Community Voices


Author: Candidates can no longer ignore voters of color

In his book “Brown is the New White,” Phillips argues that candidates ignore at their peril the growing base of voters of color that he calls the “new American majority.”

Shelter residents give councilors insight on homelessness

Several city councilors gathered at St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children recently to hear from those personally affected by homelessness. As women at the hearing recounted their trials, it soon became clear that not all shelters offer the same ...

Body camera pilot gets first community meeting

A Monday night community meeting at Roslindale Community Center allowed residents the first public chance to insert their voice in policy for Boston’s pilot program of body-worn cameras for police.

Latinas Think Big forum tackles wealth gap

Latinas Think Big, a global network and online platform aiming to advance Latinas’ ventures and careers, held a national summit last week in Cambridge. The event centered on the topic of racial and ethnic wealth disparities and potential pathways to ...

Hundreds rally for $15/hr, call on state to act on bills

Hundreds of low-wage workers and supporters rallied outside the State House last week and marched through downtown streets chanting their demands for a $15 per hour minimum wage and workers’ rights to unionize. The protest followed on a morning of ...

Immigrants lobby for reforms at State House

Several hundred immigrant activists from across the state filled Gardner Auditorium Monday in an annual appeal to the Massachusetts Legislature in support of immigrant-friendly laws.

Protestors put GE deal under fire

Dozens of protesters picketed in the falling snow on Monday outside the State Room, where, inside, Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Martin Walsh were scheduled to meet with General Electric executives to discuss the company’s move to Boston.

How urban renewal shaped Boston Look at the past as city plans for future

Community members gathered at the First Church Roxbury last week to hear State Rep. Byron Rushing speak as part of a series on structural racism in Boston. His talk, “Urban renewal then, gentrification now,” traced the history of Boston’s urban ...

Keep-the-cap campaign kicks off

Opponents of a 2016 ballot measure that would lift the charter cap kicked-off a more formal effort last week, with the launch of the Campaign to Save Our Public Schools.

BRA JP/Rox plan raises questions

The BRA’s Plan: JP/Rox process has involved an unprecedented degree of community participation and inter-agency cooperation, by many accounts, yet has left some JP/Rox community members, including those on the appointed advisory group for the plan, feeling nervous and not ...

Puerto Rican activists call on Federal Reserve

Alliance for Puerto Rico Massachusetts, an organization of Puerto Rican labor and community leaders, mobilized a small group of supporters to appear at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston last week and deliver a report to the bank’s president along ...

BPS student walkout wins half-victory

Boston public schools teens received a mixed victory last week as the mayor reversed plans to cut high school budgets, days after the students held a thousands-strong walkout protest. BPS high schools were expected to face a $6 million funding ...

Parents, city officials battle over numbers in budget

This year’s BPS budget pits the parent activists and students against the Walsh administration in what has become in many ways a war of numbers, with the sheer size of the city’s $1.027 billion school budget being deployed by officials ...

High schools to suffer under cuts, many say

High schools will be hit hard under BPS’s expected $38-50 million budget deficit, said parents, students and teachers testifying at a recent budget hearing held at Boston Latin School. In some cases, the effects could damage students’ competitiveness on college ...

Researchers tackle BPS school assignment system equity as many clamor for answers

Two years in, the impact of Boston Public School’s relatively-new school assignment system has yet to be fully assessed, and the Boston Compact is pushing for significant modifications.