boston’

Chinatown residents and activists responded last week to Mayor Walsh’s new citywide planning initiative, “Imagine Boston 2030,” with their own event dubbed “Imagine…Chinatown 2030?” – a question meant to highlight the precarious situation that many residents say the neighborhood currently ...

Race colors response to opioid crisis

As heroin and other opioids have proliferated in predominantly white communities in Massachusetts, state and local officials have shifted their emphasis from drug law enforcement to treatment. Blacks, who have long argued drug addiction is a sickness, not a crime, ...

Venture Café hosting its first community coffee conversation for Roxbury Innovation Center

The Roxbury Innovation Center, a landmark project for the City of Boston to support local economic development by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, is looking for community input.

Black college alumni seek support for students

Sunday, Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard and many of her classmates are going to give back to Delaware State University in a demonstrative way. As the class of 2015 prepares to walk for graduation, members of the class of 1965 will present ...

Iván Espinoza-Madrigal tapped to lead Lawyers’ Committee

The board of directors of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice announced the appointment of Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, a civil rights attorney, as its executive director. He will oversee litigation and advocacy work, and lead a distinguished team.

Mayor Walsh announces archaeological dig to begin at American Legion highway playground in Franklin Park

The City of Boston is undertaking an archaeological survey at the American Legion Highway Playground in historic Franklin Park to determine if proposed playground improvements will impact archaeological sites.

New bridges to hope in the wake of Long Island

The city has utilized multiple sites in Boston to house the services that were provided to the homeless and substance abusers at the now closed Long Island Shelter.

Treasurer Deborah Goldberg pushes for board diversity, financial literacy

Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has launched the Office of Economic Empowerment, an effort aimed at teaching financial literacy in Massachusetts schools, as part of an ambitious reform agenda.

Nuestra Comunidad awarded $2 million to build 16 affordable for-sale homes in Roxbury

Nuestra Comunidad has been awarded $2 million in funding from the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development to build 16 homeownership opportunities on a long-vacant lot on Edgewood Street, just off of Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury. The new homes will ...

Taking on foreclosure in Four Corners

The Coalition for Occupied Homes in Foreclosure finalized the purchase of ten formerly foreclosed properties in the Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester. The purchase is part of COHIF’s plan to acquire thirty occupied, foreclosed properties in the area to help ...

Empowering the next generation

Founded in 2003 by Denise Korn, Youth Design’s mission is “to empower talented urban youth to pursue higher education and a promising career by engaging the professional design community to mentor, educate, train and employ the next generation.”

Immigrant youth summit forges new connections

Youth leaders organized an immigrant youth summit that took place on Saturday at the Margarita Muniz Academy in Jamaica Plain, bringing together about 40 young people from across the city, representing the Latino, Asian, African and other immigrant populations of ...

School officials soliciting ideas for high schools of the future

What should the high schools of the future have? That was the question posed at a meeting Monday night at the Boston Public Schools administrative headquarters in Dudley Square. The discussion, attended by a mix of educational professionals, parents, and ...

Forming Boston’s future 15 years in advance

City of Boston officials rolled out a planning initiative, dubbed Imagine Boston 2030, which was introduced at last week’s Innovative Design Alternatives Summit in Faneuil Hall. The last time Boston had such an all-encompassing blueprint for its growth was in ...

Mayor rolls out Brother’s Keeper effort

City officials are ready to marshal public, corporate and nonprofit resources in an unprecedented effort to improve outcomes for boys and young men of color in education, in the workforce and in criminal justice, as part of Boston’s version of ...