Community Voices


Yancey feted during final council meeting

As Charles Yancey’s 32-year political career comes to an end, supporters, fellow politicians and family members lauded him for his dedication to the district and commitment to human rights.

Group calls for youths to form national movement

Local organizers of the Opportunity Youth United movement gathered youth workers, public officials and other supporters at the State House last week to share stories and call for a national agenda aimed at increasing opportunities and fighting poverty among youth. ...

Fenway fights to keep affordability

In the latest manifestation of Boston’s housing crisis, residents and activists marched last week from Clearway St. to Berklee College of Music’s to protest what they say could be the loss of the last non-subsidized affordable housing in the Fenway ...

Roxbury residents plan for more say in development

At the “Roxbury Planning for Roxbury Residents” meeting last Thursday, residents looked for ways to increase awareness of upcoming construction projects and ensure community members have a say in the development projects shaping their neighborhood.

School plan process draws fire

As the statewide debate over charter school expansion heats up, a local battle is brewing between Mayor Martin Walsh and a group of parent organizers who are alleging the city plans to transfer Boston Public Schools buildings to charter schools.

Activists troubled by anti-Muslim backlash

In the Boston area, the flare-up of anti-Muslim and anti-refugee sentiment has prompted action from local human rights activists. On Friday, hundreds rallied outside the Massachusetts State House, protesting Governor Charlie Baker’s statement that Massachusetts would not accept Syrian refugees.

New policies needed to fight growing income inequality

In an opportunity forum on inequality and income class mobility in the city, The Boston Foundation examined the causes behind the dramatic income divide. Speakers said equity gaps are influenced by factors outside individual control and that new policy is ...

Two sides, two strategies in charter cap fight

Both sides of the charter cap debate are gearing up for a vote in the House and Senate and a statewide ballot on the issue. Supporters of lifting the cap appear to be outspending their opposition and getting their message ...

Congress must help Puerto Rico fix flawed economy

Puerto Rico was set up to fail and the federal government needs to take some responsibility, claim a group of activists seeking to mobilize constructive action. That was a call made by Alliance for Puerto Rico Massachusetts, an organization of ...

Activists call for $15 min wage

Hundreds of activists marched on the State House last week demanding better wages as part of a national Fight for $15 action supported by labor groups across the country. Activists say not only is the increasing minimum wage for workers ...

Generational Lessons and Stories about Succeeding in Entrepreneurship

On Thursday, November 19th, SkyLab Boston and the National MBA Association, Inc., Boston Chapter will host an event Historians, Visionaries and Millenials (HVM).

Documentary captures stories of families who shaped Roxbury

Roxbury native Wadi Muhammad created a documentary film to preserve the stories of his neighborhood and the families who shaped it for generations. Muhammad unveiled the 14-minute trailer at the Bolling Building last week. In it, voices of residents recalled ...

The Bay State Banner's 50th Anniversary Event

Join us as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

BPD revives cadet program to counter mass retirement of black officers

As hundreds of police officers face retirement, the numbers of black members of the BPD will sharply decline. The current level of black officers roughly represents the city percentage, but many are aging out and traditionally, incoming recruit classes are ...

Committee pushes back on student housing plan

Two weeks ago members of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee grilled developers over two controversial plans: one calling for Northeastern University student housing on Parcel 3 and another calling for a new Conservatory Lab Charter School building at ...