Community Voices


MBTA will outsource cash counting with Pacheco Law exemption

The MBTA exercised its Pacheco Law exemption for the first time when it recently chose to privatize the T’s money room. The move won praise from free market, limited-government advocates and drew protest from union leaders and others who say ...

Money Talk financial literacy conference focuses on wealth building

Last weekend, a collection of business leaders, financial professionals, activists and entrepreneurs set about the work of closing that gap during the Banner’s financial literacy conference on, “Money Talk: Building Black Wealth,” held at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic ...

Boston plans to be more age-friendly

Those working to make the city more comfortable and affordable to seniors presented their findings and asked senior residents to identify the concerns most important to them.

Boston Public Schools envisions future of education and school facilities

BPS officials presented long-term visions of a more fluid educational model. That vision could guide decisions around updating facilities. Focus also was on more immediate facility needs such as repairs and improvements to bathroom cleanliness.

Boston School Committee acts against charter cap lift

The Boston School Committee unanimously voted to pass a resolution against lifting the charter cap, following public testimony in which parents lamented the divisiveness of the debate, praised their schools and presented conflicting views of financial implications of a charter ...

Affordable housing activists, re-branded BRA at odds over vision for Boston

Both the name change and demonstration come as the city is in the midst of a construction boom that has generated luxury high-rises claiming space on the city’s skyline, heightened levels of real estate speculation and displaced working-class renters from ...

T janitors may strike over treatment

MBTA janitors told the T’s Fiscal Management and Control Board that contractors’ staffing changes have harmed workers and work quality. Union members say they are ready to strike Friday if agreements are not reached.

‘Inclusive innovation’ the topic of Rox HubWeek panel

The Bolling Municipal Building in Dudley Square was transformed Monday evening into a marketplace for local entrepreneurs and a site for thoughtful discussions on creating an inclusive innovation ecosystem and supporting local entrepreneurs who have already taken the leap.

Mass. SJC ruling takes aim at racial profiling

Supreme Judicial Court Justice Geraldine Hines authored a ruling in defense of blacks fleeing the police. The unanimous SJC ruling stated that people fleeing the police may be motivated by a desire to “avoid the recurring indignity of being racially ...

Chinatown residents seek say on city-owned parcels

Several dozen Chinatown activists met with city officials at the Quincy School last week to discuss strategies to stem the ongoing displacement residents are facing as pressure from for-profit developers continues to build. The activists want the Boston Redevelopment Authority ...

Stopped, frisked and searched

Jean-Paul Wahnon has never run afoul of the law. So when a Walpole police officer rifled through his Toyota Prius on an August afternoon and repeatedly asked whether the car was his and whether he had a gun in his ...

Worcester athlete in national media spotlight after national anthem protest

While the national anthem played during the team's game on September, Michael Oppong knelt on one knee on the sideline as a silent protest. Oppong says he was inspired by NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has sparked a national discussion ...

MBTA’s bus driving & maintenance can be considered for privatization

Core MBTA functions are now on the table for privatization, sparking concerns from those who believe the T’s loosened oversight and standards for outsourcing process could generate greater, not fewer, taxpayer expenses.

Protesters condemn CEOs who profit off Puerto Rico’s debt

Demonstrators marched outside the downtown Boston headquarters of a firm they claim worsened Puerto Rico’s debt crisis by perpetrating predatory lending to turn a profit. The protest coincided with demonstrations in Florida, Connecticut and Puerto Rico as well as the ...

MBTA janitors hold protests on imminent layoffs, hour loss

A few dozen janitors in purple SEIU T-shirts and several in full-body cockroach costumes gathered on the lawn by the Brewer’s Fountain Plaza where they performed a parody of “Charlie on the MBTA” to protest pending layoffs.