Madison Park Development Corporation provides hiring stats

Staff from the Madison Park Development Corporation met with labor activists to outline their efforts to meet minority, boston resident and women hiring goals

Four ballot questions for Massachusetts voters in November

Voters heading to the polls in November will have four ballot questions to consider.

Senate approves SuperPAC disclosure legislation

The Senate approves legislation requiring so-called SuperPACs to disclose donors.

Painter uses clients’ homes as his canvas

Chuck Christian specializes in decorative painting. Decorative painting, murals, trompe l’oeils — his work is as eclectic as his client base.

Stone mile markers harken back to Roxbury’s colonial past

Stone mile markers and boundary stones tucked away on Roxbury street corners tell stories of the neighborhood’s 18th century history.

Patrick tours Jackson Square, touts investments

Gov. Deval Patrick joins local and state officials for tour of Jackson Square housing development projects

Boston Nigerian Catholic community celebrates 25 years in Grove Hall church

A Nigerian cardinal flew in from the Vatican to participate in the celebration of 25 years of Nigerian services at St. Katherine’s Church in Grove Hall

Boston’s Muslim community celebrates Eid in Roxbury

An estimated 12,000 worshipers celebrated the holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury

Boston Rising: Anti-poverty effort fell short of lofty vision

A foundation set up to alleviate poverty in Grove Hall closed its doors last year, unable to enlist others in its vision

Ferdinand Building to be named for Bruce Bolling

Dudley Municipal Building to be named for Late City Councilor Bruce Bolling

Gov. Deval Patrick plans temporary housing for child refugees

Gov. Deval Patrick announced the state plans to provide temporary housing for child refugees in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody

Highland Street Foundation 6th Annual “Free Fun Fridays”

Statewide Program Offers Free Freedom Trail Foundation-led Tours on July 25

Karen Charles Peterson appointed commissioner of the Department of Telecommunications and Cable

Karen Charles Peterson appointed commissioner of the Department of Telecommunications and Cable

Protesters picket Roxbury Tropical Foods development

While labor activists are holding a daily protest at outside Tropical Foods, the Madison Park Community Development Corporation, which is developing a new building for the supermarket, says its requiring contractors to adhere to local labor standards

Aesthetician trades shop for online skin care business

Aesthetician Rosaline Lowe closes shop, opens skinversity.com